Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– [Narrator] Guys, the idea that is know your self-limiting beliefs. Know exactly what they are
and fucking shatter them. Get over it. Visualize yourself with who you want to be and where you want to be,
what it is you wanna do, and don’t let anything
fucking hold you back. Because somebody says that you
have to be a certain person, you’re a B.O. bum, or you know, you were born this way in
this family and your mom literally just fucking
set you on a garbage can, doing what she had to do, you’re never gonna fucking
amount to anything, kid. And you’re gonna be in the
system your whole life. Well fuck that shit, dude. You could be whatever the fuck you want. You just have to see it in your head. You have to get over
that self-limiting belief and you have to see it and recognize it. Go, oh holy shit, this is the
cycle like you said earlier. This is the cycle that I’m in and I have to break that cycle. So that is shattering
self-limiting beliefs. And here’s the thing, guys, for everyone, I mean everyone; no door
is ever shut on anyone. That door is always cracked open and all it needs is to be pushed open. So here’s the thing, once
you realize your value and you know that you
are separating yourself from that limiting factor,
all you gotta do is fucking Spar-ta kick that door open! (laughing) Sparta kick that shit, ya know, and just fucking open up
because the person you wanna be is on the other side of the fucking door.

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