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They say a mother knows best. “Excuse me?” “Oh, hi,” “Do you have a bigger size?” And today, no one can tell Michelle otherwise. Is there a problem? “No, she just needs a bigger size.” “No, she doesn’t” Despite Amanda’s protest. “Yes. I do mom. It’s really uncomfortable.” “Come out here Amanda. Let’s take a look” She doesn’t budge. “See it’s too tight.” If you saw a mother “Right now, it is” publicly shaming her daughter into losing weight. “You are gonna look so beautiful” when you lose those extra pounds” What would you do? You might be wondering what film scene inspired this scenario “I think you’re gonna have to lose that extra weight we talked about” Well, pay close attention “Excellent. This is it.” As the action unfolds at Hazel boutique in Ramsey, New Jersey You might hear a clue, or three, to help identify the movie Stay tuned for the answer “This is what we’ve spoken about. About you losing the weight so this can be your inspiration dress” But first our young actress Amanda is fully prepared for Michelle’s hurtful words “Well I don’t think I need to lose weight.” While they leave this customer clearly concerned “Don’t you want that summer body?” But will she come to Amanda’s defense” “You need to lose weight first, okay, I’m just trying to motivate you.” “This would be what I was thinking is a good inspiration dress for her to lose a few” She tries to warn Michelle about the weight of her words. “We don’t want her to have bad body image issues” “I want her to be skinny.” “I don’t necessarily think wanting her to be skinny is the goal, but wanting to feel comfortable.” When her attempts to reason go unheeded “She looks too heavy for this” “But it doesn’t close right.” “Just hold on, I’m gonna find something for you.” She takes matters into her own hands. “I just don’t feel comfortable in this dress.” “That’s okay. Why don’t we find a dress that looks nice, first, okay?” And together they search for a bigger, more comfortable dress. “This looks really pretty. I think that would look so good on you.” While we approach from behind. “Hi there, how are you?” “Hi, hi how are you?” “I’m John Quinones. It’s what would you do?” “Oh I’ve seen this show before.” “You ever see the movie-” “No, I haven’t no.” “There was a scene in it where this happens” Her housekeeper Lets out the dress. “What were you gonna do?” “I was gonna try and find another dress, maybe change the mom’s opinion.” “And it’d fit better, right?” “Ya, you know, cause-” “I’ve done that before right try to find the dress That’ll make me lose weight and it doesn’t work because you don’t want to change yourself” As the day goes on, We see young women go out of their way to boost Amanda’s confidence Especially since its mom who’s bringing her down “That’s a pretty dress.” “Doesn’t it look good on her, I mean, if she lost a few pounds.” “No, I think it’s nice, I mean it’s supposed to be a tight-fitting dress.” “I just think you should be a little more positive, ya know?” “Ya-I was just telling you know, this would be a good inspiration for her.” “I think you should just have fun.” With Michelle clearly unmoved. “Honey, I’m gonna find you a smaller size.” “I’ll be right back.” This customer tells Amanda, it’s not her load to bear. “You should not worry about any of that at your age.” “Thank you.” I think you’re perfect.” “Perfect, she’s perfect.” “Oh! Hi.” “How are you? It’s “What Would You Do?” “Ya I know. I was shaking I was so upset.” “It’s amazing you step right in” “You try to comfort her you try to give her a punch” “Ya, I mean she’s beautiful, she doesn’t need to bring about at this age.” “She should wear whatever makes her comfortable.” “There’s a movie called-” “With Adam Sandler?” “Yeah, you remember where the mom does the same thing to her daughter. What does that do to a young girl?” “It really messed with her. I think need we need to uplift young girls. Especially like now is the time.” These next customers aren’t even old enough to vote. “Like, she doesn’t have to be skinny to feel pretty.” But they make it clear who they side with. “I think telling her she needs to lose weight and needs to be skinnier might give her an eating disorder, and I don’t think you should say that to her” “But I’m just trying to motivate” “We could be depressed that we’re skinny that doesn’t mean anything.” As the day winds down There’s no shortage of fellow teens rallying around Amanda Helping her pick out clothes “If you are confident, then you will look pretty in anything.” But nothing could prepare us for this mom. “I can’t fit this over my head it’s too uncomfortable.” “Well, then, you know what you need to do.” “What?” “Not eat so much.” “Woah. I’m sorry. She’s saying that she’s not comfortable, so find something that you’re comfortable with, okay sweetie?” “I’m just trying to motivate her.” “Oh, yeah, that’s not the way. so we go stop that’s not the way you motivate a child.” Let’s be tough. Maybe you should mind your own business. “Maybe you should your own business.” “Oh, I-, really when I hear something like that it really Upsets me. You have a beautiful daughter It’s about what’s inside here, it’s not about what you see on the outside. We all come in different shapes and sizes, and I’m so angry right now. I can’t even begin to tell you.” Time to tell her this is all a scene. “It’s okay, ma’am.” “Oh, my God.” “I am so happy that you are here right now. I was getting so upset.” “I could tell, I could tell.” “I just couldn’t… I couldn’t stand by.” “As a mom, how do you handle it?” “You know, no child’s perfect, but you encourage them to do the best they can. Set an example. Model behavior But don’t shame. Shaming is the worst thing you can do.” But that’s exactly what mom does to her daughter Bernice in the 2004 film Spanglish starring Adam Sandler “New clothes!” But those new clothes come with a catch. “You gonna lose that weight” In the film it’s the housekeeper who comes to the rescue But not before Bernice has a few words with mom. “Your gift… is a ruse.” “You buy what they’re comfortable in” What they feel beautiful in and that wasn’t happening. So I had to say something.

