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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Here I am, baseball winter meetings 2015 in
Nashville, Tennessee. I’m here with ATHLEAN-RX, here giving it
to our major league athletes because there’s one very important component. Whether or not you play baseball for a living,
or you don’t; if you’re a drug-free, unassisted lifter you need the help – if you’re going
to look for it anywhere – for recovery. Muscle recovery, joint recovery; that’s
what we’re all about here. My background as a physical therapist is obviously
on muscles and joints. The first thing we came out with last year,
provided some of the top major league baseball teams, including four of the ten major league
– MLB – playoff teams. It’s our Joint Mechanix Formula. A lot of you guys have been using Mechanix
to address joint inflammation. Look, guys. If your joints hurt you – I’m talking
about the cycle of pain all the time – if your joints hurt, what happens? You’re going to compensate, or you’re
going to try to move yourself away from pain. If you move away from the pain guess what
happens next? Now, with those compensations you’re asking
muscles and joints to take on loads form muscles and joints that were ill-equipped to handle
it before, and now you’re putting too much stress on those new joints. Then you get breakdowns other places. When those areas breakdown, guess what happens? You get more pain there, and the cycle continues. You’ve got to start intervening here, doing
everything you can to try and break that cycle of pain. You do that, again, we do it here with the
Mechanix. We do it for all of our athletes. This year now, I’m excited. This is a good place for me to be, to be able
to talk about reconstruction. Again, this is our RX3 Recovery. Recovery is everything, guys. Remember, muscle recovery is probably the
biggest thing you have as, again, a natural lifter if you’re going to accelerate your
gains in the gym. Anabolic steroids give us the benefit of being
able to recover faster, recuperate faster. That is their main benefit. It pretty much allows us these training capacities
that are super human, that we don’t otherwise have. So if you’re going to try to see gains,
the best gains you can, you want to try to do something that allows you to either slow
down the breakdown, or speed up regrowth. What we really focus on the most, because
we have the most control over it, is slowing down the breakdown of the body, allowing us
to control the inflammation. Allowing us to control the breakdown of our
muscles so we can compensate, and come back bigger, and stronger. So is supplementation necessary? Not for everybody. Again, I talk about guys that are so overweight,
40% body fat, 30% body fat. But obviously, Joint Mechanix is something
you might want to consider because of all that excess strain on your joints. But you’re really not at the fine tuning
stage of muscle recovery as you have to get your diet cleaned up and get moving. But when you start training and taking it
seriously, and you start to see better, and better results, and you start getting dialed
in, muscle recovery becomes very important and very much something you should be focusing
on. Anyway, guys. I’ve got to run back into the meetings. We’ve got a lot of teams in there that I’ve
got to talk to still, but I wanted to make sure you guys knew what I was up to, and give
you a glimpse into what you should be focusing on if you’re going to supplement, and where
your direction is going here, in 2016 and beyond. It’s all about recovery, recovery, recovery. So we want to make sure you’re doing that. if you’re looking these supplements and
you want to start putting the science back in your supplementation guys, head to In the meantime, just wanted to do a quick
little – I’m getting pulled away here. I’ll be back here talking to some of the
teams inside, but I wanted to bring you on location here, and get you the video that
I promise to you each and every week. Let me know what you want to see. if you want me to discuss more about supplementation
just leave the comments below and I’ll do my best to do that for you. All right, guys. I’ll see you soon.

100 thoughts on “Most Important Supplement Category (OVERLOOKED!)

  1. Your thoughts on fish oil supplements and "recommended dosing?" It has become a marketing money machine and staple amongst fitness oriented people without too much thought behind it anymore. Just pop grams of this stuff every day in a healthy person without hesitation!

    Everyone runs with the theorized benefits when this stuff developed of heart, joint, brain, etc health. None of these main benefits have been proven by recent studies and taking it in the crazy amounts recommended has actually been linked to prostate issues amongst other things.

  2. At night time my Omron says I'm 25% body fat, first thing int he morning says 22% so am I ready for supplements? Or should I wait till I'm down to 17%-20% body fat?

    and yes would love to hear you cover the topic of supplementation

  3. damn Jeff your at the grand ole opry hotel man I wish I didn't move a month ago would've been awesome to meet ya man thanks for the awesome info and training support

  4. Hi Jeff! Just had rotator cuff surgery 4 weeks ago.. start pt on dec. 18th. The shoulder feels very weak right now. Which supplement if any at this point would you recommend? Also, do you have a workout specifically for injured shoulders I could check out?

  5. Hey Jeff, love your work. The videos and how you break movements down to a tee is phenomenal. Could you do videos on how you would recommend you hit your 3 hamstring muscles and 4 quadriceps muscles. always learn something new from you and it works.

