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I know they’re all working hard.. I respect their work ethic, because.. I’m DEMANDING their work ethic. See.. These guys are talking all this trash, these guys are working hard because they wanna BEAT THE BEST. They know I’m the best.. They wouldn’t be talking like this if they already knew they were better than me. They’re trying to prove to me that they’re worthy. It starts to pay off now. And this is what led me start to create a team And now I think we’re one of the toughest teams in the world. I’m the champion. They know it.. And it’s my job to remind them who it is. Every year they say they’re gonna beat you… It’s my job to remind them who the champ really is. Progress, not perfection.. The best is yet to come. I got the chance to get over here. I couldn’t say no.. Because O2 gym produces some of the best athletes. So I go there and I train with my coach. He then says look ”I think you can do some serious damage in the IFBB Pro ranks” Don’t just copy the next guy. Follow yourself, be yourself.. This will always work for you. What they’re doing here is on a different level. Coming to kuwait they said something like ”Man we can make you top 6 in the world” And that kinda stuck with me I was like.. Wow. Coming to a place like this where you’re being pushed to extremes you kinda find out about genetics. And what you’re really made out of. You’ve expected a lot out of yourself in the past This is the time to put it all on table and MAKE IT HAPPEN. He will be pretty hard to beat tonight. He will be right up there in the winners circle. This is the best year of my life. Off to the Olympia. This is a VERY DOMINANT and HARD TO BEAT Beyeke. He realizes the potential that we all knew he had. I think in ANY lineup in the IFBB today, even at the Olympia level.. I think Beyeke will be very very dangerous if he continues along this path of getting better and improving. For me this is where the hard work begins. Now that I know that I CAN do it.. I gotta try to duplicate it and continue to progress and be better. I’m here to go and WHOOP ASS. I’m not playing around going into this show You know I’m giving all I got, that’s all I can do. This is gonna be my show man I’m winning this year you better believe that. Respect where respect is due. This guy has an amazing physique and I hope he’s able to really bring it so you guys can watch it. I would say that when he’s ON.. He’s gonna cause big problems. What I have in my hands It is 9 pounds A baby boy Perhaps.. THE NEXT MYTH. There will never ever be a prep harder than what I just went through. Regardless of what happens on one stage or another.. YOU GOTTA KEEP GOING. People don’t know.. What you go through in life and how HARD it is.. But one thing is I’m not gonna quit. I made the improvements, stay tuned everybody. Right back to step on that OLYMPIA STAGE. Roelly is argueably the biggest guy in this contest. He’s one of the most muscular bodybuilders we have, period. I mean look at that Guy is just a MASS MONSTER. He’s SO BIG compared to everyone and he’s not really missing anything If this guy puts it together.. Which I don’t know what it’s gonna take or of this is the year EVERYONE IS IN TROUBLE. There’s no doubting and I think Phil deep down inside would agree. I think he would win it for sure if he actually came in at a 100% You just wanna see this guy go ALL OUT. Just to be able to witness something like that I just wanna be here when Ramy, if he does bring a 100% to the game.. I just wanna be able to bare witness that I lay my eyes on something that freaking exciting. He’s one of those guys that you’re just like ”Please don’t get it together.” I just hope that I’m here and I can be at that show when he is in striking range Because god dang that would just be a sight to see. I’m the guy that they’re gonna love to hate. And I remember when they loved to hate Ronnie And I remember when I was going against Jay, they wanted him out.. You know I’m going for number 7 And my biggest motivation is gonna be about tying Arnold Schwarzenegger. You know what time it is.. It’s about to get REALLY FREAKING UGLY AND I CAN’T WAIT.

100 thoughts on “Mr. Olympia 2017 – CONTENDERS – Bodybuilding Motivation

  1. Nick, I'd really appreciate it if you could make a vid on Shawn Rhoden. Motivational vids have been done on Dexter, Ramy, Bonac, Winklar, Branch….4th 5th 6th place guys seem to be prioritized over him. Where is the #2 bodybuilder in the world right now at? Please, Nick, if you could make a video on him that would be wonderful. I think he's got a great physique, and he's definitely inspirational in his own way.

    And while I'm here, like many have already said, a Lee Haney vid would be amazing too. 8x Mr. Olympia deserves a NickVision inspirational vid in his name. Thanks brother. Keep doing what you do. It pushes us all harder and makes us strive to be better in our pursuit of our own perfect physique.

  2. Maybe u will read this, how about this song for ur next Video 2WEI – Gangsta's Paradise, hopefully u will read this.

  3. I thought people agreed on bringing back Aesthetics to the world of bodybuilding, just like Arnold brought up a few years back. I guess it's still about who has more muscle instead of who is the best in symmetry and the best V-shaped body. #calloutthejudges

  4. Most of these Guys look like shit compared to 1974 Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1988 Lee Haney, 1999 Lee Priest, 1990 Ronnie Coleman

  5. Phil Heath is done this year ! unless he could pull a rabbit out of his bikini shorts , Its over for him .

  6. "I'm the Champion…and my job to remind them." WTF! Phil needs to assert it because many people are not convinced. Phil will be one step closer to the judges table and will lean more to look bigger. He call it 3D. Judges always allow it. Sometimes, I think Olympia is staged. If people will also rate, we're not sure if that bloated one would win it.

  7. Man..everybody said Ramy will win….every fucking year i hear this shit…Phil is the champion .. i can't even see Ramy vs Rhoden on the O stage….

  8. Wow, this is a great Vid, good up close shots of these guys. I didn't know how good these guys actually looked. Unfortunately they don't have the roundness to dethrone the champ. There is only one, and sadly he's 53 yrs old now.

  9. 2015 ramy was big without conditioning , 2016 ramy has conditioning but he looks small , i think this year he will be big and shredded

  10. Did you see R. Winklar everyear dude is gaining, dont know how much more muscle can he pack on when i think he maxed out he comes next year even bigger. Only downside he dosent have height.

  11. The last 2 minutes are awsome and i think this is the first time that phil heath is the how to say this "hero" and its not heated

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