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  1. I'm an obese 11 years old girl who already wears her mom's denim pants, and if my mom did that to me I would probably be anorexic right now. I like food, whats so wrong with that—? I'm tall, I'm not as thin as others, but I love the way I look ❤ so just dont be too sad about the way you look cause everyone's beautiful in their own way.

  2. Wow some of you so called “people” in these comments are extremely rude! How dare you! There is always a proper way to say and go about things and shaming someone, ESPECIALLY a child is never okay! It’s things like this that cause people to have major body image issues which can lead to harming themselves and in a lot of cases even cause them to commit suicide! We need to lift people up and be positive no matter what someone looks like, instead of drilling into peoples head that no matter what they do they are never good enough, when in all actuality as long as they are a good person and are trying their best to be the BEST version of themselves that they can be, then that’s ALL that matters! Smfh some people are so hateful, really is a crying shame.

  3. flip it around, and instead do it with a skinny girl

    and her mom saying gain weight

    skinny troubles yall?

  4. Actor: trips
    Me: are you okay? * helps up*
    John Quinonus: hello this is what would you do, what made you do that?
    Me: uhhh..
    John Quinonus: I know it may be a little emotional, and you were amazing for your actions
    *Me: does the Naruto run*

  5. Parents have to be very careful when trying to help their overweight child. Do not use words such as "lose weight, diet" or "eat less". Instead encourage a healthy lifestyle. Get them fruit instead of chips or candies, sign them up for a sport, limit screen time. Overweight children often don't need to lose weight, just stay the same weight as they grow taller. If you call them fat or put them on a diet you can permanently damage their self esteem and at worst cause them to develop an eating disorder. If you don't know what to do or you're afraid go to a nutritionist or a pediatrician.

  6. the first girl is honestly so sweet! she took the kid to find a dress she would like and feel comfortable in and took the moms place❤️❤️

  7. My mom does that to me but not in a rude way she like “keep eating dumplings and you’ll become one” 🤡🤡🤡 but I don’t really care lol

    It’s kinda funny to be honest, 😔🌝🤡

  8. My mom used to buy me clothes and shoes like 2 sizes too big, because I would „grow into them“. I never did. I had to wear loose clothes until I was about 13, when I started to buy clothes on my own.

  9. The blonde lady is either a acting as a disapproving mom of gay plus sized or something girlfriend. B an ignorant mom and saying something horrible or the mom a spoiled brat that’s on period

  10. If it’s unhealthy the child should absolutely lose weight. Are you joking?

    AND the child absolutely IS overweight. This is a Heath issue. But she shouldn’t say that in public, that part is fucked

  11. "Might her an eating disorder" she already has one. No child should weigh that much. It is not about how she looks but about her health. Adults, do whatever you want. Eat yourselves into oblivion if you so fancy. But a child does not have a fully developed brain. We are supposed to know better and compel them to do things when it concerns their health. I agree that the way the mother is doing it is not good, and may end up being counterproductive, but the fact that the child is already that heavy is a form of neglect. We need to recognize it for what it is.

