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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, guys, Sean Nalewanyj, of
here. And in this video, I want to talk about the topic of weight training for muscle definition,
and the difference between a weight training plan that is used for a mass gaining phase
versus one that is used during a cutting phase. So, if you’re training hard in the gym and
you’re following a controlled nutrition plan, then you likely have one of two primary goals.
Either you want to build overall muscle size and strength. Or you want to burn off body
fat and get a leaner and more defined body. Now, when it comes to weight training for
building mass, most people have a pretty reasonable idea of what needs to be done. Heavy weights
lifted with a high level of intensity, low to moderate reps, compound exercises and a
focus on continual progression from week to week. When it comes to weight training for
overall fat loss in definition, however, most lifters go down the completely wrong path
by following the totally false idea that heavy weights and low reps builds muscle, and light
weights and higher reps burns fat. So, they’ll switch over to a cutting phase and then reduce
the amount of weight they’re lifting, increase the reps and include more isolation exercises
to somehow define the muscles and bring out more hardness and separation. In fact, this
type of approach is actually directly counterproductive to your goals. There really only are two things
that you can do with your muscles. You can either make them bigger or you can make them
smaller. But there’s no such thing as an exercise that defines, or shapes or sculpts a given
muscle. And there are certainly no weight training techniques that are going to magically
bring out more hardness and separation in your physique. Muscle definition is a product
of one thing and one thing only. And that is the amount of overall muscle mass that
you’re carrying in combination with your overall body fat percentage. The lower your body fat
percentage is, the more defined and separated your muscles are going to appear. And of course,
the higher your body fat percentage is, the less defined and less separated your muscles
are going to appear. On top of this, there’s no way for you to target fat loss from specific
areas of your body by training those areas with weights. And this is known as the fallacy
of spot reduction, which I’ve talked about many times before in the past. Any time you
train with weights, all you’re really doing is stimulating the specific muscles that are
involved in that particular movement. But this has no effect on the fat stores in and
around that particular area. Fat loss occurs as you place your body into a calorie deficit
by consistently burning more calories than you consume. And this is accomplished by reducing
your dietary caloric intake and by increasing overall caloric expenditure through additional
exercise. Over time you’re going to lose fat from your entire body as a whole. But you
have no control over the specific areas where fat is burned from. So, we’ve established
two really important things so far. Number one, there’s no possible way for you to define
or sculpt a given muscle. All you can really do is make your muscles bigger or smaller.
And number two, fat loss is achieved through a calorie deficit, which will cause you to
lose fat from your entire body as a whole over time. So, what is the correct weight
training approach then for a cutting phase? Well, it’s exactly the same as the approach
that you used when your goal was to gain overall muscle size and strength. You need to train
with heavy weights, so weights that are heavy for you as an individual that is, low to
moderate reps, compound exercises and put all of your focus on either improving or maintaining
your strength levels each week. You have to remember that unless you are very genetically
gifted or you’re a complete beginner, you’re not going to be adding muscle size while you’re
in a calorie deficit. Your goal during a cutting phase is to simply maximize fat loss while maintaining as
much of your hard earned muscle as possible. And this is why a properly structured weight
training routine is so important during a fat loss cycle, because you need to provide
your muscles with the most powerful stimulus possible in order to give your body a very
good reason to hold onto its lean mass despite being in a calorie deficit. And again, this
is accomplished using the exact same principles that you follow during your mass gaining phase.
As you keep that lean muscle mass intact and you gradually reduce your body fat each week
through proper diet and through some additional cardio exercise that muscle definition that
you’re after will gradually increase over time. So, just remember this during a cutting
phase. Number one, weight training is for maintaining muscle. And number two, diet and
cardio is for burning fat. If you follow the light weight, high reps approach, all you
really end up doing is providing a weaker stimulus to your muscles which will actually
increase the chances of muscle loss during your cut. So, I hope you found the information
in this video lesson useful today. If you did enjoy the video, as always, please make
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again for watching. And I’ll talk to you again soon.

