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Hey what’s up guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of and and in this video I want to talk a bit about
genetics and how they relate to your muscle building program. So genetics play a large
role in virtually everything that we do. We’re all born with different skills and tendencies
and abilities, and these characteristics are a product of the experiences that we have
throughout our lives and from the genes that we inherited from our parents. So, just as
some people are naturally fast runners, naturally talented musicians, naturally skilled mathematicians,
naturally good artists, some of us are also naturally predisposed to building muscle at
faster rates. It would be naive to assume that we are all born on a 100% equal playing
field when it comes to building overall muscle size and strength. It’s just not the case.
And there’s definitely a connection between genetics and building muscle and it can vary
quite a bit from person to person. So here are a few of the basic genetic factors that
can come into play here. The first is testosterone levels. Testosterone is the most important
muscle-building hormone in your entire body, and some people have naturally higher or lower
levels. Another is muscle fiber distribution. Individuals with a higher percentage of fast-twitch
muscle fibers are going to have greater muscle-building potential because fast-twitch fibers are more
prone to hypertrophy. Another is muscular shape. For the most part, there is very little
that you can do to influence the shape of an individual muscle. Muscles can become bigger
or smaller, but their actual shape is mostly genetically pre-determined. Another factor
is recovery ability. Some of us can naturally tolerate more exercise than others. Individuals
who can recover quicker naturally have an advantage because they’re going to be able
to successfully train and recover more often than others. There’s also myostatin levels.
The myostatin gene codes to “limit” the amount of muscle mass that you can build. Now this
gene will be more or less active depending on the individual and this can certainly come
into play. So these are just a few of the many factors that play a role when examining
the issue of genetics and building muscle. There’s no doubt that Arnold Schwarzenegger
trained extremely hard to win the Mr. Olympia contest 7 times, but without his amazing genetic
structure there’s no question that things would have been different there. But the real
question is… so what? Whatever hand you were dealt in the genetics department is what
it is and it can’t be changed. All you can do is make the very best of what you have
and become the best that YOU can be. And this applies not only to bodybuilding, but to every
single area of life. Whether you’re able to gain muscle at an above average rate, at an
average rate or at a below average rate is something that is set in stone and can’t be
changed. And to be honest, from a practical standpoint it is absolutely irrelevant to
your program. Unless your goal is to become a world-class bodybuilder, which is a feat
that is almost entirely dependent upon your genetics then absolutely anyone out there
can build an impressive, muscular body as long as they are willing to put forth the
effort. For some people it may simply take a shorter or longer time than others. It’s
really as simple as that. You would have to be in the extreme lower percentile of the
“bad genetics” group for it to be anywhere even close to a valid excuse for not sticking
to your muscle building program over time. For everyone else, the 99% plus, train hard,
eat right, stay focused and very good things will happen as long as you are consistent.
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14 thoughts on “Muscle Building Genetics: Do Genes Matter In Bodybuilding?

  1. What shall i eat after workout i workout 19:30 to 20:30 aprox. i don't wanna buy supplementation my diet can provide me protein and healthy fats will i see serious results im not fat a little bit of love handles and im 40 is cottage cheese a good option and tuna ?Thnx

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  3. Hey Sean your so knowledgeable I'd greatly appreciate if you could help me out.  I injured my knee last August so about 8 months ago and it just doesn't seem to be getting any better.  I haven't been able to deadlift or do legs at all during this time.  I've gotten xrays and mris done and everything came back negative so it's just inflamed I guess, no serious damage.  It happened doing heavy squats but it wasn't like an instant thing more so just felt it the next morning.  I've been on anti inflammtorys, fish oil pills, foam rolling, mobility work, and stretching this whole time and it doesn't seem to be helping. Sometimes it gets aggravated from doing daily things like walking up the stairs or riding my bike to class.  To be more specific when I go to fully extend the leg the weight of my leg itself gives me pain in the knee. Can you please help me this injury has been killing me, I've lost alot of weight since not being able to lift and I just want to be able to do lower body again. Thanks so much and appreciate your videos.

  4. how good are my genetics im 15, 205-10lbs 5"10 my ig is teengenetics1015 my bench was 315 squat 405 and dead 475 when i was 14

  5. Hi Sean thanks for the Vid! Do you have any facts around the role of bone structure and the ability to cut quickly in the sport? I think those are beneficial factors I have , especially for Physique type categories. By the way, since we last spoke, I did really well at regionals and now doing nationals =D. THanks again

  6. Thank you Sean! I have recently began following you a week ago and I've seen so many of your videos already. You always touch on great topics, you are great motivation and so humble.

  7. race and genetics matters. The following is a summary of findings from a study on lean muscle mass among different ethnic groups

    Mean lean muscle mass

    Blacks: 65. 6kg

    Whites: 62.0 kg

    Hispanics: 59.9 kg

    Asians: 59.6 kg

    Indians: 53.3kg


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