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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Sean Nalewanyj, and in this
video today I wanted to do something a little bit different and share with you guys some
of the, sort of, obsessive, borderline weird shit that I did back in the day when I was
still in my early years of lifting as a teenager and when the bodybuilding was just my absolute
passion or when it’s where most of my energy went. Keep in mind that I was a lot younger here
and I had a lot less bodybuilding knowledge. I don’t consider myself to be a bodybuilder
anymore and haven’t for quite a few years because I don’t train to be huge, it’s
not my preferred look, but back then it was my goal to just be as muscular as humanly
possible. Here’s the fuzzy old webcam photo of me
where I was about twenty five pounds heavier than I am now. A lot bigger but also carrying way more bodyfat,
keep in mind. I just had that kind of hardcore bodybuilding
sacrifice-to-win mentality coupled with the fact that I just have a pretty obsessive-compulsive
personality type in general when I seriously want to achieve something. So I thought it‘d be funny to pull up the
camera here and just share a few things form the past. Now, some of them aren’t crazy but a few
of them, kind of, are and I thought you guys might get a kick out of it. I’m sure there are more than just the ones
I’m going to be sharing here but these are just the ones that I can remember right now. And if you can relate to any of this or if
you have any of your own then go ahead and post them in the comments below. So, the first thing was setting my alarm clock
to wake up and eat tuna straight out of the can in the middle of the night. This was when I was still in the mindset that
the more protein I ate the more muscle I’d build and tuna was just considered as some
sort of bodybuilding staple for whatever reason. So I figured I’m pretty much already eating
as much as I can during my waking hours so why not taking advantage of the other hours
I’m spending sleeping to boost my progress even further. So I’d set my alarm for four o’clock in
the morning and get up and eat a can of tuna with a glass of milk and then go back to sleep. But eventually it really started to mess with
sleep and I was tired all the time and falling asleep in class so I didn’t keep that up
for too long. The second thing was working out in the snow
in my backyard. So I actually trained from home during my
first two years of bodybuilding but I was young, I didn’t have a lot of space available
so squatting was always a really big challenge because I didn’t have a squat rack in my
weight room downstairs. But I discovered that outside in my backyard
I could balanced a barbell by putting one end on top of this big rock that was there
and then balancing the other side of the bar on the fence that was beside it. The bar wasn’t even horizontal because the
weights, the heights for both of these things were different so it was kind of just bent
and crooked and just hanging there but it was at least good enough to where I could
balance it there and unrack it and do my squats. So in the middle of winter I took all of my
weights, I put them in a wheelbarrow and then I wheeled them over to this new squat rack
of mine. And I do my squats on the lawn pretty much
in the dark with snow everywhere and when the set was over I dropped the bar off my
back onto the lawn because I always squat to complete failure back at that time. And then I would take the weights off the
bar, re-balance the bar, put the weights back on and then do my neck set. The third thing, and this was back when it
was considered mandatory that you had to eat every two to three hours or you would instantly
go catabolic and lose all of your gains, so this was something that I was constantly worried
about all throughout the day. I remember going to a party once, a lot of
the time I’d actually avoid going out just to make sure that I’d get all my nutrition
in, but I did go to this particular party, but of course I didn’t want to miss out
on my protein so I took MuscleTech Meal Replacement packet with me and put it in my back pocket
but I didn’t have a shaker cup because I didn’t want anybody there to see that I
had actually brought this with me. So right around the three hour mark when I
was about to go catabolic and start losing all of my muscle, I went into the bathroom
and literally just ate the powder straight out of the packet. So I’d put a little bit of water into the
packet and it would form this disgusting, chunky paste and then I would just chew it
up and swallow it. And I remember that it was so bad that I was
gagging on it and I actually couldn’t even finish it. I think I had to stop before I was about halfway
through. The fourth thing was skipping class in high
school so that I could nap because I didn’t sleep well the night before and I had a leg
workout coming up and I didn’t want my performance to be affected. So instead of going to class I went out into
the parking lot and slept in my car for about an hour and a half just so I could rest up
for my workouts later on. Number five, and this is going to sound a
bit borderline weird but I didn’t do this on purpose obviously, that was stuffing myself
