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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet


  1. I am doing the exercise from last 15 days and yes i have loose my weight my belly fat just like its vanished really nice feeling and on the way towards 6pack wow thanku "thenx" ***Love from Nepal***

  2. I dig your style. Been watching your videos. Downloaded your app, creating playlists on my YouTube channel. You are dope. I am so sick of pushing iron. I want to be so strong and this is a different way to do that. I have been watching other fitness guru's with Calisthenics, but you are the best. Your explanations are top notch. I am so thankful to have found what I was looking for. I have a long journey ahead of me but I am confident you will help get me there. A trainer I can trust knows what he's doing. 🙌

  3. Excelente video, sigo mucho tus rutinas me gustaría que dieras alguna información para personas que no comen carne con respecto al entrenamiento.

  4. Chris I’m new to Thenx but I love every minute of it I have never felt this pumped and excited to work out in my life I am a truck driver and I want to stay in good shape and stay healthy and Thenx is how I’m going to do that thank you for the hard work and dedication you have put in to helping me and everybody else stay in shape and stay healthy you’re awesome Chris keep up the good work!!

  5. Hey Chris i was wondering how long will it take me to make my abs really stand out.Im kinda skinny and I got abs but I have lower fat , not much but it’s there.I’ll appreciate it if you could respond to this comment!

  6. I’m gonna do this workout everyday and I’ll update y’all everyday just in case your 14 day 1 i weigh 140 ( I run a lap and walk a lap everyday around a track)

    Day 1:didn’t have the chance to go to the track . Did the workout once since I wanna start off easy. Lifted 10 pound weights 20 reps on each arm ( wanna build extra muscle) did struggle a bit with the planks but definitely felt the pressure in my core / abs. Not too bad

    Day 2: walked a lap , ran two laps non stop.Did the workout after one lap and did it again back got easier and I can now see a line on my abs will keep going 🙂

    Day3: hey i changed my workout I’m not doing this one anymore as it’s hard.Go to his recent workout “how to get defined abs” I’ll be there

  7. Good as usual. I have been doing Chris's exercises regularly for two years, (at least 4 times) a week. I usually take 3 workouts; chest development (push ups), abs and anything that includes cardio boosting. It generally helped me. However, I focused on my abs part but it looks like lower belly stays stubborn. Anyway, Chris has become my favorite sportsman. Much love from Rwanda.

  8. Parents: “Chris, what do you like to become, one of the best personal trainers in the world, a youtube celebrity or a legend?”
    Chris: “Yes.”

  9. I did workout today 3 sets , I enjoyed it must ,I'm feeling the pain Abit but it's good tho ! Night tym before dinner I will do again. 😗
    I will keep updating , 1 month full workout
    Day / night 🌝

  10. Kisses ! Kit on the shipment of my rock n roll dance aerobics floor mats from Chris Heria * TM

  11. I subscribed when I saw Charis figure… And following for a long time.. Even I don't watch no one videos anymore without Chris..
    You are just awesome…
    Love from Bangladesh…

  12. What should you eat if you want to only gain muscle.. I don't really gain a lot of weight fast (high metabolism)

  13. I've been doing your beginner ab work out for a month(not consistent tho😁) but now I'm starting to see some improvements. I think this should be my next routine. Thank you so much!!!!!

  14. I’m going to do this workout except I’m going to do one thing different, I’m going to do am exercise for example, leg flutters as much as I can then catch my breath and move onto the next exercise, I will be back in a month and tell you my progress!

  15. Yo! I love to watch his content and He Inspired me a Lot. So, I Make A move and I created My YouTube Fitness Channel. I Share regular videos About my experience If you want to be in good shape without working hard You have to look at least once my channel.

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