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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys I just want to share with you my one-year journey it was me one year ago 57 kilos I really hated my look I did gym for 3 and 1/2 months but it wasn’t for me I really loved the idea of full body control and skills that you could achieve only by hard work it all started home with basic exercises I had certain goals I never skipped workout after one month [Music] [Music] it was my first muscle of actually getting on the bar [Music] one gold principle I learned is to try no matter how it’s gonna look or if people are watching you just try don’t limit yourself because of that [Music] [Applause] stay awake a lot of faith [Music] after six months no matter if it’s rainy or sunny there’s always time for work of you can do it at gym you can do it at home you can it’s not only about exercising and pardoning it’s about relationships [Music] [Music] hundreds of repetitions fine allocated or device [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] [Music] member [Music] [Applause] [Music]

100 thoughts on “My 1 year body transformation Calisthenics (Poland)

  1. я не понимаю что сложного из дрища превратиться в качка,гораздо сложнее если ты толстый и тебе нужно вес сбросить…..

  2. Да нееее, невозможно за год так, если не заниматься этим 24/7. Он что только не вытворяет на турнике и т.д.

  3. Niesamowita zmiana… W rok… Ja nie jestem w stanie tego osiągnąć w 2 lata… Co prawda w tej chwili mam 15 lat ale jak dla mnie to nie tłumaczy… Chciałbym się z tobą ziomuś kiedyś zgadać na krakowie

  4. In 1 year il be back! Wish me luck.
    Week 1: training on them Pullup. Notice that i can do 3-8 pullups depending on bar.
    Week 2: already skipped 2 workouts🤷🏿‍♀️🤦‍♂️

  5. Insane bro! Question: how hard did you push yourself to begin with? E.g.. chin ups push ups (any running?) I mean i think you should set goals and what not I just don't know where to begin what the bar should be set at

  6. Добиться того успеха за год достойно уважения) большой молодец!

  7. Wow this is truly inspiring. You set a goal that seemed difficult to reach and you conquered it. Grabbed it by the balls!! This is awesome

  8. Все русские пишут про то, как их это видео замотивировало покушать и попить пивка

  9. Какого хуя в шапке название на англ. а тут на русском.Видос тупо для выебона. Ну хуль молодец так то!

  10. I like watching these type of videos and I always think it could be a good start to do the same but I always get lost when it comes to the workout part… I mean I would really like to workout but I don't know how to start or which exercise should I do or how many of it (also what diet should I do)… and it always turn into a bad feeling to not start it 😣😕😞 (sorry about my grammar mistakes)

  11. Нормальный спортсмен обосал турникмена в метро. PS Раскольников

  12. Хуйня это перестанешь заниматься таким же чмом станешь как и я )

  13. I’m just sitting here eating chips, I planned when I will start but I never did, It’s really hard..

    1 Like = 1 % Installed until I start!

  14. yeah, keep believing that this amount of muscle gain is possible in a single year kiddos xD even if you were super motivated and worked every day, you'd quicky get an injury. "motivational" videos like this one, showing unrealistic picture is counter productive as people get frustrated they don't get these kind of results in such short period of time (because it's simply a lie).

  15. Its to my understanding that what is done is that you guys go to gym and also take protein that is how you get muscles and gain size

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  17. Well the Transformation is good but thats not 1 year…

    1 year you would barelly have half of the Body you had At the Ende🤷‍♂️

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