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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

It’s kind of like good motivation when you’re
working out to feel like you could be attacked by a basement dwelling serial killer at any
moment. It really helps you bang out the reps. Hi, it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan and
welcome to my creepy basement gym. So, I said to you guys, when I first moved into this
house (oooh!), I don’t know if you remember that but I said I would eventually give you
a tour of my gym as it is. And so, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m gonna show you
my basement gym then I’m going to show you my outdoor gym, and that’s it. I’m not
very used to doing super informal videos, as many of you know, but it’s happening
so. I was going to do a more complex video today but after Wednesday’s video I just
don’t have a brain much anymore trying to caught up on sleep. So, you’ve got to forgive the creepiness
of this gym. Here’s my stand. Right now it’s got little wimpy weights on it because
I was…I don’t know what I was doing. I was doing something high rep the other day.
But as you can see I’ve got some bumper plates. And there’s this rock that lives
in the basement, and I don’t know why the rock lives in the basement, but it’s been
there since I moved in. So, I just got a couple, a couple of free-weights, a couple of bumper
plates. Got me an olympic lifting bar. So, in this creepier back room back here is pretty,
it’s pretty scary. (Uhh!) So, that is the creepy weight bench with some super disturbing
surroundings. So, here’s my pullup bar. I’ve got a little bit of band assist if
I want to do higher reps or do really slow motion, or work on my negatives, and things,
I then will use the band, and then take down that. It comes with 4 of these, and then I can
take some off to make it more of a challenge or just not use it at all if I want to do
that. But, this is the only door that this would fit into that happens to be in the laundry
nook, so there’s that. I’ve also gotten pretty creative with things to a certain extent.
So, I have this bar here by the water heater that I will use to do rows off of or some
band work that I have tied around there. I’ll show you that in a second. That’s about
it. I have my yoga mat as well and then I’ll do walking lunges up and down around here.
Anything after this will look high end. Oh yeah, and of course I bring my computer down
so that when I’m between sets I can answer a couple of comments or a couple of emails.
I’m still very behind so if you have emailed me recently I am doing my very best, and I
am very very sorry that it’s taking me so long. Please be patient and know that I do
respond to every email personally. It just can take a while sometimes especially when
I’m doing videos that take 60-70 hours to create so. I hope you enjoyed this. I feel
like this is really boring but apparently people like the informal videos from time
to time. So…and to be able to put out more videos, kind of have to because you can’t
do, you know, ‘The History of Veganism’ 3 times a week. No, there’ll be no sleep
at all. I did that for awhile, nope, not good. So, let’s go see the outdoor gym. Okay, we are outside now and get ready to
see my incredible outdoor gym. Bam, there it is! Look at the masterpiece, it’s incredible.
You can get super fit on this outdoor gym and you get to look kinda cool with this little
dog here. Came off of a Mack truck this guy…that’s what he is, so I’m going to take you with
me. So, I thought I do a little bit of narrating.
This is a restaurant in town that will make anything vegan..any of their dishes vegan
which is pretty cool. Ooby is also in the room with me so she’s going to co-narrated
by snoring. So, this is just a back bike path that goes out, actually guess it’s East,
and goes out East to a neighboring town. And, there’s just some really gorgeous moments
along this bike path. I typically, up until I moved here, would not bike on bike paths.
I just bike to get places, but everything here is about 5 minutes away, so then I don’t
ever get to actually bike anywhere. And along this path that I just whizzed past, there’s
a nature, a wildlife sanctuary. There’s a little sign saying that and I always think
it’s kind of sad that we have to create specific sanctuaries for wildlife when they’re
supposed to be wild, and be out in nature. And yet, now they have to be regulated to
these tiny places, but this goes out to Mount Tom, which is what that is. It’s a big…well,
it’s a big mountain as far as Massachusetts is concerned. And it’s really just gorgeous
out here. Some really nice farm land. It kind of makes me nostalgic for Iowa but it’s
a real beautiful ride, and it’s something that I’ve started doing again recently as…whoop,
little bunny, working out, and being outside. Whoa, it’s a really little baby bunny. It’s
something that I stopped really being able to do and that’s another beautiful shot
here. I’m all over the place with my narration, you just have to forgive me. But, with Bite
Size Vegan getting as busy I stopped taking these moments to drink in nature, and have
some time. So, I’m trying to get back to that so I can stay healthy and grounded. It’s
really hard to find that balance because I feel guilty every time I’m not doing something
directly for the animals. And here’s a kitty…hi kitty! I made a little bit of a clicking noise
so that he would know I was there because I didn’t want him to run in front of the
bike. So, just kind of be careful when there’s other little…little guys around. So, this
was just a beautiful ride today and so, I just thought I take you guys along with me.
I’m still kind of recuperating from not sleeping but I hope that you enjoyed coming
along with me. It was kind of nice to do something a little different. Please subscribe if you
enjoyed it. Let me know if you liked having an informal video every now and again. I’ll
talk to you soon…go live vegan. And now Ooby shall narrate. [heavy breathing] [more heavy breathing] and once again [heavy breathing] yeah you guessed it [heavy breathing] Subtitles by the community

