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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, what’s up guys? I’m Scott Herman with the all-access METABURN90 fitness plan. How you feeling team? And if you want to lose weight and embark on a full body reboot plan without spending hours in the gym METABURN90 is the most reliable way to get you there. Grab your dumbbells. Here we go METABURN90 is a 90 day follow along fat shredding and lean muscle building fitness plan with six progressive phases Fifteen step by step workouts workout tracking, a complete nutritional program with recipes and lots more to not only help you get started, but stay on course Let’s kick it up a notch and with METABURN90 All you need is a few dumbbells and 30 minutes or less per day to burn fat and achieve peak fitness in a very short and intensely Concentrated amount of time. We’re teaching our muscles how to work harder, longer I’ve helped millions of people over the past 15 years and I would love to help you too So download the All-access app to join me and METABURN90 and let’s get started So if you like pain you came to the right place METABURN90 now available in the all-access app

36 thoughts on “My “NEW” Program METABURN90 is FINALLY Here! | DON’T MISS IT!

  1. I've been waiting for almost 8 months to share this program with all of you and I can't believe it is finally here! MetaBurn90 is a full 90 day workout plan complete with a custom meal planner, tracking and 6 phases to help you continuously push your limits and reach your goals! All YOU need is a pair of dumbbells and some loud speakers!! Because I will be coaching you LIVE EVERY DAY!!!

  2. Now what happen to those people who spend hours in by snapping pic and talking on phone 😁😅

  3. Got so used to seeing Scott shirtless that him wearing one on the video took me by surprise……no homo

  4. Before you get started!! SMASH the like button and click on the bell icon. 💪🙂👍

  5. Damn why did i enjoy this teaser so much!!! Hope you get promoted Scott you deserve it!!! Keep up the good stuff!

  6. "MetaBurn90 is a fun, intense, effective full-body"

    Me: BUT DOES IT INCLUDE CALVES aka the most important muscle of them all ??


  7. Congratulations Scott and your teamates, that was a hard work to pull out. I like the fact that it's also cardio, gotta keep those fans healthy and runnin'

  8. Hey bro I have a question and it'll be great if you can answer it please. So on leg day I do my weighted squats, deadlifts, weighted lunges, and calves exercises last to get them burning and I am seeing gains but my question is before my leg work out I do one of 2 runs I either do 20mins running on the runner at a fast pace or 20 mins run but intervals of 1 mins sprint and 1 min walk so it that killing my legs for more gains or is it a good thing? Should I do this at the end instead? Hope this makes sense. Btw this app is looking fire bro

  9. Just got started with this program. You can tell it was very carefully created. One of the best I’ve seen so far! Scott is legit.

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