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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s going on everyone? This is Carlo The Solution as in the Solution to fitness and today, I’m gonna share with you another diet plan. So I just woke up and one of the most popular videos on my channel is my diet plan that I posted last year. Cause right now it is currently climbing at 300,000 views. So I figured, why not do another diet plan video I don’t think it’s gonna get the same results as that one but I decided to do another one because it is very requested on my channel and I decided to share with you a similar style to that video if you haven’t seen that, i’ll leave a link to that in the description below if you haven’t seen my style, I basically walk you through my entire day of what I would eat I’m gonna make it a little different, I’m not gonna repeat the same thing I said in that video you’re probably gonna see a lot of alternatives I would have Alright, so I’m gonna walk you through meal number 1 breakfast. Alright so i’m gonna reference the last video a lot so you guys really understand where I’m coming from but on my last video, one of the most popular questions I got was where I got this pan from. This is the pan that I use to make my egg whites with the circles and all that This is a Cast Iron Skillet Pan I got this pan from a Fortunoff, I don’t even know if their still around This is probably the pan I’ve had the longest I don’t like to use the same pans over and over again because the scratches and the parts of the pan could get in your food and can eventually cause cancer A lot of the time, I’m always switching pans around but this pan I’ve had the longest so I may have to switch this out soon it’s a very useful pan, but since most people can’t get this I decided to use a different pan This is the Copper Chef Very very useful pan, one of my newest ones I recently got this one You should DEFINITELY google the benefits of the Copper Chef I don’t want to get into it now cause it will take too long Alright so our breakfast here is gonna be similar to the first video, it’s gonna be a little less carb heavy I have my materials here you’ll see them again soon Got the egg whites, eggs spinach, oatmeal’s in the back but you’ll see them again soon so we’re gonna start with the egg white so if you’re getting a carton, usually 3 tbsp equal 1 egg white I have a measuring spoon here, this is a tbsp so i’m gonna put one two three alright that’s 1 egg white I want 4 egg whites for this so I’m gonna need 12 tbsp so I’ve already measured, I use this glass to know how many ounces it is for 12 It’s around the 5 oz. mark this is usually where I get 12 tbsp got my baby spinach you know one thing I kept seeing a lot of comments on is that I don’t wash it Now unless I am using soap, there’s no way you can wash this this is already triple washed organic spinach pouring water on spinach does not clean it, I’m sorry if you wanna make it more filling add one whole egg Now what’s good about the Copper Chef is that you don’t really need to put any cooking spray on it nothing sticks to this pan Now look at that Doesn’t this look filling? so once again I have this Cayenne Pepper here and you know I mentioned Cayenne Pepper in so many other videos This is my secret fat burning ingredient Alright so I already have the Oatmeal made you can see how I did it in the first diet video I don’t wanna keep treading on the same grounds again but in that video you saw me use cinnamon Tbsp of cinnamon and this time, I’m gonna add in PB Fit Peanut Butter powder This is for people that think just cinnamon and oatmeal is very bland but just a reminder, this oatmeal is plain oatmeal nothing in it This is gonna make the oatmeal a lot more creamier too and it’s gonna add some more flavor So if you’re trying to lose weight and all that I recommend maybe trying only a quarter cup or half cup of dry oatmeal for me it’s a little more but I think for you guys a half cup or less than that would be good for you so this is measured by 2 tbsp With 2 tbsp it’s 2g of fat 70mg of sodium, 4g of carbs and 5g of protein. So you’re pretty much cutting all that in half. and with that, you have meal 1 your breakfast like I said, check the first video to see the first diet video that’s linked in the description if you’re having trouble making Oatmeal, I show you how to make it there. Alright so we’re now on the next meal And we have here some frozen tilapia this (defrosting) should take no more than 5-10 minutes now this meal is basically a replacement to the grilled chicken and rice meal I put in the first video this is, once again, this is gonna be tilapia and I’m gonna have a baked potato with it so if you’re lazy like me and you can see, I have a rice cooker, because I’m lazy, I don’t have time to wait around, using a stove for all that so with this, I’m gonna make a baked potato in the microwave I’m gonna poke these holes in here because if you don’t you could run the risk of the potato exploding in the microwave so you wanna have some air able to get out you may not need 2 potatoes but I’m pretty good with carbs so I’m gonna have 2 alright so I’m gonna put it in the microwave now so I’m gonna put it in there for about 3 minutes and once 3 minutes hits, I’m gonna turn it over and put it for another, maybe around 2 minutes and it should be good enough alright so what are we gonna season our tilapia with? So I have here, this time some minced garlic that you can get in a jar and some more of my old friend cayenne Right away you’re going to notice a strong smell if you haven’t used this. This is a half tbsp by the way half tbsp on the front and half tbsp on the back now this will splatter so make sure you cover it up So you should get something like this the tilapia broke a little bit but it’s still the same nutritional value so i’m gonna add more cayenne to my baked potato here and that will be lunch time alright i’m gonna have a side of vegetables too with this I have some broccoli here and some green beans alright that should be good and I’m gonna microwave this for about 4-5 minutes and gonna have this on the side with my tilapia and potatoes alright guys now I’m getting ready for the gym once again, if you haven’t seen I have this Dragon Ball Z shirt, this is a Skin shirt, it’s kinda like an Under Armour If you guys are interested in these kinds of shirts you can get yours with my promo code at with the promo code “TEAMSOLUTION” I believe in all caps and you will get 10% off if you like shirts like these, they have all different kinds Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Punch Man all kinds of anime shirts that have this Under Armour style, you can get a regular shirt long sleeve, tank top, they got it all over there so check that out but right now, I’m getting ready to go to the gym