100 thoughts on “My Creepy Basement Gym & Epic Outdoor Gym Tour

  1. You look so hot when you're doing front squats in an olympic way, which requires quite a lot of thoracic extension and flexibility

  2. i really love the occasional informal videos. your basement gym is designed to simply  do what needs to be done while your outdoor gym is designed to enjoy doing what needs to be done. the doggy narration at the end is priceless. 🙂

  3. You really should have a time for yourself. And don't feel guilty or anything, you've already done so much for the animals. Keep in mind, you'll make better videos if you are rested and healthy. Just go out girl, cycle and be free :')

  4. Love these informal vlogs, shows more about who you are Emily, the woman behind all of the great informative vids. 🙂

  5. My only complaint is that the fast forwarded bike ride made me feel nauseous, but apart from that I really enjoyed the video! And precisely this week I was actually wondering what kind of workout you were doing.

  6. HI Emily, I am impressed with those pull ups. Let's see those guns some time. I am in the process of purchasing a used bike to try something new. I've only been to Mass, once and I remember it being to beautiful (I live in NJ). You know, I just found out that Pennsylvania has a small fruit fest (coming up this weekend) and I was wondering if you would ever consider going to one (maybe next year). I would love to meet. you.

  7. When you showed us the pole, I thought you were going to say that you used it for pole dancing 😀 lol

    PS: Your narration at the end is so SAD. The music didn't help either. I think you should slow down a little, perhaps do an informal video once a week to take the pressure off. The informal videos are fun to watch, not everything have to be 100% educational all the time.

  8. Hi Emily ..thanks for the tour …I couldn't help but think of Silence Of The Lambs during the basement segment ,lol ..soo funny .. great informal video ..I hope you do more ..btw I hope you catch up on sleep 🙂

  9. Your basement gym looks dusty and possibly moldy. Something to think about when your breathing heavily.

  10. The rock is to block the hole behind the fridge that the carnivore zombie mole people get in through every full moon.  Put it back!  Put it back!  Basement gym looks like it fits the bill:  clearance for equipment, dry, and sufficiently well lit.  Biking outside looks nicer though; wouldn't mind seeing more videos of this and local vistas.  Thanks for posting : )

  11. Emily,if we want to survive in this horrible non-vegan world,we absolutely HAVE to take those moments to connect with Nature.Don't forget yourself in this magnificent,selfless but very harsh path you have taken in defense of the animals.Have you seen Tim's latest clip "Nourishment"? You don't have to go the whole naked bit part 😉 but he's so right,Nature is nourishment for the soul and we,more than anybody else,desperately need it.

  12. @Bite Size Vegan "it's kind of good motivation when you're working out to feel like you could be attacked by a basement dwelling serial killer at any moment. Really helps you bang out the reps"  LMFAO!!!

  13. This is awesome, I wish I had a home gym to train in….for now I am stuck with public gyms and have to deal with waiting for a squat rack…another awesome video though!

  14. please do more informal videos… they are amazing!! and you deserve the break from the serious ones! :D:D

  15. hahahahaha… I live on building and it has its own gym now it does not look so creepy yet ppl who goes there (my neighbours) still does… OMG you have such a great bike path, here in Chile are so scary full of pedestrians that I stopped using them

  16. As a recent subscriber to your channel Emily, I find the homesty about your ups and downs in your lifestyle a refreshing change from other vegan channels. I do subscribe to a few vegan channels and I feel they all add value to my foray into veganism after decades as a vegetarian.
    I like the idea of the nuggets, I am a big fan of yours Emily, thank you for your comedy, honesty and educational videos.

  17. Your basement gives me the vibe of "put the lotion on its skin or it gets the hose again." Get out of the basement Clarice!!! Er…I mean bitesize vegan. 🙂

  18. I LOVE that video and I am super impressed of how freakin' fit you are. I want to be able to do pull ups, loooong way in front of me ^^

  19. great area! basement looks interesting, would look better if you whitewashed everything and then painted the pipes and above a mat black and then run x-mass lights between the floor joists.

  20. I'm so impressed with your gym! You rarely see women do proper weights with an Olympic bar and it's very refreshing to see.

  21. Have to say I would never go into your basement by myself .. ever! lol .. cool video though 🙂 .. I'm just getting to making youtube videos, and love yours x

  22. I'd love to move up to the Noho area if I could, I love going up there.  There's a small animal sanctuary called Pepper's Place that I help out there.  Loved the video 🙂  I wouldn't mind working out in a creepy basement…

  23. I always get so happy when I get a notification from a comment of mine you responded too, usually because it is late and I am not expecting any socialization so for me you really make it a sweet and nice surprise. 🙂

  24. Just a quick comment to let you know that YES …. I personally love your informal videos!!! They are a great addition to your channel 🙂

  25. That was fun! Don't feel guilty for taking some time off every now and then (or actually sleep). That's time for the animals too, in the end, as you will be well rested, relaxed and energized to create more awesome content.

