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One of the reasons why calisthenics is so amazing as a training method is that it doesn’t require almost any gear. However, having training equpiment allows you to do much more exercises and makes your workouts far more comprehensive. I have collected a lot of equipment throughout the years and I’d like to show it to you and share my thoughts on each piece. This is simply the best piece of equipment you can get, as far as I’m concerned. I’m not going to repeat myself, though, I made a whole video about the rings, which I suggest you to see if you haven’t. Anyway, I bought my rings long time ago, and they still are my favourites, that’s why I put them first on the list. On some level, they substitute for parallel bars, push up bars, ab wheel, pull up bar and probably a lot more. If you have to choose one thing you’ll get, that’s the way to go. Push up bars are pretty much self-explanatory – they are used to do push-ups. They let you go deeper, and thus, increase the range of motion. They also alternate the grip and supporting your body this way puts less stress on your wrists. You can also do different push up-like exercises and handstands, although I personally find these bars not very convenient for handstand workouts – the bars are too narrow to be comfortable. Sometimes, there’s also a stability issue, especially if you’re a beginner. Parallel bars – these are actually very similar to push up bars, but are superior to them. I made them myself and have fixed all the issues the push up bars have had. They have wider and longer bars and are more stable. This makes them more suitable for handstand training. I recommend making them on your own, as its easy, cheap and the final product is often better than the store-bought one. It is probably the most obvious thing to get, when starting bodyweight training. It can be used for pull ups, levers and much more. The doorway bar needs specific door frame to work, but allows you to mount it on any height. This way you can use it for wide range of exercises. Having two bars lets you do even more. Human flag for example. At some point, basic exercises get too easy for you and you’d like to make it more difficult. Weight vest is very easy and convenient way to do so. It’s very comfortable and can be used for numerous exercises. I use it mostly for basic ones like pull ups, push ups and dips. 10 kg vest is the most useful one in my opinion. I’ve used heavier ones and vests over 10 kilograms, tend to get clunky and not very comfortable. This is yet another way of adding weight and increasing difficulty of an exercise. I use them mostly for ab workouts – toes to bars and L-sits in particular. However, they can also successfully be used in addition to weight vest for pull ups or dips. This is another piece of equipment I made myself. Few years back, I was very focused on getting the iron cross skill. I saw them on the internet and replicated it as well as I could. They are great for developing strength needed for iron cross very steadily. You can adjust difficulty by changing the support point. They can also be used for practicing other high-level gymnastic skills like planche, maltese and more. one of my favourite ways to warm-up is skipping a rope. It raises temperature of the body and prepares your joints for more intense workout. Ab wheel rollouts are great exercise, that can build your abs, but also helps with static holds like dragon flag or front lever. However, using ab wheel isn’t the only way to do this exercise – you can use rings aswell. That’s why I’m not the biggest fan of the wheel. And last but not least, handstand canes, which again, I made myself. As the name implies, they are intended mostly for handstands, but can be used for a lot more. Beside handstand work, I use them mostly to do dips inside the apartament. As you can see there is a lot of equipment to choose from for calisthenics, but again, you don’t need anything at all to start training. Most of the gear I own is intended for very specific and often advanced goals. Despite having such an extensive collection I still do the majority of my workouts without any equipment. Tell me in the comments below if you use any training gear that I didn’t mention. See you next time.

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  1. cool stuff. have some of it too, but you gave me some new inspiration. That 2 bars between the door is a good one. I would like to know how you made that armpiece that supports you.

  2. great video really helps and the handmade pieces i will sure make them.i have two other great workout tools i believe you should have in your collection.

  3. I can skin the cat 3×5 pretty easy with straight legs and with an inverted plank at the top. Half dozen ring dips in a row, false grip ring rows, I have the calluses. My negative on the muscle up is a joke though, I fall apart in the transition. Plz help me with the muscle up, what to train to complete negative transition?

  4. you should add amazon affiliate links, then you'd get a small percentage of what everyone buys who used your link

  5. Nice! Don't you use any resistance bands? I find them very useful and easy to carry. I carry them with my TRX in the same bag.

