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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

The most important thing when you consider
building a healthy breakfast is to remember that your body has been somewhat catabolic
all night long. In other words, while you’re sleeping your
body is breaking down depending upon how your nutrition was the day before, depending upon
how many calories you as well took in and depending how hard you may have trained in
the night or the day before. Your body can be extremely catabolic while
you’re resting. So the first meal of the day should be a healthy
breakfast that’s going to give you all of your most important macronutrients as well
as your micronutrients. And maybe even adding some other supplementation
as well. There’s been studies done that have shown
that if you intake a healthy, quality, quantity protein in the morning that your body’s going
to be better at being anabolic during the day but also even leaner. So with breakfast you want to have a full
body breakfast that’s going to give you the proteins and the carbs. I would say protein source can be eggs, egg
white omelet. Oatmeal could be a carb source or a good multigrain
cereal. Instead of going with the egg, you might want
to literally go with maybe some turkey, some chicken or something like that. Some people start their day real early and
by the time they have breakfast it is already is a little bit later on, so it’s not a big
problem. And you can actually even use your supplementation,
your protein powder if breakfast is a problem in the morning by throwing scoops of protein
right into your oatmeal. There’s something called the protein pancake
where a lot of clients will literally mix protein and oatmeal, whip it up together,
throw some sweetener and then literally throw it in the microwave or cook it right on the
skillet to make a protein pancake out of it. But those are just some ideas to keep in mind
that you need both protein and carbs. I also recommend making sure that you’re getting
a healthy multivitamin in the morning. Most people skip taking any kind of a vitamin
at all. And you need the minerals and you need the
nutrients that a multivitamin’s going to give to your body. And chances are you’re probably not taking
a good one right now because most people do not. And that will come with breakfast. The other thing you may want to add is a good
fish oil or essential fatty acid capsule or even more than one in the morning with that
breakfast. But just bring in those three components together
for breakfast. Instead of maybe the eggs, you might go with
a low fat cottage cheese. You might throw in some fruits, some berries,
aside from the cereal. But just make sure that you’re getting those
macronutrients and not neglecting one or the other. Sometimes people just have the cereal, maybe
slice a little bit of fruit, throw the fruit in the cereal. They think they just had a healthy breakfast. Well, they just had a bowl of cereal. There wasn’t hardly, probably any protein
from the milk that they had. So it was basically a breakfast filled with
sugar and carbs. Your body needs protein so make sure you’re
getting the balance of the protein and the carbs and the micronutrients as well. You’ll not only feel it immediately but throughout
the rest of the early part of the day as well.

8 thoughts on “Muscle-Building Breakfasts | Bodybuilding Diet

  1. How about a muscle building breakfast that you want to take if you are skinny? im 130 lbs and i want to start gym in a week.But i dont know what breakfast i should take if i want to be muscled a lot and be like 190lbs

  2. hi,i'm a professor in biology whit an MA in physical performance to put it in a light term. if you are over weight and want to get "ripped" eat a lot of protein and almost no carbs/calories and do actives like jogging and swimming (over all endures) for long periods that keeps your hart beat at a high level for a longer time, this forces your body to use the existing excess carbs to fuel your muscles, depending on how (over) you are start whit hard swimming and easy strolls for your knees sake;D

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