on so much food that I actually threw up from it. Again, this was back when I was basically
thought that I had to eat as much food as I possibly could in order t get the best gains. I remember one night, I don’t even remember
exactly what I ate, but I just went overboard and ate so much food that I literally puked
from it. And I remember being really pissed off about
that because I had put in all this effort to get all these calories down but then they
all just ended up in the toilet. Number six, also involves vomit, I’m sure
this is probably happened to a lot of other people as well, but that is training so hard
to the point of throwing up. I think that happened to me at least, probably,
five times or more because just like I thought that the more food I ate the better gains
I’d make. I also thought that the more intensity I train
with the more muscle I’d build. And I remember at one phase in my training
I will literally take every set to all out, one hundred percent muscular failure and then
I’d just continue pushing against the weight as hard as I could even after I hit failure
for an extra thirty seconds, which is just like the dumbest thing ever. And I would even do this on exercise like
squats and deadlifts, which is hugely dangerous and totally unnecessary. At one point in my training almost turn into
this kind of sadistic thing where I would just put myself through as much pain as possible
just to see how much I could take, to see how mentally tough I was. I remember throwing up from squats, deadlifts,
I remember one time it happen from high intensity cardio on the bike, and I even remember throwing
up once from doing pull-ups, which I don’t really know how it happened but it did. I’m sure other people have throwing up on
training too but keep in mind that that should be an extremely rare thing, if ever, because
training for muscle growth really doesn’t require you to push yourself that far. In the saddest end, most pathetic/embarrassing
example of this was right after a prolonged dreamer bulk where I was eating insane amount
of food and doing zero cardio and I bulked up to over two hundred and fifteen pounds,
which at five foot nine is pretty heavy, with my body fat level’s just through the roof
because I didn’t really know what I was doing back then and I was just trying to get
as massive as possible. And then I finally decided that it was time
to cut and on the first day back I went to do cardio, which I hadn’t done in literally
months. All I was doing during that time was three
low volume weight training workouts per week and then sitting at my desk or on the couch
and just stuffing my face with food all day long and working. So I drove my car to a park to go for a run
and, I shit you not, I literally jogged for five minutes and I got sick and ended up throwing
up in the parking lot. It’s pretty sad but that did happened. And the seventh thing, this was when the recommendation
was to take creatine first thing in the morning on your off days to maximize absorption. And I remember this was in high school as
well, I got to school and realized that I had forgotten to take my creatine so I skipped
class and drove home. It was literally like thirty or forty minutes
round trip just so I can go home and take my creatine at the “ideal” time, which
is just crazy to think about now but, again, something else I did back when bodybuilding
was just my obsession. And it was just sort of that OCD minds that
kicking in on that one. Anyway, I’m sure there are plenty more that
I can think of now, plenty more examples of this but those are just the few ones that
come to mind for this video. And again, if you guys have any of your own
sort of, obsessive fitness thing that you did in the past or maybe even that you’re
doing right now, feel free to share them in the comments below. Keep in mind guys, that yes, it does take
consistent work and patience to build significant muscle and really transform your body but
it’s really not that complex and it doesn’t require total obsession by any means. A bit of short term obsession is fine at the
start just to get that initial momentum going but once you settle into it and it becomes
a habit then you’ll see that you really don’t need to revolve your life around your
fitness program or do any crazy stuff to get into really good shape. But I really didn’t know any better back
then so all I can do is take my experience form that and use it to help other people
who are still in the beginning stages so that they can get into great shape without going
through those unnecessary extremes. So thanks for watching, guys. I hope this was somewhat entertaining. The official website is over at You can follow me on social media here if
you aren’t already. The links are in the description. You can download my Body Transformation Blueprint
System by clicking here or by heading over to That program shows you how to maximize your
muscle building and your fat burning results in a highly effective but practical and sustainable
way without revolving your whole life around your fitness plan or overly restricting yourself
in any way. And if you did enjoy the video, as always
make sure to hit the like button, leave a comment and subscribe to stay up to date on
future videos. Thanks for watching, guys. I’ll talk to you again soon.