  26. I had a moment today that I wanted to share with you… I was with a group of friends and they started asking me questions about why I eat like I do. I was a little nervous at first as to how to answer their questions. Your videos and inspiration allowed me to answer their question in a way that was right. Right on every level. My knowledge of what we do and why we do it for the animals was truly great and because of you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You are making a difference in the world. at least in my world. XxxOoo

  27. hey Emily. great vid. beautiful town love these kind of vids super fun but the bike thing was too fast and hurt my head…. sorry … but I love your vids. #lovevegan

  28. Sorry I am new to this:
    "Hey she's talking about her local surroundings, and how everything is so close by"
    "Hey she bikes around a lot that's cool"
    "Hey this basement kind of looks like my old basement, like they built around the same time"
    "Hey I live in Massachusetts. Cool. I should bike more often."
    I think I will watch more of your videos now.

  29. Doing relaxed informal vids are just as important as the others so no need to feel guilty.. you have many awesome vids already which btw  I've been sharing, especially the kids ones.. time to relax/balance girl 😉

  30. Don't worry. I enjoyed it:) it was interesting and kind of motivating. Like having no room to work out isn't an excuse.

  31. These informal videos are lovely. We all need to drink in some nature and some slow, quiet time. It's natural, and it's healing…. As Ooby knows. 😉

  32. I love New England, I grew up in Gardner, Mass and Dover, NH. Still have family in both towns. 🙂

  33. I love how you use what you have even if it isn't the ideal place to work out. You don't let that keep you from your workouts! Very inspiring to me to quit my whining and just exercise with what I have available to me. Thanks! it's not creepy it's creative!

  34. Hey Bite Size Vegan :p.. Completely off topic question, I found your profile on channelpages.. and was curious if you actually set that account up, or if they are using you to promote their site.. I was going to join, but was a little hesitant on whether it's a safe site to use or not.. Is that really you on the site?

  35. Hi, i really like your videos and find them really educational. I just went vegetarian, as a start but I want to Cut down on milk and eggs in the future but it's kind of difficult in a household of non-vegetarians. Anyway when i researched about vegetarianism i stumbled across the book "the vegetarian myth" by Keith Lierre and I would love to see a video where you review this book, thanks 🙂

  36. @Bite Size Vegan that is definitely a creepy basement gym haha, I made a tour of my garage gym a week ago, it's less creepy and more cluttered.

  37. Emily, you're just fantastic and I love your videos.  Now that your new tattoo has healed would we be able to see it? 😀

  38. Youtube really needs to let the people who make videos to choose who the companies they will allow to advertise. I saw a commercial for deer antler velvet supplements before watching this video and I just wanted to cry.

  39. I really liked the video, it's something different – u and ur energy are amazing as always!!!  Thank u!

  40. Strong lady, you move those 45's like 25's. Your home gym may be creepy, but still better that commercial gym. Ubi's narration at the end was very informative also, especially the zzzzzzz part.

    Side note: January 2015 I was in a real bad place mentally & physically, you & a couple other you-tubers pretty much saved my life, y'all reawakened something long forgotten or ignored.  I hope to explain to you & them one day, I am still progressing, but for now will just say thank you. What you do helps greatly.

  41. omg I can play that song on the piano <3 sorta. just started learning it

    also haha the outdoor gym joke was actually funny

  42. Really enjoy all the work you do and share..You do inspire. Just keep doing what you do and are inspired to do! It's all really really good!

  43. Please sleep on time dear, you make everything better with your touch. It was a lovely video to watch and sharing those moments with you. Love you Emily! Please don't feel bad when you can't do something for the animals. Your legacy and the work you have done made a huge impact and is still ongoing ❤ stay happy, stay grounded and I'll see you soon 😊😙😙😙

  44. What weight do you front squat? looks like 60kg? you are so slight? is that the "Vegan" power.

  45. In response to your question – I enjoy both, informal and formal videos. Plus, you get a break and can sleep. 😉 Whatever lets you keep up the great work, do it!

  46. I definitely like your informanugget videos too. You are doing a lot more than most people for animals and this world so it´s nice to see you taking some time to relax… I'm a vegetarian going into vegan and I´ve learned a lot from your videos. You inspire me. The outdoor tour was great, very refreshing. Thank you for sharing!

  47. Wow! That's commitment – I have a bolt on the wall in my living room under a trap door for trx / resistance bands – I thought that was commitment, but your gym blows mine out of the water!

    I can imagine you playing death metal in there while you work out. All you're missing is a couple of hockey masks and some manacles! 🙂  Just kidding!

  48. just binging on your videos and want to thank you! you put in so much work and your videos are super good! thanks for doing all that you do.

  49. I like the informal as well as the informative. That bike ride was beautiful- you should slow it down next time so we could see the landscapes 🙂

  50. lol, it makes you nostalgic for Iowa and makes me nostalgic for Boston. Guess I'll live thru your eyes until I can move back home. Anyway, I found your gym quite inspirational… just might cancel that gym membership of mine 🙂 Cheers darlin'

  51. Love both your educational videos and the informal ones. Your videos have helped me so much when transitioning from vegetarian to vegan this year. Thank you

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