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100 thoughts on “Muscle Soreness Mystery – Should You WORK OUT or NOT?

  1. He DID answer the question! Its not a yes or no, its a comprehensive guide to deciding for yourself when it is ok. There are signs to look for-SHEESH

  2. Guys & Gals. No need to take supplements for muscle soreness. They generally recover within 24-48 hrs. as this video mentions. Just wait the max 48 hrs. for full muscle recovery and save your money buying these muscle recovery supplements.

  3. I'm dieing of soreness after hitting the gym after a very loooooog hiatus, YouTube recommendations have some magic going on.

  4. Hi Jeff. Your videos got me into serious training. Without you and "hardgainer" Jesse I won't have the motivation to start training.
    My question is: Can I buy your RX supplements in Europe? I've tried almost all brands and it is impossible to find the formula with all required ingredients.

  5. Hey jeff i used to train about 4 to 5 hours a day 6 5 days a week i think i did to much training most people say i am crazy and doing way to much and i got injured bad and couldent walk for nearrly 1 month pain undnearth my foot planter fasciitis and also some more injury so i rested and stoped train for about 4 months and now i train only 2:30 fof 5 days and still feel thr pain to this day what do you think i should do i do martail arts

  6. So if i have muscle pain can i still work out? I just want to know if it slows down my growth or progress, there are days that my muscles are soar but i want to workout, but i dont want to slow down my growth.

  7. I finally went back to the gym this week after being motivated by you. Today I can't walk down the steps without my legs straightening automatically. I can't kneel less than halfway down without feeling like my legs are at 100% tension. I don't know if I should rest for a couple days or just keep doing.

  8. Nice. Now I know more about muscle soreness, supplementation, and the important of muscle recovery. Thank you Jeff Cavalier

  9. I am 63 years old did chest last Monday am still sore 5 days later same with bis/tris, legs the whole lot but I use very light weights the following days which in my humble opinion ease the soreness. I have to use light weights as recovering from heart attack and stents fitted hey shit happens but keep going life is life.

  10. Al-Moroccan ััŒั„ัะนั…ะฒั Gutierrez ะฐะดั‹ะดั„ัั says:

    So sore can't even extend my arm

  11. What about joint soreness or stiffness while working out, also I been getting pain in my calf it almost feels like "bone pain" any tips or comments appreciated

  12. Hey gang, so I am having a hard time getting to a point i feel sore the days after on a lot of my workouts. To pick an example, when i do chest i follow Jeffs perfect chest routine. I am hitting failure at the end of each exercise if not each set, and piling a couple more on a few seconds later if i can manage. I get to the end and can barely push the door open. The next day feel minimal soreness and worry that I am wasting my effort. Anybody have this experience?
    does 2-3 sets of NN facepulls at end of comment

  13. what a Joke! he puts label Muscle Soreness Mystery – Should You WORK OUT or NOT?; however, he did NOT address this question at all – instead spent 10 min, promoting his powder-mix.

  14. I have everything soreness after a workout, including ends of the muscles. But it's soreness, not sharp pains or anything majorly painful so I ignore it.

  15. Short answer: dont be a pussy

    Less short answer: if its too painful and hard to the point you cant perform properly just dont, take the day off youโ€™re human not the terminator

  16. It's hard for me to differentiate between both ( joint pain or muscle pain ) so this video did not help at all .

  17. I commend Jeff for being so adamantly opposed to steroids. Throughout my years of training ( and I am 65 now) I neeever even looked in their direction. And no, I do not hold any world records, but even today I can outpunch, outhike and even outlift the absolute majority of much younger people, the only two caveats being I have a small belly and I cannot do more than 5-7 pullups…..

  18. that guy is really stupid people believe supplements is food all you need is food how did people back in the day get result they just eat natural body builders food is key not supplements fuck supplements food is the real key ๐Ÿค”

  19. I did an intense calf workout and the next morning i went to get out of bed and my legs gave out. Next day Iโ€™m limping around with my left leg.

  20. I didn't understand, should I train when I got muscle soreness or not?

  21. The muscle soreness happens when the muscles are โ€œdryโ€ and not flat. You can use a foam roller or for more direct impact, a lacrosse ball. Use them to roll back and forth on the sore muscles. It will be uncomfortable at first but as you smooth out the muscles they wonโ€™t hurt as much and be looser so you can keep training. I have done these in mobility classes for more than a year and it helped me not have any sore muscles at all.

  22. There's a difference between sore, and sharp. If you feel stiff, it's okay. If you lack range of motion, give it a day, or go work out. I've found it will loosen up. If it's a sharp pain, don't.

  23. My old workout consists of 1100 reps. I can do in an hour, but normally 1,5 hours. I didn't take any supplements, and I didn't get sore at all. I did about 22 exercises with average around 15 reps, and didn't get sore at all. Joe I've changed it because, the problem was I did it too fast, so now that I've changed it, I get a lot less work done, but more soreness.

  24. Dude, I came here to see whether I should work out with the soreness or not and what I'm getting is literally a 10 minute talk about 18 year olds doing crazy workouts using the supplements and how steriods are bad. Disliked

  25. Didn't answer the question.. So if it's from muscle soreness do you think it's okay to go ahead with workout? I usually wait an additional day. I still do abs and cardio though.

  26. Wow those guys… workout 3 hours and then sleep all afternoon, evening AND into the next day?? I'm glad they said it was a one-time thing cause F**K THAT. I have a life!

  27. Jeff. I have a problem with my biceps and triceps failing before I can get a truly amazing chest workout complete. I have watched some of your videos and tried the exercises as well as made sure my form was correct. Still my arms fail before my chest and my chest is not that big. Please help

  28. In the beginning of the video, it looks like Jeffโ€™s head is sort of just floating up and to the right of his body. Disorienting.

  29. Hi Jeff, if sleep is when you recover most, would your best workout time be just before bed ?
    Always great and informative vids.

  30. Video is really just advertising, to save 9 min here is the answer:

    If muscle soreness, light exercise (e.g. a brisk walk after leg day)

    If joint pain, rest.

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