100 thoughts on “My Bodybuilding Obsession: 7 Dumb Things I Used To Do

  1. Damn, forgot one… #8: Went on a family weekend road trip for a few days but didn't want to miss the one workout I would have had to skip. So loaded my weight plates and adjustable dumbbell handles into the back of our van and then did my back/bicep workout in our hotel room while the family was down in the swimming pool.

  2. I remember getting my first set of dumbbells age 12 because I wanted HUGE arms. Stayed up that night doing curls when everyone had gone to bed. Woke up the next morning unable to straighten my arms and spent the next few days in tears from the pain…πŸ˜‚

  3. The reason Sean is so underrated and not as know as he could be is that his advertisement and promotion sucks, his overall channel look and customisation sucks but his content is spot on, but tbh we need youtubers like him, truthful and no bullshit advice

  4. based on my experience, working out on an empty stomach with nothing but liquid protein will cause someone to throw up during workouts. its important to have some solid food in the stomach and let it digest before attempting an intense workout. i remember i made the mistake of waking up in the morning and drank a protein shake and went to the gym on an empty stomach. i felt nautious straight away and threw up all that protein shake in the restroom toilet

  5. ive never seen a physique update on you. i think it can do good for the channel, that case we can see how far youve come due to knowledge etc.

  6. Bro, you literally made me laugh out loud at how much I could relate. Such dumb youths that only have one sense of achievement/fulfillment when young, thank god we matured.
    However, the sad thing is some full grown adults never realize that there is such thing as an unhealthy obsession, even excercising.

    I have question for you Sean, how many injuries do you think you gave your self during your early days that became apparent later?
    I think I gave my self golfers elbow, from dumbell pressing 50kg dumbells. Such an idiot….

  7. i too used to eat tuna right out of the can. got so sick of it i had to hold my nose while eating it so i won't smell it.

  8. I sometimes end up working 6-7 days a week thinking to hit every muscle after 2-3 days.. but no more.. trying for push pull legs REST from this week..

  9. Oatmeal. Oatmeal and protein powder.

    In my early months of working out I was unemployed, was living on a small chunk of saved money and came up with the ingenius 'oatmeal diet'. I thought it was the only way I could afford to get all my calories and keep working out so for about 3 months I ate almost exclusively oatmeal loaded with cheap protein powder, and drank oatmeal protein powder shakes.

    I was also following the 'one meal every 2-3 hours' routine and setting my calorie intake way too high at the same time.

    I got so disgusted with vanilla and strawberry that I eventually changed to chocolate, because ANYTHING was better. I remember sitting down every morning in front of a gigantic bowl of chocolate protein oatmeal like I was going into battle, refusing to breathe through my nose while eating so I wouldn't taste the disgusting flavor and STILL gagging. To this day, oatmeal still makes me queasy.

  10. dumest thing i used to do is after a work out i would take a protein shake fisrt thing thinking it's some magic potion, then going home and making half a grilled chicken and eating that and following that up with a full plate of rice and chicken curry. talk about protien. i must have taken my entire protien in one go i think i had around 140grams in one go lol

  11. HA! Instead of 4 I'd set mine for 2:30, and instead of tuna I'd have a protein shake… It would be right by the bed. I'd clean it in the am so I'd drink it half asleep… sounds like we did a lot of the same stuff. I called sick into work to get more sleep, and I puked doing legs from the pain…and more so from the potatoes and meatloaf 45 min earlier…

  12. Yo, thanks for sharing your story, I really enjoyed it. I have been there too, it sure brought me good memories when I used to do stuff like that lol

  13. I'm thankful I live in the era of YouTube and good information so I don't need to fall into these pitfalls. I'm totally the type of person who would obsess over stuff and take it to extremes like these.

  14. In the video how tall and how much weight do you have ? Because my height or a inch short so I want to know the weight I think your 5’9 correct ? πŸ€”

  15. Man, you’re in my top 5 of YT fitness folk.

    Omar Isuf
    Scott Herman

    Keep it up man, we greatly appreciate these vids.

  16. Wow I expect stupid shit like this from myself but you seem way to level headed.. I guess the bodybuilding bug gets us all.. Eating to much definitely my biggest mistake.. Still trying to get the excess fat of my stomach

  17. I remember when NoExplode first came out. I took it and trained to the point where I burped up vomit, but it came out and landed on the ground looking like blood, since NE was so red.

  18. Thought the same way. As long as you’re happy and don’t cause harm to yourself and to others I say live life. Stay positive and true

  19. I booked a hotel 3 miles away from a conference in a small beach resort town instead of walking distance because they are the only one with a gym in the area.

  20. Eating superfood green powder straight out of the packet because I didn't want to take it with juice and add calories. I gagged and almost puked to keep it down. The slime it formed on my tongue was the worst thing ever.

  21. I've been making same stupid mistakes lol
    Recently I've been thinking that I train too much and too hard and theres completely no point in doing that because m not making money in any way pls I'm thinking of longevity I want to train my whole life not just through my best yearsAlso it's been proven in studies that training in ratio 2/1 or 3/1 where eg you train for 3 weeks then you take one off both groups got same results (one train contisly and the other with breaks so called super compensation) What's your opinion on that do you agree Sean ??