100 thoughts on “Muscle Definition Workout: Cutting Phase Tips

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  2. great video….. common sence all this hard heads think theyrs a secret for everything! find out how ur body reacts not everyone is the same but wonderful video of great advise and information

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  6. So what you are saying all in all is; go for moderate weight, work hard and eat clean, and most of all; be patient, and your much desired results will come ? 🙂 patience is key i bet -.-

  7. I have put this info into practice
    it works
    I have also put high reps + multiple isolation lifts into practice, You lose muscle.
    Train heavy, use big lifts , like the deadlift , the squat, bench press, chins, rows, Eat super clean, and you will have the body your looking for

  8. So there is no special work out for muscle definition… Does that mean burning fat through aerobic exercise and eating control is the best way? And maintaining muscle size through constant weight training? If so, will continuing diet through exercises we can see on internet such as burpees and other movements be helpful?

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  13. But, when you train heavy, you destroy muscle, and you are not taking enough energy to rebuild the injure muscle, so you end up losing more muscle, are you stating this by personal experience or there is some study from where we can confirm this?

  14. Understood, but when I start a cutting phase, all of my maxes and reps reduce because I am getting weaker so how do I workout in a progressive manner week to week if I am losing muscle strength or the muscle cells are decreasing in size altogether. How do I counter this issue, any suggestions?

  15. That was well spoken and gave me the information I need other than listening to some guy talking about highs and lows..thank you

  16. Yes, absolutely backing you with your points. Better definition is acheved only by improving  diet  and in my view  making your training more dynamic which equals  more energy demand. Obviously cardio excercises help.As you said  lowering weights will cause nerve system to stimulate less muscle and you will get weaker and lose muscle weight you have been gaining recently.

  17. I'm cutting like Paul Bunyan with a goddamn chainsaw right now by relying on the ketogenic diet with moderate impact cardio 2-3 times a week for 30-40 minutes each time. Excessive or HIIT cardio will cost me squat strength so I have to be conservative there.  I still train with really heavy, lower rep weight as I respond well to this and my metabolism easily adapts to virtually no carbohydrates without re feeds.  I've lost 22 pounds over the last month and I've not lost any strength thus far. I'm going to drop about another 40 lbs over the next 3-4 months at which point I should be about 8% body fat and should be well defined at that weight. I may put on some more lean muscle after all this dieting is over seeing as how getting big as an SUV is easy for me to do but I'm never allowing myself to get this goddamn fat again. I don't care what kind of crazy bulking videos I see on youtube. Being strong as an ox and fat as a Beluga whale isn't sexy in any chick's eyes.

  18. now this CRAZY!!!! so when I hit lighter weights but i do high reps, i still get muscle pains cause i train to failier . that is gonna give me smaller muscles as a result???

  19. hey great video man. i've watched a handful of your videos and i will say you dont bs anyone. you know what you're talking about and your advice has been very helpful to me. thanks man and keep up the great work.

  20. Quick question, so lighter weights higher reps well get me to definition of muscle and lean body , and 2nd question, will eatting clean help me lose my belly fat "mainly" or what would you suggest , because I know eatting clean is one of them.

  21. Hey, I'm bulking at 3400 cals and wanna cut now, do I drop straight below maintenance calories or slowly go from say 3400 to 3000 or so?

  22. If u say it cant be done u dont knoe what u r talking about cuz people make it out there a d we all see it
    Yes u can get cut
    Its not just grow bigger or loose it
    Thank you and bye

  23. what do you do if you hit a plateau in your workouts? Im seeing almost no weight increase in my bench? Am i supposed to have a day per week where i just do high reps to help me lift more on mass days?

  24. Lifting heavy definitely can increase size, but high volume, lower weight, and a higher rep range is a very effective way to also build muscle. Is the most important thing while cutting to keep a high intensity, and make sure your heart rate is up?

  25. This makes sense but also it doesn't. I thought doing lighter weight more reps was more of a workout so it burnt more calories since you are doing more work overall…

  26. Going to failure on each set is a bad idea on cutting phase?
    i do 4 sets for all my compound movements, last set i go to failure
    1~2 reps short of masculre failure as u recommended.
    @Sean Nalewanyj

  27. My friend's said i was super small but didn't expect all the muscle definition I have compared to their fatty powder drink muscle they work on for hours at a time at the gym… heres a start. .. become broke as fuck… have a kid.. go through tons of stress and in the meantime work 86hours aweek unloading boxes.. boom you'll be toned..

  28. Very good advice, I am having success losing fat on caloric deficit diet but was slowly falling into that lightweight/high reps workout split. Thank you for this lesson and for saving my hard earned muscle mass. How many days do you recommend training per week when cutting? I am currently 3-4 days weight training with cardio on rest days. Thanks!

