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When I was growing up I always loved
reading books. But there was never people like me. Fat people are always portrayed in a comical way. Or they were evil really took me as a child that, ‘Oh, I can’t be the hero because I’m fat.’ I haven’t had luck with boyfriends before and finally there’s this guy who fancies me as much as I fancy him. As a child, I realized like how fat phobic
media is. Eddie Murphy, he made a series of films with his family where he wore fat suits. And I remember running out of the living room crying my eyes out because they made fun of fat people. The entire family was fat and they were just laughed at by everyone. And I was the only one in that room in my
family that was fat. I remember, little six year old me sitting in a chair crying my eyes out because fat people are just funny. They are just there to be laughed at. I’ve always been fat since I was two
years old. Really, my mom took me to the doctors because I was gaining a lot of weight. And of course, that comes with a lot of
bullying and a lot of picking on. I was an active kid. I loved swimming, I loved playing around outside. I was always bulky But I was always fatter than everyone else. And it affected me really badly. I developed an eating disorder. Binge eating, I started self harming. And I just had a really horrible self-image. I hated looking in the mirror. I hated picking out clothes because nothing would fit me. I remember I wished that I could find the zipper to take off the fat suit, I thought I was wearing. Like weird like delusion of how my body was but I wanted to be thin so badly. And it was not until I was early adulthood
that I started accepting that this is how my body is. I saw this beautiful little pendant of a fat woman. That I learned was called Venus of
Willendorf, a fertility goddess. And I don’t know what clicked. That kind of led to finding body positive Instagrams with fat people. So seeing these people align themselves with this self-love just sparked something wonderful. Like, yeah, I can work on loving
myself too. Now I’ll have days where don’t want to
look at myself. But it’s more acknowledging. It’s not, I have a bad body. It’s just it’s a bad day today. Sean and I, we met 11 years ago, on a game on the PlayStation. To think about like online relationships, you get to know a person in a different way. Of course, we had seen pictures of
each other. But it was like he didn’t care anyway. You can see how fat I was in the pictures. But he kept talking to me, so we became
best friends really fast. And it actually took a while before we realized we were in love with each other. Then we started long-distance relationship. He came the year after we confessed our love. And he loved me and my body for how
my body is. Yeah, we got married two years ago. Was it me that put the ring on the
wrong finger? I gave you the wrong hand, yes. Yeah, you gave me the wrong hand. And you just went with it. Yeah. Yeah, oops! Oh, that’s the disposable camera man. That’s why they’re so blurry. Yeah, and one was like focused on my mother, not me. You’re cute though. On our wedding day, I think you looked
perfect, as you ever do. I would say I’m generally attracted to
larger women. I’m attracted to people that I love really. So it just happened. It’s never been like a fat fetish thing. No. Because if it’s a thing it has a fetish for but you haven’t like obsessively like, ‘Oh, I love your fat stomach and stuff like that.’ I mean, maybe in my head before we met, it wouldn’t have been someone as large. But it just happened to be and it’s not I find her any less attractive, necessarily. The combination of everything that
makes her Amalie is what I love. I don’t think there is one thing I could
single out. Not my feet,
Not your feet. My ears. You have really nice ears.
Thank you. Thing with like weight differences in
relationships is there’ll always be people who like comment. Like, why would you be with them? Why would you be with that kind of
person? Because there’s this image that a fat person has to be with a fat person. And a thin person has to be with a
thin person. Why are there these expectations for who someone should be with? My dad, we’ve kind of cut contact a bit more with. He is more judgmental towards larger people. But at the same time, he wasn’t discouraging me from being with Amalie. That’s just his way of thinking. You could go to any shop and buy
clothes, it’s straight size. And then you have like various different fat people. There are small fat, then
there is the mid fat, and then the super fats, which I see myself as because I need to go to special boutique shops. We started to own the word ‘fat’, just like people are starting to own the word ‘queer.’ It’s not a slur anymore. And it’s not associated with something bad. We need fat to be just a neutral body description. I never tried so much clothes in my life. It’s a fat body. It’s not good. It’s not bad. It’s just how the body is. That’s quite nice as well. So in terms of Amalie’s health, the doctors say that you’re in surprisingly good health, for your size. So I think, I mean in the future, there’d be issues that could arise. But for now, I think it’s mostly fine. Good. This is quite nice. I think that maybe one day, I would like to lose a tiny bit of weight. But right now, I dont, I don’t care. And I don’t want to fall into the pressure of having to lose weight to be accepted by everyone else. This is how my body is. Right now I’m just, I’m just happy to be in my skin.

