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47 thoughts on “Muscles of the Thoracic Wall – Chest Muscles Anatomy

  1. It would be great if you could do this with a bodybuilding approach. I mean like you take an exercise and show how the muscles move, and what is the best way to do that exercise to. Just an suggestion =) Keep up the good work

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  3. So idk what I would have the major of the minor …. I've had this for 9 months and had to get 3 treatments of cortisone shots in my sternum (4 shots ) I'm able to breathe now but now my left pec and where it connects to my shoulder /underarm if you want to call it that lol are really tight and everytime I try to lift weights say I'm doing arms my left up by my under arm where it connects to my pec feels really tight n tires out fast. Also my clavicle kinda feels pressured as well, and my left side of my back under my shoulder blade near my spine is bothering me and now the top of my spine/neck feels like I have a pinch nerev… I've gone to so many doctors since July it's just bothering me ow that my left side seems like it's been worked none stop and gets tired quick. If you can help , or suggest what to do id appreciate it..

  4. wow, this is great! Do you think the subject matter on your site can also help me in a neuroscience course I'll be taking in the fall?

  5. Gostaria de sugerir que fossem legendado para o português os videos que vocês postam no yotube. Pois meu ingles é3 péssimo e aprecio muito suas informações e instruções.

  6. At 2:35 it sounds like you say the "muscle as a whole abducts…" Perhaps I'm just hearing incorrectly, but the pectorals are adductors.

  7. This is a great video! I am learning anatomy as part of my group fitness instruction training and even though I took part in all the lessons, I still find this video explains it so much better where muscles originate and why and how the functions are connected to them…I guess I just need to see it visually in order to remember it better. Thanks a lot!

  8. Thanks for the video I learned a lot and plan on using it in my work outs to isolate muscles better keep doing what you do

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