  6. Jeff, can you make a video about sternum pains when doing dips? and some altrenative excercises would be great!!!

  7. Looking sharp there Jeff, keep up the awesome work champ. Merry Christmas to you, your lovely wife and funky dogs. Peace from Australia….Mick..

  8. Please bring the supplements to England to be able to extend your market to everyone supporting you from the uk. I love your videos and hope you get everything you want to achieve from coaching all of your supporters.

  9. Can you do a new video on your protein and pre workout supplements? I see some of the ingredients have changed since your last video about them.

  10. hey Jeff what is your take on spinal decompression. If recommended would you suggest inversion boots or hanging in a pull up position or possibly something completely different. Thank you

  11. Can you do a video on shin splints? It would be beneficial to know how to stretch them and maybe how to prevent it from hurting so much.

  12. This is how you would be a Fitness Entrepreneur. Expos/ tradeshows, youtube videos and high profile and low profile clientele keeps you away from a regular job this is the 'Hustle'.

  13. have you heard of the one punch man's workout 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, and 100 squats and a 10km run every day for three years. what would you think would happen if you did this

  14. You mention baseball and drug free in same sentence, whoa. As we all know banned substances are huge problem in MLB. The penalties you get if you give positive test sample… oh please, you get banned for 100 games or so and they play 162 games in a season, thats a joke.
    Im just annoyed because you market your product to drug free youtube watchers, while telling us youre in MLB conference. The funny part: (at least) 25% of MLB players use banned substances…

  15. damn it, I thought curcumin & fish oil controlled all my inflammation…. now I gotta get all this other stuff. Damn you tendonitis. Someone coach me not to use my left pec minor on pulling motions.
    I literally just looked up now-foods & all the separate items & I think Jeff's price is still less expensive. mmmm supplements

  16. I disagree. I think the most overlooked important supplement category is nootropics. get into the alpha gpc and piracetem guys and girls.

  17. Great stuff always, Jeff. I always encourage my clients to read their food labels, and eat minimally processed food. I am curious about the contents and where the product is made.

  18. Q1. My abs gets done after my first set of lower ab work, your ab workouts are impossible for me to finish. What do I do?
    Q2. Should I take my post workout after training just my abs?

  19. Talk about nutrition for athletes vs. bodybuilders. Are there some foods that are better for increasing size vs strength?

  20. I live near Nashville. This is at the Opryland hotel inside the atrium overlooking the Delta. Really neat place at Christmas time. Over 2 million lights and a carved Ice show with Ice slide! I was in there on lunch while this was going on. The vendor area required a media / exhibit pass. Didn't see Jeff anywhere. Oh well worth a shot to say thanks for a great channel!

  21. jeff, i love your videos and your advice has allowed me to have some success in the gym. However, i have been looking for a pre workout Dimeth, and I found yours. yet I was disappointed to discover that it has an enormous amount of taurine in it! like drink 2-3 monster energy drinks.

  22. can you make a video on exterzises most effective for people that have asthma ,,I've ask all the gurus but not one of them have had the guts to make a video, ty 💪

  23. Jeff, Hi re: Supplements. I am 40 next year, regularly use Creatine, Glutamine, and Whey Protein, and sometimes a Protein mixed with Creatine and BCAAs, have done for 10yrs  and drink 3ltrs of water daily. The question is two fold: should I have any down time off the supplements during the year. And for issues with my rotator cuff is there any additional supplements to use for healing such an injury (nearly back to best) Have taken on board you advice about not doing bar pull ups and more angled shoulder raises, ( which all has helped) keep up the good quality info on these. Appreciated. Alex PB

  24. Jeff, Can you make a video on exercises that can be done while in a chair at a desk. I work 12 hour shifts often at a desk and would appreciate any advice.

  25. Hey Jeff, I didn't tear my rotator cuff, (MRI) but I hurt my shoulder benching and ortho dr said i have a sprained shoulder capsule. Been out of the gym since Oct, just started PT will this help me get back in there in 2016?

  26. Hey Jeff, I'm an 18 year old college student who's been consistently working out for 6-7 weeks now (thanks to you), but being a college student I'm hesitant to spend a lot of money and I was just wondering is Mechan-X is required for an 18-year old beginner lifter. Is it a must for all ages or can I buy this when I'm a bit older?

  27. Sorry, I have to dissagree with this video. To see best gains you can all you need is 12 scoops of Supermutant per day and 5 scoops of hyphy mud before going to sleep.

  28. Hey Jeff, could you tell me what are the recovery supplement alternatives since it is pretty hard to get these products in my country? I can order them over the internet but they are pretty expensive considering shipping etc. and they proved to be extremely hard to find in any shops. Would casein work well or maybe some other protein powder with lower concentration of protein and higher concentration of carbs?