100 thoughts on “My Husband Helped Me Love My ‘Super-Fat’ Body | TRULY

  1. People are allowed to love theirselves . Your option is just that .. your opinion , y’all act like her big body is personally messing with your everyday lives

  2. I'm happy she's happy and they seem a lovely couple but she said she was a size 30, that's not healthy, she really needs to save her life because she's so young. It's not about losing weight to be accepted, it's about losing weight to get past the age of 40

  3. I love that he loves her for who she is but he can also encourage her to try to lose some weight its not healthy although its love , you guys can have a long life together

  4. I guess she didn’t finish the “The Nutty Professor”. She would’ve learned that in the end, he accepted himself as he was and found love.

  5. I totaly understand the stigma. You are judged for dating a larger person, you are at times teased for it, and then come the endless “whale jokes”…. its like larger people aren’t alowed to have a loving partner, marriage and kids!… you are looked at like you have a contagious fatal disease that doesnt shower and should be put down!…it disgusts me the way some people think!…

  6. Gee, maybe he’s waiting for her super fat insurance policy pay out when she has her super fat heart attack….just saying.

  7. She seems sweet but she lost me when she brought up the movies Eddie Murphy made about the Klump family. "Fatphobic" Give me a break. The movies are from a time when comedians made fat jokes and jokes about whatever else they wanted and no one cried over it.

  8. People need to stop saying that “being fat doesn’t mean that they’re unhealthy”. Sumo wrestlers workout everyday yet they have a life expectancy of about 10 years

  9. It's not hard to find a proper bra love!!!
    WAIT!!!! OMG!!! I don't think she wears one….. MY EYES!!!! 🤮🤢😫😓🤯🤯

  10. Her choice to continue to put herself at risk fo4 serious issues and death, to me, isnt much different from someone who chooses to gamble with life doing drugs. I've known ppl on both sides. It's pretty extreme behavior to choose to stay like that! To accept it. To think "i weigh 700 lbs and I'm ok with it". She actually said it's not good or bad it just is. WHAT?? 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪😬😬😬😬😬 He also said she's pretty healthy for her size. And I'm pretty healthy for a asthmatic who smokes a pack a day
    When she says "this is the way my body is…" I'll accept that when she accepts that her body resembles Barney because she chose that!! Why do they all make it seem like they just woke u one day and BOOM!!! I'm fat!!!

  11. It's your life live it how you want to. Why care what others do? I dont get it. You can voice your concern but when it boils down to it if ppl want to be unhealthy in the only life their given then go for it. It doesnt affect me..personally. My thing is being so uncomfortable being that big. I got up to 180 5'6" at one point and I was miserably uncomfortable. Always so hot..couldn't fit my clothes..outta breath….so I chose to lose weight..not for health..for comfort.

  12. We all know its unhealthy, but you have NO place to say something when lots of you drink, smoke, do drugs, are toxic to others, yes thats unhealthy too, stop trying to be woke.

  13. Your very pretty losing a little weight by eating healthy and taking walks would make you feel so much better..Congratulations on your marriage 👍❤

  14. He's so plain, and awkward. The only interesting thing about him is that he likes a woman who's killing herself Slowly by eating.

  15. I’m all for body positivity but this ain’t right. She’s not “fat” she is OBESE.
    If you can literally look at her and say “leave her alone. She is healthy!” Of “You’re fatphobic!” You are basically okay with her slowly dying.

  16. Seeing how horrible people can be reading these comments is truely sad.. there are many things in life that can’t be explained by science and like her she struggled with her weight the moment she was born. Sometimes it’s not the food you eat and is through unexplained genetic reasons. Just like some people who are stick thin and they eat a lot but never change but they don’t get judged? Cruel world.. simply there’s many unknown and unexplained things in life..
    Let her be honestly we already have enough with ourselves being the worst enemy we don’t need people to do more than we are to ourselves we just need more love in this world and acceptance!

