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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, I want to show you, today, a lat exercise
that will likely become your favorite new lat exercise, and I want it to be because
I want you to start using this one. It’s a variation on another lat exercise that
I absolutely love. That’s a straight arm pushdown. But we can do it even better. I actually just recently started to use this
more myself, and with my athletes. It’s a straight are pushdown, but done with
one arm at a time. Don’t think you need some elaborate machine
to do this. I’m going to show you that you can do it with
a single band, looped around a pullup bar. But here’s what you’re looking for: you’re
looking to develop straight arm scapular strength, which is what a straight arm pushdown does. That’s a really important strength to have
because it’s not just about building bigger lats. That carries over to a better deadlift, to
a better row, to a better pullover, and all those exercises will help you get a bigger
back too, because you’re going to be stronger on them. More importantly, this one itself, can be
used for hypertrophy of the lats because it takes it through exactly the range of motion
it needs to. We know that in order to stretch the lats
that you’ve got to get your arm out, in front of you because it goes from back here, and
it attaches on your arm. So the more your arm can get away from your
body, out here, then we know we can get a good stretch on the lats. So we have that part. When we come down we know that the arm wants
to adduct, which means close to your side here, and even get it back into extension
just a little bit behind your body. So if your arm can get back, behind your body
just a little bit it’s going to get a contraction on the lats. So now, when I come up you can see the stretch
here. A lot of core activation too, in order to
be able to hold me here, stable, to let the lat do all the work. But I’m doing one arm at a time. So up, and then down here. When Jessie sneaks around the side he’s going
to see that, yes, I get a good contraction here on the back as I complete the rep. And up, into that big stretch, and then down. And I’m really powering it here with my lat. I’m not trying to lean too far forward to
use my abs, I’m just using them to stabilize, and hold me still so the lat can do all the
work. The other beauty is – of the one arm variation
– I’ve got this hand free so if I want to, I can self-spot here. As I get tired, do some forced reps, and then
still work the negative here. Down, and the negative. So I can go beyond positive failure on the
same set. Now, like I said, if you don’t have access
to that don’t’ worry because all you need is a band. You loop it around a pullup bar, pull it through
itself here, wind up the band if you have to for a little extra resistance. Again, arms out in front of you here, pull
down, into your side, and then let it come up. Down, and then come up. Down, here, and come up. So again, there are no excuses, guys. Good exercises are good exercises if they’re
done right. The details here matter. The range of motion matters. More importantly, making sure the contraction
is coming from the lats; that’s going to turn this into a really powerful exercise. And I can load that thing up, the stronger
I become on it. Remember, the carryover effect to all those
other big exercises is going to be very noticeable, too. So those lifts should increase, too. Guys, if you like the video make sure you
leave a comment and thumbs up below. Let me know what else you want me to cover,
and I’ll do that. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a program
where everything does matter – how you do it, what you do, and the order you do them
in – it’s sort of what the ATHLEANX training program is all about. Putting the science back in strength, and
laying all out for you, step by step in all of our programs. You can find them by clicking on the link
below this video. All right, guys. I’ll see you again soon.

100 thoughts on “My Favorite NEW Back Exercise (BEST FOR LATS)

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  2. Thanks Jeff very well explained. I will definitely give this a try tomorrow. I have only started watching your videos, doing your exercises, i am noticing a change in my body.

  3. I know this is old video but don't know how else to ask you Jeff. I see your instruction in your videos to use the straight arm pushdown for both a lat workout and a teres major workout. Form in both looks identical too I checked. How do you focus or modify it for focusing one or the other?

  4. The Daytona 500 just finished, so I am going to the gym right now for Sunday Lat and Shoulder day. I am going to incorporate this exercise. Thank you for all the helpful information.

  5. I keep my arms straight, sometimes a little bent… despite how I put them.. I feel this and normal ones with a regular bar in the back of my triceps. Help

  6. I have a small issue, its called hiatus henria, basicly means that if i eat to much or have some heavy lifting my stomach can get threw my esophagus etc. its common shit. Anyway i started to go to the gym and i am trying to find out some excercises where i dont stretch my body center so much or use my core stomach so much. This pullover is done by two handed ropes or w.e, and i just tried alone the one handed version (needs less core stomach management) AND I FELT SUCH A BURN. Just found out that there is an exercise like this, everyone at the gym was staring at me "like what is he doing" anyway try it guys u have a better muscle mind connection. thanks jeff

  7. Totally in love with Jeff for making the exercises affordable for everyone for all budgets 🙂 thanks, Jeff

  8. Started doing this workout yesterday and i much prefer it to the lat pulldown, the amount of tension you get on the lat muscle is brilliant

  9. last time i tried this i got an intense burning contraction in the longhead triceps insertion area.
    never had the fortitude to try it several lat workouts in a row, just seemed weird getting a sore tricep w/o from lats w/o

  10. Love all your videos! I also like your common- sense approach to nutrition. My only problem is that I find myself constantly switching up my workouts to try new things.

  11. Джеф картавый что ли? как-то шипит местами))) я не против просто слушаю речь и кажется что шипит.

  12. Thats a really good exercise. But not new. What I like the most, that you give information about the importance of the excentric movement.

  13. Can you do this with a straight bar attached to wire to use use both arms? Or does it have to be done single handily?

  14. The band movement would have been more effective if he stood with the attachment point in front of him instead of above his head. Damn! I just taught Jeff something – I finally get to give back after he’s helped me so much! 😀

  15. Great video. I like the unilateral aspect of the exercise too. A focus on unilateral training seems to be the most functional. Most everything thing we do from sports to everyday functions is mostly using 1 side at a time; punching, throwing, swinging a hammer, carrying a suitcase, brushing your teeth etc. I would really like to see a workout designed around the whole unilateral concept. Both with weights and without.
    Thank you

  16. Thanks Jeff! Lats have always been my fav body part (thank you Bruce Lee). I'm always looking for additional ways to hit them. This variation provided IMMEDIATE positive feedback. Very effective for both form & function. #betterbecauseofu

  17. If you made your living off having a sick body would you take sarms or steroids? Of course you would that's almost a no-brainer.

  18. Thanks for this one, Jeff I'm 75 and rebuilding all muscle groups (neglected since age 41), but certaInly can use bigger lats.

  19. This also takes a lot on my triceps. Is it supposed to? I know my triceps aren't that strong, wonder…

  20. I've been doing this for about 3-4 years now in order to improve my stand up paddle stroke. If done correctly, you will feel it and you can get to failure.

  21. An amazing experience.

    Used to do this year's ago and will bring it back into my routine now that the CAVALIER recommends it.

    Self assist (!!!) Is a bonus.

  22. why it is named pushdown instead of cable pullover? i think push movement is not possible for lats. all are pull movement

  23. On the pulldown, I noticed how your triceps are really engaged as it's part of the mechanics to keeping the arm straight. Just wondering, is there a device/strap which could be attached at the upper arm just above the elbow to take the triceps out of the movement and really focus all the stress on the lats? I suppose it's possible to do that with the bands but how about on the pulley machine?

  24. So that 's basically the arm motion of a Kettlebell swing accept it's to the side instead of between the legs.

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