  29. Hi,I currently weight 213 pounds and been trying to go down to 167 pounds.I am 28 years of age and have never been a gym person.I have recently started to going to a gym and my main objective is to loose weight and build muscles.I am quite not sure about the exercises i should do and the suppliments that should take that would give me desired results.Also,A friend suggested creatine monohydrate what are your suggestions?.I am totally a beginner who doesnt know anything about the types of excercises or the suppliments that would help me to loose weight and gain muscles at the same time.Can you please give some suggestions on how should i start my journey to get a perfect muscular body.Thanks

  30. what is the safe range for caloric deficits? you said in one of your videos that you prefer to go on large ones to make it short? how large can I go and still not compromising my health?

  31. why i only do weight lifting 3 times a week if i can do it everyday? i have lost about 11 kilos in one month, i am doing cardio and weight lifting 6 times a week…

  32. I really believe I'm what your saying. At least your not trying to sell your product while giving us this information.

  33. Currently I'm using a training program to cut or "lean out", I am currently doing 12 reps and 3 sets for each exercise.  The workouts are comprised of two heavy movements (Squats & Barbell Lunges), 2 secondary lifts (Romanian Deadlifts & Hip Thrusts), 3 isolation movements (Wall Sits, Calf Raises, Hamstring Curls) and I'll finish it off with HIIT on a spin bike or an ab circuit. 

    My Calorie intake hasn't been as good as it should be, but is it not better to perform the 12 reps instead of 6 with the same level of intensity, of course at a lower weight because it's 12 reps.  How much does it really matter?

  34. when u do light weights high reps its because ur not gonna have the energy that u use to have while bulking so u can't do low reps heavy weights

  35. Thanks. I often find some key point in your videos that hasn't ever been clearly articulated by anyone else. It shows your excellent grasp of muscle training.

  36. Hi. Sean. I'm trying to cut, and I've found your videos are amazingly helpful. According to your video, I should do lift heavy weight with less reps. Does this rule apply to isolation exercises such as cable chest fly, tricep push down, biceps curls, lateral raise, and etc? I was taught that I should not lift heavy weight when I do exercise such as lateral raise.

  37. I lost 10 lbs and no muscle. I see little visual results so far but my strength has gone up a little bit and my fat percentage went down along with weight. losing fat while keeping or building muscle is hard.

  38. So basically you can't lose fat without also losing a little of the muscle you've gained during the bulking stage right? Even if you continue your lifting routine combined with the calorie deficit?

  39. So I'm a male standing at about 6'1 166.5 pounds. I've been bulking for about five or six weeks and I started at about 160. I'm a naturally tall and skinny guy and I'm after gaining muscle size and definition. I don't want to be huge but I want to be very defined and then add muscle on top from there. I have obviously been successfully gaining mass, however, I don't feel as though I've been getting as cut as I would like in particularly in my biceps and triceps (also abs a bit). My body fat percentage is obviously very low by nature and I'm in college so my diet is just tons of cafeteria food and lots of it to gain that mass. I wanted to know what would be best for me to get that desired look for myself. I have been low on very low on cardio since I've always been skinny and I didn't want to keep myself from gaining that muscle mass but I still don't see exactly what I want. Do you think that the definition in my arms is just because they haven't gained enough muscle yet? They look really good when flexed but while resting they are just kind of flat.

  40. Hey man, happy new years, I hope it's a great year for you. I had heard bits and pieces from other folks that you had touched on. It had been confusing to have those tidbits of info but not knowing how to put them all together. When you did this vid and I watched it, you smoothed everything out and put it all into proper perspective for me and now I finally have a foundation to build off of. Thanks for all that, man.

  41. This was so helpful. I was doing it all wrong. Started actively working out again last two months. I’ve been trying to define my body thru cutting calories, cardio and low weights/high reps with weight training.

  42. Hi Sean! I have a question about this: in fat loss we should follow strength training the same as in muscle gaining but it includes both strength (1-5 reps) and hipertrophy (6-10) or focusing on one of them? Thanks in advance

  43. I get what he’s saying, but the two goals aren’t mutually exclusive. I’m trying to get bigger AND more defined muscles (ie. Dwayne Johnson).

    There’s a major catch-22. Eating a lot of carbs makes you look out of shape. However, strength comes from carbs. If you lose weight then you’ll look better but lose strength.

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