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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Hey, Burners. I have with me here the awesome
protein from Muscle Nation and I’m just going to spend a bit of time telling you about the ingredients in here, ’cause it’s actually
a little bit different to other proteins out there. And, the ever-popular
question I’ll answer, does it taste good? Now, just to start with, each serve lends 25 grams of
quality Whey Protein Isolate. There’s 6.2 grams of naturally
occurring BCAAS in there. They don’t add any BCAAS,
that’s naturally occurring. There’s 4.7 grams of glutamine
and glutamine precursors in here which is really
important for recovery. You’ve got 2,000
milligrams of Velositol. Now, this ingredient is
a form of chromium hybrid that helps the body absorb protein and helps with protein synthesis. You’ll absorb it better,
you’ll get a better recovery. You’ve got 100 milligrams
of digestive enzymes in here, so the body can break down
the protein in the gut to absorb more effectively. They also put in 50
milligrams of Oestrogen. Now, this is an expensive ingredient and helps with absorption
in a healthy manner through the gut. They’ve just thrown everything in here. You’ve got 114 calories per
serve, so ultra low calories. There’s zero gums, creamers, or fillers, it’s just Whey Protein Isolate and it’s gluten-free and has no lactose. Now, when you’re looking at a label, we look for these little logos here, because they’re using
patented ingredients. So you can see on the label this protein has a whole lot
of expensive ingredients, but the price of the protein is the same as all the other
proteins on our website, so it’s a fantastic value. That is why the product is so superior, it’s also super, super
creamy on the palette, so it’s really nice to digest, it mixes up no problem at
all, but does it taste good? So we have our flavours here,
and we start at the front with the flavour Fruity Cereal. Now, that’s like the milk you get after having a bowl of Froot Loops. It is delicious. Next, we have the Vanilla. Now, just a little side note on this one. Fat Burners Only was the company that got this flavour
approved, so we went over and met the owner on the
Eastern states of Australia, and the original three flavours
didn’t include a vanilla, and we said to them, “Look, guys. You have to
have a vanilla in your range. I promise you it will be the best seller.” Then, voila. Vanilla comes out. So we’re gonna claim that one. We also have Chocolate Honey Comb, which is one of the original flavours. Delicious. We’ve got the Milk Chocolate Flake, which was their best selling flavour until the new ones came out. And then we also have Caramel Popcorn. All delicious, all tick the boxes for texture, flavour, and quality. So if you have any
questions about this protein or anything else at Fat Burners Only, just send us a message via
our website or Facebook, give us a call at the shop, or just put a comment to this video, and one of our team will
get back to you ASAP. Thank for watching Burners, I hope you got something out of that! We’ll chat to you next time.

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