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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I figure with the holidays around the corner,
Thanksgiving next week Why don’t we do something a little bit Thanksgiving-themed. We are going to do my favorite breakfast,
the pumpkin-oatmeal. I am going to show you literally how easy
this is to make. [Music Intro] What’s up guys? Jeff Cavaliere A little gravely voice here, messed-up bed
head. I wanted to get out of bed and show you how
simple and easy it is to follow the X-factor meal plans. Now one of the things that you guys have probably
seen and heard a lot of are the transformations that people have made on the Athlean-X program. And I can tell you that one of the big reasons
I call it the X-factor meal plan is the fact that the meal plans are ridiculously simple
to follow. They actually taste good and they work, and
they allow you to stick to it, because there is no measuring, there is no calorie counting. I am telling you there is none of that garbage. Guys particularly don’t like to stick to that
kind of confinement. They like to be able to eat what they like,
but be able to have some general direction to do it. Now I figure with the holidays around the
corner And Thanksgiving next week. Why don’t we do something a little bit Thanksgiving-themed. We are going to do my favorite breakfast,
the Pumpkin-Oatmeal. I’ll show you literally how easy this is to
make. Slow-cooked oats, don’t get the instant oatmeal
or those fast-cooked ones. They usually turn into mush when you do it. I literally take just some kind of container
I can put in the microwave. I know some of you are going to want to crucify
me for wanting to put it in the microwave. But for me it is much easier. If you want to put it on the stove top you
can easily do that too. I literally just take this, I pour out my
oats. No measuring I just sort of eyeball it. Next thing, ground cinnamon I like it so you
will see me squirt a lot of this in there But cinnamon we know is great for making our
metabolism a little bit faster. Pure vanilla extract, again, I am not breaking
out any little teaspoons here, or anything like that. I am going to take it, I am going to pour
in a little drop. Next thing, regular maple syrup, OK? It is OK to get a little bit of sugar in the
morning, as a flavoring. We are not going to pound it in here, it is
not like I am going to I-HOP. I am just putting in a little bit of maple
syrup over the top. And then the main ingredient, canned pumpkin. So guys, not pumpkin pie mix, in pumpkin pie
mix there is a lot of sugar in it, very sweet, not good for you. Canned pumpkin happens to be one of the best
things you can eat, lots of fiber, very lower calories obviously, and full of vitamins. So I take a big spoonful and drop that in,
take another big spoonful and drop that in. OK? The chef gets to lick the spoon. Only one more ingredient in here, I am going
to get some skim milk which I am going to grab right out of the refrigerator. And I jump off camera. Back and pour it in, right. Just one more thing, I usually add just a
little more water. I have to jump over to sink, and mix it all
together. Guys, in as little as 2 minutes, I am good
to go. So now for those of you that don’t like the
microwave, close your eyes. For now I turn around, pop it in here, 5 minutes
on high. I go up and take a shower, I comb this hair
out a little bit. And I come back down and I show you what we
are left with. So we are back. I am all showered up I am in my work clothes now as you can see. We are just going to grab this thing out of
the microwave. Stir it up. So it was just 5 minutes in the microwave
guys. Nothing too complex I don’t think. For me it works. If you want to do it stove top, but really
what we want to do is mix everything together. Now we are just going to pour it in. Save some for my dogs. And then to sort of finish it off here, there’s
a few things that i do. Sort of secret things. You are going to grab some of these dried
oats. You know the ones that we used to make it. Just for texture, I like the way it comes
out. Then we are going to use some walnuts. Just going to come in here, break a few walnuts
up, sprinkle them over the top. And the last thing I want to do is a little
bit of brown sugar. When I say a little bit, I mean literally
a little bit OK?. Just break it up. There we have it. Let me show you what it looks like here. There is our oatmeal. Guys, I mean it is healthy. It tastes really good. And that is the point here, with the ATHLEAN-X
factor meal plans. There is no measuring, there is no calorie
counting. There is no time consuming stuff. You are eating good food that actually tastes
good. And something you can stick with for the rest
of your life. So if you have an eating plan that makes you
feel deprived all the time, you are not going to want to stick with it. Now guys, as I said, Thanksgiving is coming
up. It is around the corner. I don’t want to see you blow everything you
have been working on hard for your ATHLEAN-X program. If you haven’t started ATHLEAN-X yet, then
you should head to and grab the 90 day training program. But now I want to make that deal even sweeter
for you. We have for a very limited time, the ATHLEAN-X
Holiday Survival Guide. It is the Ripped for the Holidays exclusive. It comes with the exact training program I
recommend for the day before, the day of, and the day after for the holiday. Also what you should eat and what your tricks
and tactics should be on the day before, the day of, and the day after for the holiday. To get you through not only Thanksgiving,
but all the holidays in December that you celebrate. So that you can stick with and look great. So when you hit January 1, you hit the ground
running and you are going to be in the best shape of your life. Right into 2012. So guys if you want to grab that, head to, grab the 90 day training program and get this. You will be happy you did. Guys, Happy Thanksgiving. I will see you guys again back here next week. Enjoy your oatmeal. I have to go to work. I will see you guys again here next week. See ya.