  6. Nice video man! I really like the places you train in, so into the nature!! I read you're polish… I've spent the best year in my life studying in krakow in Erasmus. Love the city and Poland! And polish people are just the friendliest in the world

  7. Hey, really awesome videos! I'd love to know where you got your gym rings from because all the ones I've seen are big n bulky and yours look light n minimalist. Keep up the great work !

  8. How does the doorway pull up bar stay in place? Does it require hammering/nailing/installing? I didn't see any holes or holding components on the doorway. You also mentioned it can only be used on a specific type or doorway. What type of doorway is that?
    Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer!

  9. I made a plyo box out of a spare sheet of plywood. I use the box for pike push-ups and leg exercises in between upper body calisthenics. I find resting shoulders and arms for 5 minutes between sets keeps me going strong. I have dowels left over from emptying parent's garage that will make a great set of parallel bars. ** taking a screenshot of the details of those P-bar legs 😉 **

  10. Great info, video format and attitude, I wish more fitness videos was as down to earth as this one. Keep up the good work!

  11. TrainingPal Are your ring 32 mm or 28 mm thickness? Thank you.

    PS: fantastic human flag on two bars to a door (min. 2:36)!

  12. rings, push up bars, parallel bars, pullup bar, wieghted vest, ankle wieghts, jump rope, ab wheel, handstand canes, yw

  13. This is cool. I am kind of doing the same thing. e.g. I bought a TKO Jump Trainer for $10.00 today at Burlington Coat Factory. It is so cool. I used it with 300 Squats app today and it works well. I bought a 5 lb. and 10 lb. kettlebells for $5.00 each. I found a good yoga mat on the street. It is worth $60.00. I have resistance bands also. I liked this video because that is what I am doing; collecting and putting together my own exercise equipment. I don't want to do weights really. Every guy should have his own exercise gear. I want to get a jump rope next.

  14. Hey Sir You are not mantion about resistance band I think resistance band are also important in calisthenics

  15. hello, thanks for the contribution, could you upload the device templates for cross training? the one that shows in the interval of 4:07 – 4:41

  16. Thanks bro for sharing with us this video. I hope you show us how to make some of theses equipements at home.
    And hug respect for you, you are doing a great work keep it up, Much love from Morocco❤

  17. Definitely a very good, inspiring video. I like the "do it yourself" aspect. Was surprised by items like the handstand tool. More than one would say "it's not safe".

  18. Wow!! Truly insightful! Loved it man.. if you could pls make a video on dip station and their importance in calisthenics.

    Thanks a ton! Keep inspiring

  19. My first equipment was the rings and I use them almost every day! They are portable and adjustable, what else can I ask for?

  20. At the part where mentioned the equipment "iron cross trainer" and you made it yourself, do you have any video or interest in following it up with instructions on how to do it yourself? I'll be helpful…

  21. Hey! Nice video. But i would like to add THREE more equipments. 1. A jumping box, for plyometric training. 2. A grip trainer(preferably Captains of Crush(CoC)) for grip strenght and 3. Rope climbing for grip strength and overall upper body strength.

  22. How does his pull up bar work? How does it brace firmly in the door frame without hooking onto the door jamb moulding?

  23. Not as portable, but almost 15 years ago I bought a "power tower" from a local sporting goods store. Every store like that I've seen always has these on sale. Mine was $99 at that time. You can easily find them used from quitters who got one and stopped using it after 6 months.

    It combines a pull-up bar (about 2.5m high), dip bars (about 1.5m high with foot rests so weighted dips are possible), push-up bars and a bar for securing your feet while doing sit-ups/crunches all in one piece of lightweight equipment that can be left outside if you want (mine is).

    I bolted mine down on a concrete pad so it can't move. That way I can do more advanced things on it without it tipping over.

    I also got a larger set of parrotlets that are about 1m tall for working on other movements separately.

    Of course I did get rings, but that's on your list.

    I also got a large rope and hung it from a tree for climbing. Very good training.

  24. dude, you have so much confidence with those doorway bars, from my experience, you do one pull up, get halfway up the bar then next minute your on your back😂

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