  12. Yikes idk man. I really think kids are over weight usually because their parent’s are letting them eat whatever. I hate hearing that, and I hate that after this is done that actress has to go home and probably not feel good about herself

  13. I just wanted to point out a fact losing weight especially if you are obese is good bcs you are more prone to diseases like diabetes if you are obese ao if the mom wanted her daughter to lose weight it is for her own benefit so that her daughter doesn't get diabetes and could run and have fun like other kids

  14. There are people who are born round that only seem like they’re fat, they’re not gonna lose the roundness unless they choose to change their body with surgery, I have a friend who will always looks like a fat person, she is not fat, she has a round shape body, she tries ways to lose it and only shames herself as fat and not beautiful. She actually doesn’t eat hoping herself that she can lose it, most times she’ll eat the lunch my mom makes at home during lunch period (high school), and a snack at home after school or sometimes has dinner but doesn’t really eat in the morning. She has even starved herself. My friends and I always tell her that she is a beautiful person. Sometimes she’s even been bullied by people who were once her friends and that’s definitely not her friends. She doesn’t have many like I do but at least she has some to be by her side. Everyone is loved by many no who you are whether your fat or not, whether you are round or not. Yes there are men and women who rather not date a round or fat person, yes it’s fine if they don’t too but even when people aren’t mean about still be nice and that goes for the even the rude people too. Here’s what one of my favorite Kpop bands would say and yes it’s BTS.
    Love yourself (album sets)
    You can’t stop loving myself – idol song
    Listen to idol it brings out about you needing to love yourself and not listen to people, be happy.
    Haters gonna hate – mic drop
    Yes there will always be haters but don’t let it get to you because you need to learn to love yourself.
    Though my friend loves herself sometimes I bet she doesn’t for way she looks.

  15. That dress is to grown for her any way!I would be upset about her trying to put her in such a revealing dress first off..but to hear what she says to her would make me go off on her. Thats not encouragement. Thats shame

  16. Me: sees a nickel and picks it up from the floor

    John Quinones: comes out of nowhere hI IM jOhN QUinones ANd tHiS iS wHat wOUld u dO whY dID U piCK uP tHE nICKeL

  17. My mom made me cry while I was trying on prom dresses over something like this. I remember a group of mom’s coming over and telling me I look beautiful after overhearing my mom saying that nothing in the store was going to fit me or look good on me. I was a size 6 my mom was a size 18.

  18. Everybody is better than me
    I look like a cow but I don't moo
    I eat a dinner for three
    But John quinones says "what would you do?"

  19. you shouldnt be mean to ur child but as a mother if ur child is over weight of course u want to do it kindly and for their health

  20. Me:*holds the door open*
    Actor:”thank you”
    Me: “you’re welcome:)”

    John dropping through the ceiling

    John: “hi I’m John and this is what would you do. HOW DID THIS IMPACT YOU”

  21. FIND The FACE IMPOSSIBLE 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  22. I have a opposite situation
    Mom: Eat more food, Eat Eat eat eat (all that comes to her mouth is eat when she sees me)
    My bulimia and anorexia: No thanks

  23. That woman immediately turned her head when she heard the mom say you know what you have to do you have to not eat so much

  24. I weight 80 pounds… And I always convince myself to loose weight , My friends always joke about it… And I “laugh” I keep telling myself to not be there friends. But I can’t… Or I’m a loner. Please help me… What should I do?…

  25. me: finds quarter on the ground
    Me again: picks quarter up
    John Quinones comes out with cameras
    John: so why did you pick it up?
    Me: …….

  26. When I was a child and I started gaining weight my parents were honest and told me that I needed to start eating better and getting more exercise . It’s better to be honest with your child so they start making better eating choices . It’s not what you say it’s how you say it . Ppl these days are over sensitive

  27. Me: oooh penny puts in pocket

    John quinyatas: hi this is a show called what would u do so why did u pick up the penny?


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