  22. 1-10 scale you were like a 10 on obsession. I say I'm probably around a 7. I have ate to the point of almost vomiting for the protein. I feel your pain haha

  23. Some of the stupid shit I used to do for bodybuilding:
    – Eating protein bars in the bathroom at work because I just HAD TO eat protein every 2 hours but didn't get enough breaks
    – Forcing myself to drink a protein shake if I was sick and threw up because I HAD TO get those calories and protein back in myself
    – Got fired from 2 jobs for being constantly late because I refused to cut my workouts short
    – Walked out of the movie theater in the middle of a date to run across the street and get a grilled chicken sandwich from Wendy's.
    – Finished a chest workout after injuring my rotator cuff because, again, I refused to cut my workouts short.
    – Worst one of all…..drum roll please….cant believe I'm admitting this….finished drinking a protein shake after realizing there was a dead roach in it because I was out of protein powder and couldn't go to sleep without my 40 grams of casein

  24. Thank you for sharing this bro. Could not stop laughing at this video !! So relatable and funny to hear some of the things we all used to believe and do for our fitness and nutrition πŸ˜‚

  25. Creatine and synthetic testosterone boosters aren't for me. I think that's why my muscles don't melt away too fast if i take a break

  26. I also have a very obsessive personality. If I'm not careful, training and nutrition literally starts to occupy my every waking thought (and sometimes even non-waking). This defeats the purpose in my opinion. Yes, it's great to eat well and lift but when you start neglecting other things and start doing all kinds of crazy shit, it's time to re-evaluate your priorities. Like everything in life, balance is key. Don't let it consume you. Make sure you control it and not it control you. Then you will truly feel better…and look better too πŸ˜‰

  27. I need ur advice. Decided to turn my garage into a gym, can u utilize resistant bands for many movements that require cables. I dont have room for cables, all I have is pull up bar, about 500lbs of free weights 2, 25lbbars an E.Z. bar and db to 75lbs. Squat rack two benches. Is this enough to get going?

  28. when i first got fit, half my life ago, i did sword drills to put myself to sleep after working out and hiking mtns all day, sick

  29. You need three things to increase muscle size: proper exercise, lots of food, and lots of testosterone. Overtraining (yes it's real) decreases test levels, high insulin levels decrease test levels, lack of sleep SUPER decreases test. Sorry, but you can have perfect training for growth, perfect nutrition for growth, but without testosterone, you ain't growing. And your body has an upper limit on what it can produce or will produce. Just so you know.

  30. I'm glad I'm not the only one obsessed with training. One of my obsessions are how my form looks on a given exercise and if I'm not satisfied with my performance I'll continue til I feel it's right until overtrained. I'm being more forgiving of myself these days

  31. nutrition was so important to me in my early teens i did barbell curls and in between my sets instead of drinking water i decided to drink milk, big glass of milk was beside me during the home workout. It was also during that phase in life i found out im lactose intolerant.

  32. damnnnnnnnn you looked like superman when you were in your at your heaviest. Dont take me wrong you still look good at your weight but you can easily rock both looks

  33. I did the same for leg day. i'd skip morning class on leg day cus i knew i would be at my best when i workout in the morning.

  34. Been there done that. Building muscle, when you start out, can turn into an addiction to the point where it can take over your life and warp your self image. You never think you're big enough. Opposite but similar to anorexia.

    After a while you realise body building can be wasteful and if the intensity isn't managed it has the potential to wreck your health. So you moderate your training.

  35. He said 5' 9 and 215lbs like it's the dumbest thing he ever did with no cardio….I guess I'm really bad because I'm 5' 9 and was 264 lbs! I started my cut 4 weeks ago but now down to 251. I do have quite a bit of BF in the midsection for now and look more like a power lifter than a bodybuilder.

  36. You know, the crazy shit is that you actually found the most ridiculous way to fulfill your "dream." Imagine if people went this far to accomplish their real dreams!

  37. When You are Young You can get away with a lot of shit. But once You develop shoulder issues You will learn. Anything behind the head and overhead movements will trash You shoulders.

  38. When I was still living with my parents, I did not have a squat rack because they wouldn't let me put one anywhere in the house and there's no suitable place for it in the backyard. So I had to do a clean to lift the barbell off the ground and load it onto my shoulders. From here, I would do front squats. Every now and then I felt brave enough to snatch the barbell and load it onto my back to do back squats. Luckily, I was smart enough not to put too much weight on the bar, so I never got any kind of injury.

