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You know I train all year for this moment.. When it happens and this is around my neck Like, it’s still surreal. I put my heart and soul in this prep. Like I do every year but this year the challenge was on many different levels.. It definitely brought the best out of me and it made me learn a lot about myself this prep. And if anything not only walking away with the title but I walked away learning a lot about my character. I won 6.. I’m going for 7. I’m doing this. Let’s just show the world how great we are. All the hard work, you know.. WE BATTLE. The day that you become less driven is the day you gonna lose. I put a lot of hard work in this prep. As you guys can see I’m still giving it my all. Push myself each and every single set. I have a MISSION I have a PURPOSE. That’s to come out on top like I do every single year. About 2 weeks out.. Every year Talking that sh*t. And I’m about to END THAT SH*T. One rep.. One set.. One workout closer. I’m taking everybody out

47 thoughts on “Mr. Olympia Champions – Jeremy Buendia, Phil Heath, Flex Lewis – Bodybuilding Motivation

  1. Does anyone here have Thalassemia like myself? My gains are suffering I feel and my recovery is awful. If so, any suggestions?

  2. Why does flex not compete in major shows like the American Arnold classic and the American Mr Olympia? I never seen him against guys like Dexter and Phil or Cedric. I personally don't think he's in the caliber

  3. hey u had a video with a motivation speech from Nick Vujic i dont find the video anymore…..which was it ? thanks greetz

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