  17. She finally accepted that this is how her body is..
    But that's the thing, there is no reason to accept this, it is something that can be changed..

  18. i kinda like this more than most of stuff about the topic cause
    1. guy is not a fat fetishist
    2.she is neutral, she is not saying she loves her body bc its fat, she is just accepting that she have it
    3. add the end she sais she would like to eventually loose weight and just doesnt want to put to much pressure on herself

  19. If u respect yourself u need to understand that there is nothing as healthy at every size and try to lose weight ik it might be hard but in the end it all will be worth it

  20. He shouldnt enable her unhealthy lifestyle he should encourage her to eat better n be healthy so they can live long together for yrs to come

    Edit:shed be pretty if she lost it all like her face is pretty and her skin is nice it looks soft and her hair is beautiful curls

  21. I’m happy she had found happiness but it’s odd she said she only wants to loose a tiny bit of weight if anything. Doesn’t she want to be around longer to spend time with her loved ones??

  22. 1:37 CallMeKevin Jim Pickens lol but anyway this is such a cute story. I'm glad you found someone that loves you for the way you are 🙂

  23. I'm sorry but this lady is not fat, she is morbidly obese and a cheeseburger away from dying. I have seen fat women who aren't this monstrous.

  24. You accept yourself for being fat, in the other way which means you will keep unhealthy lifestyle, you make yourself look like this,don’t complain about stigma of far people in society.

  25. Is it soo hard for fat women to find love that they gotta make a documentary about it ! That's actually sad ! I get it that being fat isn't healthy but EVERYONE deserves love!

  26. All people saying "you have to loose weight bla bla bla", you need to calm down. Is not easy. Its a process and thank god she is starting yo love herslef cause thats the first step, and It isnt easy to do. Im pretty sure she knows its not healthy but she is the one and only that Will decide when she feels ready. Thats just the way It is, more when you have been traumatised and find confort in food

  27. body confidence is amazing i love it so much however this woman is not plus sizr she is scarily obese there is absolutley no way this woman is health there are so many health implications we have become so scared to tell people you are fat you are morbidly fat you do not have big bones you are just fat probably eat too much and move too little (there are a small anount of medical issues or the medication that can be a factor into weight gain..and trust me iv been on these steroids..did i put weight on…only 5lbs i worked with a dietician to stay healthy) peopke are quick to say someone is dangerously skinny but too scared to say you are fat… to skinny and to fat are both dangerous and we have to stop giving people platforms…it is not healthy either way

  28. Loving her for being fat sounds sad
    Also it's not bad to be fat but the people who make it their personality about being fat is wierd i think

  29. I like the body positivity movement. But I do not condone promoting bad health. You have to love yourself, but you also have to realize that if you are not healthy, you need to change.

  30. Someone needs to tell that woman that she qualifies for stomach stapling, and that in her country, they provide good enough health care for her to get it right away. Good chance she's gonna die in the next 10 years if she doesn't.

  31. How can u be physically comfortable in such a unnatural and big size. She must sweat a lot and have rashes from her thighs rubbing and imagine her being inable to run away from a killer trying to stab her. At some point she’d just roll over like Humpty Dumpty and give up running …

  32. I think the guy's eyebrows are slightly downward naturally so he looks scared of something by default LOL Nice couple though 🙂

  33. People need to get over “looks”. That is the most superficial thing you could focus on. It doesn’t matter what a person looks like, it’s what’s in the inside that counts and how a person behaves. It’s what you think of yourself that is important not what others think of you. Others opinions do not matter at all. Be happy with who you are and peace to all of those dickheads who are so rude in the comments! I have news for you, your not so perfect yourself! Get over it and be kind.

  34. Fat people aren’t there to be laughed at, but you do NEED to do something about it. Diet, being active, not staying STAGNANT. It’s a disorder that will cause you to die if you do nothing about it. It’s not funny it’s actually quite the opposite.

  35. People are so rude. You can tell her is happy and her being happy is giving her reason to live. Her weight will become better just by feeling unconditionally loved!


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