  29. You might have covered it. But I'm looking into L-Citralin. Sorry I suck at spelling and spell check doesn't know wtf I'm talking about.

  30. yes I would like very much to talk more on that subject… I got some slight knee problems from injury that happned last year. Had that, 10 years before, same sitation as now and I took animal flex and helped me totally, that much that I could compete successfully… now question is, what is now best supplement on market for joint problems…

  31. Great job as usual, Jeff. Wondered if you could review a promising natural sleep medication that’s just hit markets recently (mid 2017ish). It’s Orb’s Sleep Complex. Delayed release dosages of natural medicines to help you sleep, then a boost of Vitamin B12 just before you wake up. All time released.

    As someone who’s struggled with insomnia for years, I’m definitely considering giving Orb’s Sleep Complex a try. Thanks for sharing your thoughts next time you cover pre-sleep routines, etc.

    You and Jesse are the men! Keep sharing the hard gainer gospel. Thanks.

  32. I`ve endured occasional bouts of insomnia my entire life, but for several reason about 5 years ago, it became serious. I can only sleep for Three hours in most nights and I can`t even sleep throughout the night sometimes. Then I found this plan of action “Bαkοkαt Fawam” (Google it). The same day I got it I started to sleep better. In just a week I was sleeping 4-7 hours each night. It kept improving.

  33. There's absolutely no supplement that can increase the testerone only thing that works is testerone injections and HGH injections which I prefer both and also estrogen blocker any supplement that claims that they can increase your to testerone like maca I could go on and on is bullshit you might as well believe in the Fairy Godmother

  34. more video`s on supplements, Jeff!! i do not have a clue about supplements, whether i should be taking them, or not. i am 6 foot 1, i weigh 281 pounds, i weight train 6 days a week, and i`m 66 years old (my 67th birthday is just over 2 months away on April 10th 2018) , if age is a necessity to what supplements to use!! up until now, i have stayed away from supplements, because i know nothing about them, or if i should or should not be taking them. thank you so much for sharing my friend, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  35. I use this, and have to say it works! I keep a pain in my front shoulder that keeps me from doing pressing movements. This stuff is awesome!

  36. Hi athleanx could you let me know about human growth hormone iv seen It In a few supplement bundles and I can't get any real info from the Internet about it.

  37. Serving size of Mechan-x: 3 Capsules (Per day I'm guessing?)
    Servings per bottle: 30
    this is from the product label on your website
    So that means I would go through a bottle per month. At the current on sale price of buy 2 get 1 free that is $100 for a 3 month supply. (Normally $50 each) I don't know about anyone else but I can't justify $400 dollars a year on joint supplements. I'm sure these aren't a permanent fix or aid to your joints for long after you stop using them so I would need to keep buying them if I continue to want the benefits that this supplement provides. I really wish the price was lower, I am a satisfied customer of the Inferno Max Size program on your website, and that is in part because I paid $100 dollars and I now have the benefit of that purchase for life.

  38. Mechan-X joint supplements is a rip off (sorry Jeff) It is $50 for only 30 servings. The ingredients are Glucosomine, chondrotin, Hylacuraic acid, Boswellia, Treebine root. Most of this stuff is standard in joint supplements. Guys if you are going to put this much energy into working out, you better put the effort into your shopping. Buying a bunch of over priced supplements isn't going to make you ripped. I don't care what Jeff says.

  39. Well, the best thing you can for your body do is give it a little push and let it do its thing. If you get a supplement, such as the one mentioned in Brett Bindeoni's site, if you want to crazily accelerate the process to just weeks.

  40. I started watching AthleanX at 58yrs old after a 20+ yr absence.I was lucky to have advice this smart and wise.From teen to 60+ if you want to lift wise AthleanX is top shelf…60 in June and looking forward to tshirt time.Thanx 4 the inspiration to walk thru the gym door 17 months ago✌from Canada💪😎

  41. Could someone please let me know if you are taking glutamine alone is more effective or when mixed with whey protein.tnx?????

  42. I know this video is super old. But I have a question, when should someone take there BCAA's before working out or after your workout

  43. Have you ever tried pushups on 2 basketballs, start in the extended position with the bald 5 inches apart, then on the push have the hands bring both balls together, causes excessive burn baby burn.

  44. So much Advice on how to do this and that and dont do this and that..What a load of shit, the all mighty dollar pushes all this shit, no protein more protein no vitamins more vitamins 3 meals a day 7 meals a day, no cardio due cardio, seems to me you do what you gotta do… there is NO experts when it comes to this shit, I know guys that smoke and drink that are in better shape then most gym rats…

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