100 thoughts on “Muscle Building Breakfast – Healthy Breakfast Actually TASTES GREAT!

  1. Hi Jeff, thanks for the video! May I ask what is the approximate Nutrition Fact on this pumpkin oatmeal recipe? About how many grams of protein/carb

  2. Hi there,
    Any substitutes for the walnuts?There are not readily available where I live. Perhaps raw cashews or pistachios?

  3. or just put instant oatmeal in the microwave for 2 mins literally takes like 3 min to make i like the brown surgar kinda

  4. Quit bitching about sugar. Sure, you can have too much, especially if you are not active, but if you use the sugar as fuel, that is a different story. There are primates, which is what we are, who live on tree sap, aka, syrup. Stop bitching.

  5. I enjoy cooking it in a bowl with water and cinnamon. I don't make it watery. Then add peanutbutter and jelly. Sometimes a banana. It's what I like ;3

  6. This guy is fantastic when it comes to training advice, especially form etc. But he should probably stay away from nutrition videos. Although this is 6 years old.. so maybe he knows more now

  7. i never cook nothing in the microwave, it makes thing easier i guess and its less time consuming, but i've read microwave kill the nutrients in foods. i have believed this and i've used the stove for years for everything.

  8. Love this recipe. Sometimes instead of pumpkin and syrup I smash up a banana with a fork and add honey

  9. I have porridge with one big scoop of natural flavoured whey isolate, flaxseed and cinnamon with a teaspoon full of raw organic honey.

  10. Can someone tell me if warming it (with a microwave or any other way) is necessary? I mean, is it ok to eat it raw?

  11. Been using this recipe for a week now and I love it! Great taste with everything that you need to start your daily routine 🙂

  12. All that sugar would make my glucose shoot through the roof. (diabetic) Maybe just a little raw honey. Also I need to drop about 10 lbs. before I start eating that stuff.

  13. honestly i scary to use microwave… i used to microwave my oats and all food, but after few month i felt that i am look worst, gas in stomach. So i stoped using microwave,after 2 or 3 days i felt again,normal as i used to. But dem,microwave oats was so delicious especially then i dont have time to cook oats in early morning…..

  14. I fucking hate breakfast cause i have so little time in the morning before school to make a healty breakfast and im so tired so i end up not eating at all

  15. It's not the microwave that's the problem, it's the plastic. You could also make this as overnight oats and not cook it at all.

  16. I love these video's…He does a great service for people! I also bought his program and I swear by it! But I watched a video where he showed his Buddy eating fruit loops, crumb doughnuts, and other sweets and said people need to transition from bad foods to good food in stages (I do agree with that statement) BUT he goes to show how he went from instant oats with maple, to slow cooked oats with pumpkin, walnuts etc- eventually going away from eating bad foods. Then I watched this video and he's using store brand maple syrup which is really high fructose corn syrup and other fake ingredients and then he adds brown sugar. Well the instant oats with maple is healthier than that concoction! I use Real Honey, Real Ceylon Cinnamon for sweetener and both are very very healthy for you. I did buy pumpkin to try that so we will see in the morning how it taste. I also use unsweetened vanilla almond milk instead of milk, banana and strawberry's….oatmeal in the morning for me is like eating desert! Keep up the great video's!!!!

  17. …so I finally got to see this video months after I heard about it. I was guessing on how to prepare this and I got it completely wrong. Although I still like my recipe as too. 2 scoops of raw oats, pumpkin filling, tsp cinnamon throw it all in a blender with water or milk and drink as a shake. I don't cook the oats. prefer raw oats in every shake I take. Thanks for the tip.

  18. I love this guys videos and training tips. They are fantastic. But as far as this breakfast is concerned its geared more for the ectomorph body frame. The ectomorph has a higher metabolism. Now add in the added lean muscle and his metabolism is even higher. Remember what he says. This is what he does and it works for him. What you need to do is find out your metabolic rate. Then you can adjust this meal to what works for you. But I have to say this looks awesome. But I would probably cut a 1/3 of that out. But then again that's because I have a much slower metabolic rate.

  19. is too bad to eat oatmeal with a banana before sleeping? I cant stop eating oatmeal with cinnamon power and banana at night !

  20. I sometimes like mixing in a scoop of protein powder into the mix in place of brown sugar and/or syrup. Makes it chocolatey (or w/e flavor you use)

  21. Jeff uses proven science on his program, he doesnt get his info from internet memes , scam sites like naturalnews and old wives tales like most of the commentators on here do. That's why he uses a microwave, doesn't eat organic and drinks milk and gluten.