  39. Love the honesty of this video. Can I ask – did you suffer many injuries that literally forced you to stop training? If so, how did you cope? I’m currently out of training for 5 weeks now due to a rotator cuff strain and thoracic spine pain….

  40. Pretty cool video! You could have done a "meanwhile in Russia" video wtih that squat πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Let's see, in general I ate so much in high school, that I got super extra fat πŸ˜€ But that was actually pretty sad, becaus I felt so bad, that I started a super intensive cutting, which leaded me to the exact point where I just started working out and that ultimately made me so disappointed that I stopped doing weight trainings for years. I think the most rediculous thing I've ever done was when I thought raw eggs are the best protein source, so I literally just ate the insides of raw eggs without any kind of shaking πŸ˜€

  41. I love the realness. Glad you aren't ashamed and care to share. Ive been into fitness for the better part of a decade now and realized it's way more about consistently and tracking progress instead of being obsessive about stuff you hear on YouTube or read in Arnold Schwarzenegger's book. Keep up the A+ content πŸ‘

  42. You were an idiot, but so much respect for your work ethic. You can learn from all those silly mistakes, but you can't teach work ethic and commitment to a goal.

  43. First time I moved out of my parents' home and had a job and a rented studio-flat (a retired couples' converted garage), I ordered a power rack; dumbell tree plus dumbells; a bench; an olympic bar plus 140kg of weights… All delivered to this little granny flat one day. This is where I lived and trained for six months. Then each time I moved, I'd have to take it all with me in my little hatchback. First proper flat I bought, I set the whole thing up in the living room. Luckily I wasn't the kind of person to entertain friends in my flat etc. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  44. Brother got my ass kicked by my dad for trying to do chins on the shower curtain rod. And you know how that went, actually he used the shower rod instead of a belt. A few years ago my grandson was attempting to chin on a bathroom towel holder.

  45. I used to do almost all these things. So crazy the things we talk ourselves into believing. My family, friends and girlfriends have put up with so much. It must have been so annoying for them to deal with. Now I see people doing these things I used to do and I shake my head and want to talk to them. But they won’t believe me. Just like I didn’t believe anyone when they told me it was stupid.

  46. OMG i was just thinking of getting your BodyTransformation blueprint.
    I sure hope you made it after you realized all these dumb things!
    Awesome your open about all your mistakes off the past and i had a good laugh so super!

  47. it's truly amazing the crazy things we all did in our early years! This was a really entertaining and funny talk Sean – loved it! Back in my twenties, when getting ready for a physique competition, I ate tuna from the can on a daily basis for the final two weeks out from the show, but I never set an alarm and did it in the night, haha. With age comes wisdom – you have learned well my friend!

  48. Wow lmao we had quite similar experiences! Only I threw up for every breakfast because back than my stomach was too small in morning and cramming food in

  49. Pushing against the bar for an extra 30 seconds at the end of a set to failure, is actually a very good idea. Not on every set, probably only on the last set, and it’s better if you just static hold it for 30 seconds which is similar, but a little different. I occasionally do this, especially on the leg press, holding it just above the the safety locks after my last rep.

    If you have struggled to increase your weight on the leg press, try it before you knock it. Add 5 lbs. every week and keep doing the same number of reps or to failure with the hold at the end. It doesn’t sound like much, only 5 lbs a week on a leg press loaded with plates, but that’s 50 lbs in 10 weeks. How many people have you seen doing the same weight for years? I will go ahead and say it ahead of time, β€œI told you it was going to work.”

  50. I am a fan of your channel and videos and have been for a while now. Even more so after this video. Love the more relaxed and 'natural' vibe you are giving off in this one….especially with the couple of S-bombs. Keep it up!!

  51. Sean,

    None of these are truly stupid. It just shows the unbridled passion and commitment of youth. I started lifting at 19 and am still training at age 55 but much smarter and efficiently. I had a lot of drive and passion like you did and also did many things to get big that now seem stupid to me at my age. They would only be stupid if you did not learn from them and adapt as you got older. Many of the things you did are quite common – especially when not using anabolics and wishing to remain natural. Any little thing you think would work, you would be willing to try. This journey is kinda like the young, enthusiastic bull that runs down a hill to a field below with lots of cows and only has energy to screw one of them. The older, wiser bull walks down the hill and has energy to screw all the cows πŸ™‚

  52. Heh Sean, I am from the old school and we did some unbelievably stupid things too. Beer before workouts, Ice cream overload, 4 hour workouts no sex before workouts, 15 min breaks between sets. Eating every 2 hours no matter what. Man the list could go on. Thanks for sharing..

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