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– All right, I’ve highlighted
the muscles of the neck that we are going to know. Most of these also we’re not
going to be super hardcore about attachments, but let’s look
at some of them in detail. First of all, we have splenius. Now splenius is actually
a muscle that has multiple, multiple flavors of splenii. And we are just going
to know splenius as a group. So here we’ve specified
that is splenius capitus, but the fact is that we’re just
going hey man, splenius attaches
to the occipital region of the skull and comes down and attaches also
to the vertebra. There are multiple,
like I said, there are muscles in there
that carry the splenius name, but you can kind of visualize
based on this fiber direction what kind of action is going
to happen. For example,
if both splenii contract at the same time do you agree
that you’re going to end up moving your head looking upward? Splenius you can see from the
posterior aspect of the neck. Sternocleidomastoid,
that’s this guy right here, the muscle that if you turn
your head really sharply you can pop that thing out. It attaches on the anterior
surface, it attaches to the clavicle and it has a belly that actually
attaches to the sternum as well. Sterno, sternum.
Cleido, clavicle. Mastoid, mastoid process. So that muscle is actually
very visible. You can imagine you can actually
stick your fingers on the, what are they called,
on the attachments and then you can
shorten your fingers to see what kind
of action you get. If you do both of them
you get a different action than you would have gotten. Now, this is an awesome time
to talk about the fact that muscles come
in antagonistic pairs. Look at the action of contracting
both my sternocleidomastoids, look at the action that we
had of contracting both splenii. Therefore,
those are pairs of muscles that do antagonistic actions. All right, here’s a bunch more. Holy crud, what happened
to this lady’s neck? It’s like really,
really a long neck. That’s okay. All right, let’s talk
about neck muscles. Remember, what neck muscle
would we expect to see here that we talked about
in the previous section? Platysma. Platysma is
what is very superficial to all of this madness.
So here’s the scoop, on your whatever that is,
what is that? I never know what that’s called. But you have a muscle
that has fibers going this direction
like a chin strap, and that is mylohyoid. Look what I’m
going to draw here, my fibers are going parallel. That’s this one right here
and it’s deep to digastric, which is another when we
have to know. Digastric is a weird muscle. It actually has two, di,
bellies. Gastr means belly. So the two bellies of digastric,
here’s one, and this is my other belly. And it actually comes down
and like hooks around the hyoid and one belly heads posterior
and one belly is in your neck, I mean in the whatever space
this is, the floor of your mouth.
Okay. You also have geniohyoid,
geniohyoid. Look at the direction
of the fibers in geniohyoid. Don’t know
why my pen got so huge. Geniohyoid fibers go this way.
Genio means chin. Hyoid means hyoid. So the geniohyoid goes
from the chin to the hyoid bone and if you shorten that thing
you’re going to like help keep– you’re going to help
move your tongue around and help masticate your food
and swallow. Awesome.
Those are those three. Sternohyoid attaches
to the hyoid and the sternum. And you can see with sternohyoid
it straight down. We actually have a really
good example of it in George, and so that one is also
really straightforward. Our last bundle are muscles
of the thorax. Thorax being from here to there, which you can’t see
on me right now. So let’s go look at muscles of
the thorax that we have to know.

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  1. i just want to thank you for making all these vidoes! I am taking A & P right now and it is kicking my butt! Your explanations make such a difference by making this extrememly hard to process info somehow relatable! You are awesome!

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  3. Hello Wendy, really enjoyed you animation on the muscles of the face and neck. I am an Esthetic instructor and we thought you were a hoot! Dorinda Allhands/Chicago, IL

  4. your soo sweet I like your speaking style you're really so informative… I had learn a lot wana get more vedios….. your actions are so active.. thank you so much for your leacturs

  5. When only 1 side of the sternocleidomastoid contracts it doesn't make the movement you show, I know it is very confusing but they rotate the head … Cheers anyway. Well done !

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  7. I have a winged scapula (insidiously appeared) my sternodeidomastoid on the same side has little definition and doesn't seem to engage. Could a denervated scapula effect the neck?

  8. The Splenius capitis inserts at the lateral aspect of the mastoid process, and the lateral third of the nuchal line.

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