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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

it looks pretty good actually the banana
it’s not over ripe. nice. throw in a cup of milk. one cup of ice and a scoop of protein
powder and then I would call it a day usually go with two scoops but today I
think I’m gonna reach my protein goal pretty easily I think I’m gonna throw my
creatine in here today Lets be a little bit more civilized and not shove
it in my mouth like usual. So I just cut open this tofu thing in this thing and this looks like all
soapy and bubbly and shit so what I usually do is just kind of rinse it out No soap for me please so my tofu recipe throw in a little bit of oil Cause Im Asian and I cook everything with oil.
I think i put a little bit too much actually alright pans hot tofu is going in a little bit of Oyster Sauce goes a
long way to a plain ass tofu Just drizzle lets check on my egg custard shall we I think I hear sizzling, should be done There you go i plated my tofu get this stuff out the oven ohhh man its hot Some Shumai!! alright I’m just going to dump this in come on come on come on come on! get off ahh it broke see that? thats some skin right there. thats less carbs now and my hot and sour soup should be good.
One cup. oh Bleep* its hot ow oww owww finally lets get back to that protein shake shall we Oh yea! Strawberry chocolate Banana Protein Shake haha i forgot what it was called for a minute alright so the total calorie count for these this whole meal Almost 1600 calories And I blame these *Bleep* little egg custard tarts
cuz it’s like almost 200 calories for these tiny little pieces. But I’m Goin to eat’m hey guys, okay so you just watched a video on one of my refeed meals. what exactly is a refeed and how can you use it to progress in your fat burn journey ok so what a
refeed is. Its basically in the old days we called them cheat days or cheat meals
now we’re using these cheat days and cheat meals in a little smarter way ok
so one way..well in one train of thinking they say these cheat days and cheat meals or refeeds
are nothing more than something to help you adhere to your diet
something to stick with the plan you know, that can work for a few. for me
I see it as a way… you know in theory when they say you can refeed
basically it jump starts your metabolism because as you know your body is a fat
storing machine it doesn’t want to do anything but something that you don’t
want it to do… so as we diet our bodies adapt to using lower calories to stay at
a certain weight so obviously when I first started my metabolism was
burning a lot more calories then it is now so in order to make my metabolism
go back up I introduced these cheat meals or cheat days to have a higher calorie
count in hopes of making my body recognized that “OH , this guy is
eating enough calories let me start bumping up the metabolism rate” so it can
naturally burn more calories this is a theory that’s been going on, I
don’t know if it’s “bro science” ok but you know what I’ve seen good results
from introducing refeeds. I mean when you’re dieting down and you get to like
really low body fat levels… I’m talking about like sub 10%… it’s just kinda harder
to lose body fat from there on so what we do is we introduce these refeeds and for some reason it helps it just kind of helps you start losing
weight without cutting down any more calories because obviously if you just
keep doing dieting in the conventional way when you first started just cutting..
oh let me just cut 200 300 calories from my plan it doesn’t make sense when you’re
already at very low calorie levels like I’m at 2100 calories if I go to
like 1500 calories and then I stop losing weight you think I’m gonna cut
more calories and just like in a day… eat a carrot something that’s just ridiculous so refeeds has kind of helped. Honestly I see a lot more muscle gain from doing these refeeds. I mean like I gained quite a bit of weight back
but I still continue to lose body fat so I mean like the refeeds for me
has kind of proven to me that it’s it’s been effective…. yeah I think I packed on
another like pound and a half within this month just from introducing refeeds… so you know when you put a theory into practice and something works know… alright so if you like today’s video hit the thumbs up and also subscribe. I’m going to be
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One thought on “My Insane Breakfast | How Cheating on my Diet Helps Me Burn More Fat

  1. I do a zero carb diet when cutting with 1 cheat per week and no doubt they work. My metabolism goes into over drive, Ive a resting heart rate at around 50bpm but 15minutes into a cheat it can go to 100+. Good vid bud cheating 100% Helps burn more fat in my experience. Good luck on your journey

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