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– [Ben] For 30 straight days I electrically stimulated my brain before my CrossFit
sessions using Halo Sport a device that’s received
funding from the Pentagon and praise from Olympic
medalists, Major League baseball, NBA and NFL players. And here’s what happened
during my (mumbles). Suffering from depression
and getting no answers I packed up my life and
went on a 90-day mission to find help from the
world’s top biohackers, neuroscientists and doctors and now I’m here to help you biohack your mind and body for success. (upbeat music) Welcome to becoming
unstoppable, lifestyle hacks for your body, mind and business. Before we dive into this week’s video be sure to hit like, subscribe and share. Nice and early and doing
the Halo again today, I don’t know if you can see the full moon in the background between the two lights, it’s pretty cool this morning. So today’s dead-lifting day. Let’s see if I can get
a personal best on this. It should be awesome. Regardless of whether you wanna succeed in business or career you
can’t optimize your mind without first optimizing your body. Fitness plays an integral role. From my new book,
Unstoppable, I experimented with wearable devices that are being used by both elite athletes and the military to help improve athletic performance. And the first device
I used was Halo Sport. Halo Sport is an expensive
looking pair of headphones with softly pointed foam
pads under the top end that touch your head above
the part of your brain called the motor cortex. Based on 15 years of scientific research Halo Sport provide electrical stimulation during movement-based
training to help build stronger, more optimized connections between your brain and muscles. Now full disclosure, this
video is not sponsored or endorsed by Halo Sport. The function of Halo Sport
is to place the brain in a state of hyperplasticity that refines the brain’s ability to adapt to training. I reached out to the company and secured a four-week trial of
the device during which I’d undertake an intense CrossFit workout designed by a friend of mine, Dean Haynes, an Olympic lifting and CrossFit coach from Adelaide, Australia. The program that Dean designed for me was by no means easy, I
mean, check this guy out. He pushes himself beyond what most would. The program he designed I’d
completed multiple times over the past four years and
recorded all of my statistics from each workout into
an Excel spreadsheet. I knew what my average numbers were and I wanted to improve on them as well as increase the intensity of my sessions and show an med-ur-a-shun. I would then compare what I used to lift with what I could life with Halo Sport. This experiment had two core objectives, one, increase my workout intensity and two, break old neural pathways and my belief that I would only lift a certain amount of weight
without getting injured. This was a fight-or-flight
response that had held me back in the gym before. But to become unstoppable
I had to challenge my body and my brain in a myriad
of different ways. Because different physical exercises can bring specific mental gains such as dealing with
cravings, reducing stress, and improving memory. In fact, an article included in, The Scientific Guide to an Even Better You published the findings
that lifting weights assists the prefrontal
cortex of the brain, complex thinking, reasoning, multitasking and problem solving. On my first exercise I
spot clean a relatively complex movement that
uses multiple muscles and requires perfect
form to prevent injury. I lifted 936 pounds or 424 kilograms heavier across the entire set than what I had lifted previously. Now this trend continued across the board for four weeks straight,
across all types of exercises. And you can see here by my reporting every single week I increased my weights. To find out more on the
origins of the device I hopped on a plane to San Francisco and set down with Brett,
the CTO and Co-founder of Halo Neuroscience. He shared with me how they’d worked with a comprehensive team of doctors, neuroscientists, athletes, designers and engineers to develop the device. Getting a tour of their headquarters Brett revealed to me that the military has also conducted placebo sham-controlled randomized double-blinded clinical trials. They’re not monkeying
around with the research that goes behind this device. – The roots of the company started when my co-founder and I
spent most of our career in implantable medical devices and we met at a company called, NeuroPace, where we made an implantable responsive stimulator for epilepsy and what that means is
it’s a , it’s an implant that sits in your head and lives there for the rest of your
life, watches for seizures about to start and then stimulates to stop them before they really start. And it’s an amazing
project, it took, it took 13 plus years, a lot of money to do it. We got there, we got FDA approval in the fall of 2013, but
the thing we realized is, this technology is so powerful
but it’s really, really tough to use and we wanted to find a way to make it relevant to more people. So we’ve been following this field of what you call, noninvasive
brain stimulation, since about 2005 and
we realized that from, with a wearable product
you could make the brain work better, learn faster,
develop skills faster and we decided we were gonna take that, take all that science and
make it into a product and that’s where Halo came from. – [Ben] Here’s what I observed
when using Halo Sport. First of all the complex
movements in my program became much easier. Second of all, after I
lifted the first weight without thinking I
actually added more weights to the bar, it’s just felt
like I could actually lift heavier weights naturally
and without any fear that I was gonna injure myself. And thirdly I experienced
extreme sweating. Now this only occurred a couple of times during the workout. Now I did ask Brett about this later, now despite experiencing extreme sweating the workout still felt easier. And finally the biggest change of all that I noticed was that
I didn’t experience the same level of muscle soreness that I had in the past because typically when I’ve done a program like this I’ve always ended up with
issues in my right shoulder due to tight chest muscles. This time, I didn’t. So where does Halo Sport fit in with obliterating fear
and overcoming failure? Well it’s pretty simple,
it showed my brain what my body was capable of. It broke the old neural
connections that said, I can’t lift heavier or
train harder then this and it also rewired neural
pathways that helped me lift heavier in the gym even after I’d stopped using the device. Now I have to admit my
workouts did feel harder in the following weeks when
I ceased the experiment but because I knew what my
brain was now capable of I could push through the discomfort. To track my progress I not only recorded the weight I was lifting each day I took a photo of myself
in the mirror daily for the duration of the experiment. I was still nutritionally
deficient in the photos that I show you here, I
have to let you know that as I was overcoming severe depression and fatigue at the same time. But what I did find is not
only did I lose 12 pounds or six kilograms in the 30 days, I also went from 16%
body fat to 13% body fat which is something that
I haven’t been able to achieve previously. Despite being nutritionally
deficient at the time the physical changes that
occurred despite this I believe a testament to
what the body is capable of when we use a device to
help us unlock its capacity. Now obviously I look forward
to doing this experiment again now that my body is in a nutritional state of equilibrium. Most critically this
transformation provided me with a real identity shift. As the shape of my body changed, and it’s obviously not as dramatic because I wasn’t overweight when I started this program, my confidence also changed
not just in how I felt about the way I looked but how I felt about myself in general
because I’ve been breaking personal bests each day
for an entire month. Now if you’d love to learn more about the other experiments I conducted on my mission to become unstoppable and you’d love to have more energy, increase your focus and
boost your productivity, head over to, to find out which identity
success type you are based on your biochemistry and psychology and get personalized recommendations for what you can do to become unstoppable in your own life. And be sure to hit like,
subscribe, and share and I’ll catch you in next week’s episode. Take care.

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  1. This product looks awesome, I am starting out on a new workout routine and think I need one of these. Thank you ben for bring these new cutting edge tools to our attention

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