40 thoughts on “My Diet Plan, How to Lose Weight and Gain Muscle At The Same Time Fast, More Diet Tips! 2016

  1. hey great video, just one question.. your meal 3 just consists of a protein shake before your workout or just after your workout? many thanks.

  2. Great video! i enjoyed both Meal plan videos your post but was hoping your'd start it off yelling Breakfast again lol

  3. I have been using weight loss gren store tea for about 30 day, and so far i lost 5.5 pounds, but more than pounds i lost inches around my abdomen and waist. I did no notice any big changes on my energy level, but i must said that i like the way my clothes fit now.

  4. I am about to go on a cut…I am addicted to sugar and it is hard to quit. What can you recommend to stop the craving?

  5. I have a question I hope you are able to take some time and answer. I started eating healthier about 40 days ago and so far I have lost 18lbs. I was weighing in at 248 and I am now at 230. So far I've been eating clean and working out 5 times a day. I'm familiar with weights and lifting but so far I just do cardio every day, about 30 minutes a day and I do 2.5 miles. So far all my plans are working and I'm loosing weight. However I want to begging lifting weights but I'm worried I'm not taking in the appropriate macros. Right now I'm rating about 200grams of protein and carbs with around 50-60 grams of fat. I eat roughly 1500-1800 calories a day. I'm just worried that once I start lifting I won't be getting enough energy from the right sources. I've done research but I've gotten so many mixed answers. Lol

  6. i want to give a big thanks to you for these diet videos there great iv lost 6 lbs in 5 days and im also a big fan of cayenne pepper now lol cheers

  7. hey i'm a skinny guy and i kind of like the skinny ripped guy look not really a big deal to get bigger just want to have muscle mass is this meal good just to gain & maintain muscles mass with combination of weight lifting ?

  8. Hey how's it going? I'm 16 years old, 5"9 and 150 pounds. I'm pretty muscular but I'm looking to be a little bigger and more ripped, especially in the abdominal area. Idc so much about the weight I am. I just care about my appearance, although 155-160 is where I would like to be. Would this diet be good for me or should I up the calories slightly? Also I'm a huge supporter of your channel. Probably my favorite bodybuilding/nutrition I've ever encountered. It would be awesome if you would reply with your intake.

  9. Is there a diet plan that is simpler? I usually don't have time to cook. Maybe foods that are simple to make but still get everything from an actually healthy meal. Any suggestions?

  10. I am allergic to oatmeal and peanuts and most nuts in general… what do I replace oatmeal and peanut butter with?

  11. i never thought i would cook water with oatmeal i try it this morning how you made it but i added trivia sugar i did had peanut butter powered in my pantry i added one Tablespoon i am going make this for now with two boil eggs , i did try chicken with garlic and paprika i didn't have cayenne it take really good ill get cayenne when i go shopping thanks for these ideas. i just might not get no more adobo lol

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