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Ghasitaram, if you are reading a book, lie down and read peacefully. I need that chair. Here, take the chair I will lie down comfortably and read. Oh lord! What are you doing? Do not conduct any experiments on me! Let me go!! Mummy! Help!! Police!! Ghasitaram, I will give you such colourful injections that you will become a very powerful man! You will become the most strong and powerful man in the world! I dont want to become the most strong and powerful man in the world! Let me go!!! Oh my goodness, Doctor Jhatka, hurry up. I want to become the world’s most strong and powerful man!! Inject those injections into me quickly, before anyone else comes here. Ghasitaram, how can you become the worlds most strong and powerful man? What is happening here? Oh lord! Doctor Jhatka, quick give me the injections or Motu will pull me off the table and lie down there himself! Quick give me the injections! Stop, big brother at least tell me what is happening here, what is all this? I will not get off the table! Inject me! Quick!! Motu my brother, my friend, do you see these colorful injections? whoever I inject these into will become the world’s most strong and powerful man! Big brother, make me into a strong and powerful man… No, I want those injections! I will not get off this table!! I will see how you dont get off!! You just wait!!! Doctor Jhatka!! Don’t give the injections to him!! I am coming back!!! Motu, you always get conned into their tricks. There is time still, don’t take those injections. I want to be a strong and powerful man. Big brother, before Ghasitaram gets back here, give me those injections. Doctor Jhatka! Did you give him the injections? Yeaah!!!!! Yeaahh!!! Yay! My experiment works! Congratulations! Congratulation Doctor Jhatka, you are a great scientist! Motu, Motu! What has happened to you? Are you all right? Im all right. I am fine, I am going outside now. Bye bye. Oh lord! Where did he go?! Doctor Jhatka, follow him! Quick!! Motu, Motu, stop! Come back! We have to get you back to normal! Motu!!! Patlu, this is fun! I feel like I have a sea of energy in me! Motu, come back with us, come to the lab, quick!! Yeah! Oh lord! Mummy!! May all the bitter medicines of the world go into your mouth!! Hey! Motu! Take your leg out of the car! Quickly!!! Stop! Stop in the name of the law!! I swear you to the law! Motu, Patlu!! Where are you? Stop John!!!!!!!!! Someone stop John! Hey! John Stop!! My job will be in danger!! Oh no! What is this thing?!! This thing is called Motu!! Don’t leave me here! Don’t leave me here! I am a criminal, I am a thief, I am a bandit!! It is my birthright! Take me to jail!! Please police!!! Police!!!!!!! You are fit, only to stay here! You stay here!! The name is Chingam. It is impossible to come out of Chingam’s web! Stop your dialogues and take me to jail before Motu comes back here, please take me to jail!!! How did Motu get so big and strong? Will someone tell me now! I too want to be like that, someone tell me how! Wow boss wow! What poetry! Forget poetry and think of a plan. Boss this is the effect of Dr. jhatka’s medicine What is he saying? Please keep him quiet. Boss, he is saying it might be the effect of some medicine that Doctor Jhatka must have given Motu! So, then we will also go to Doctor Jhatka’s lab and steal that medicine! Then I too shall become strong and powerful like Motu! Listen to the plan! Yes boss, yes boss send home cooked food for us and don’t forget a sweet dish. We are fine here, Boss. Yes, yes Hey! Where did John go? He ran away! How is that possible? It is impossible to come out of Chingam’s web! He who can make the impossible possible. He is called John the Don!! Chingam, John the don! The world is not strong enough to capture us! I am John the Don! Inspector Chingam is not what they call me! Wow boss wow! What poetry! Open this! Open it now!! Constable!! These are the injections which made Motu so strong and powerful. Inject me with them now! Boss, boss, come now let’s go and beat up Motu! How much more will you eat Motu? Enough! I am tired now. I am hungry! Very hungry!!!!!!!!! When are you not hungry Motu?!!! Oh no! It’s John. Doctor Jhatka, looks like he has also injected himself with your injections! After today Motu will never feel hungry again! Today is the last day of his hunger! Ha ha ha… We shall see whose last day of hunger it is!! Motu has become his normal self. What will happen now? Ha ha ha Motu!! The fun starts now! I will count and take revenge today! Patlu! Think of something fast!! My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach. Idea! Motu! Have some samosas and start off! No medicine of Doctor Jhatka can match your samosa energy!! Long live!!! The effect of the medicine is wearing off on him too. Police!! Police!! Inspector Chingam! Sir!! Please take me to jail! You will be punished, you will get punished properly! This time you will not be able to run away from jail. You can punish him later sir, first, we need to clear some debts with him! Help! Inspector Chingum, Sir!!! Help!!! It is your duty to catch the criminal! Do your duty!! Help!!

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