  22. I'm surprised you used the Walmart brand. I'm always skeptical.about them and but the more know brand of things.

    🙄 I feel dumb now.

  23. Great recipe but I think you used a "maple syrup product" (read corn syrup). I'd rather use actual maple syrup. Its pretty damn expensive but much better having the real deal.

  24. I use honey instead of brown sugar or maple syrup. Which tastes just as sweet, but isn't as unhealthy as refined sugar. Well, which is a LOT healthier than refined sugar. Kind of a win/win/win situation with honey, imo.

    One should only have 25 grams of refined sugar per day. The brown sugar and maple syrup are definitely not good. I can see from someone who has a horrible diet, that this would be a great meal to substitute for like pop tarts or some other awful, diabetes, obesity causing foods. A great stepping stone. Or if their main concern is losing weight, then that's a bigger health issue than a bit of refined sugar. Though, the ideal goal would be to eventually get rid of as much refined sugar as possible, imo.

    But the refined sugar in the maple syrup and brown sugar is horrible for gut health. Which is like 80% of overall health. It destroys the gut barrier that protects the immune cells (which have the highest concentration in the body in the gut, for obvious reasons) from bacteria. Or vice versa. I don't know the specifics all too well, but this is what I remember from the nutritionists Dr. Rhonda Patrick, on the Joe Rogan experience. Refined sugar destroys the gut barrier.

  25. I love flavoring oatmeal. One thing you have to try: granola (homemade) get some apple cut them up and cook them down. Add cinnamon, sweetener, vanilla and then stir until soft. Them put yogurt in a bowl then the apple and granola. Sooooo good works well with other fruits too

  26. Just buy a good smoothie blender, and drink your breakfast! I put my days worth of fruit in there, usually frozen strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and cherries, half a banana, then about a half cup of plain Greek yogurt, then I put a couple spoonfuls of a 5 seed mixture(flax hemp chia sunflower pumpkin) followed by a large handful of spinach, and kale, and a half cup of oatmeal. Tastes good and has tons of nutrients. For protein I just drink a cup of pasteurized egg whites because I hate cooking in the morning. And I don't like eating egg whites so I'm drinking them is just faster and easier.

  27. I tried this without maple syrup and vanilla extract to test how sweet it would be. It was sweet enough with reduced sugar Vanilla almond milk, brown sugar and a few raisins thrown in. BEST oatmeal I've had in years.

  28. I didnt really like this recipe, might just be my taste but i prefer oats with a scoop or 2 of vanilla protein, almond milk and sweetner, and sometimes some peanut butter or pb2, but i have an incredibly sweet tooth so it probably just me. also this recipe does taste nice, just not as good as some other things, with still really good macros.

  29. Another option to avoid the microwave is to make the oatmeal overnight-

  30. I really like the way how you explain workouts

    But your eating plan is really not that good 😅😅

    Skimmed milk is not good
    Brown sugar is not healthy as well

    Stevia is the way to go

    I think oat is healthy but organic steal cut oat meal

    Maple syrup and vanilla extract are fine

  31. Protein powder,oats,blueberries,flax seed oil,scoop of almond butter water ice ,rice milk.
    There you have the equivalent and better than what’s up there in quicker time.
    Just a thought

  32. fresh pumpkin is dope too!
    glad to not see the typical bro ingredient of protein powder here.
    appropriately moderate level of maple syrup there, just hope it's not HFCS like so much is…
    plus this old skool intro blew my mind haha

  33. only one go in micro to make porridge. guaranteed that will be full of uncooked bits of oat alongside bits of oat that are cremated to buggery. 1 minute stir 1 minute stir 1 minute stir 1 minute stir. follow this advice and your mouth will thank me

  34. crucify you not for putting the oats in the microwave, but for cooking the oats with a plastic container in the microwave!

  35. I have oatmeal brekky everyday. My favourite is with rasberries (frozen if fresh aren't available), one small banana, cinnamon, tbls LSA mix (linseed, sunflower, almonds) and the most important – big scoop of peanut butter.

  36. I eat oatmeal with pumpkin spice, bananas, craisins (the dried cranberries), walnuts, honey, and a little milk. It's really good but now I'm thinking of switching it up to a bowl of oatmeal with craisins, bananas, walnuts, and a chocolate protein powder with no added sugar minus the milk.

  37. As a Canadian, I am very upset that you referred to that corn-based sugary mess as maple syrup.

    Sorry eh.

  38. For anyone on the fence it's actually really easy to make. I do it every morning. Oats cinnamon vanilla extract. After it's heated raisins almonds (very few) and honey

  39. Although I try not to get into the habit of counting calories, I do think it's still important to measure you ingredients for the sake of making it taste good. The ratio of ingredients can make a big difference.

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