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ISAIAH GRIFFIN: It was a point to where I
had to turn off all the lights because every time I looked at myself in the mirror, I wouldn’t
like what I saw. ISAIAH GRIFFIN: I got my keloids basically
at the age of 17 and 18. It’s like basically when your body over-heals itself. I have keloids
on my chest, mainly it’s like a web, small ones connected to big one. On my shoulders
and my full, full on back as well. HANNIBAL GRIFFIN: He got acne real bad. We
took him to the doctor with his acne but we didn’t know his acne would eventually turn
all in to keloids. You know, we tried a few treatments and after those treatments
they was pretty much at the point where they’re saying, we just try, we just try to maintain
him where he can’t get anymore. ISAIAH GRIFFIN: It kind of hit me to a point
where I, kind of, stopped being myself, really scared about what people say or people think.
So, I would hide in like a shell. So, lot of times I can’t put pressure on it. Sometimes
it changes the way I sleep. Sometimes I am not able to hug because multiple times they
have bursted on my chest. HANNIBAL GRIFFIN: One time I was at work and
he called me, he was crying and he was crying because he was in a lot of pain. And for a
father, for a parent, who hears his son on the phone, who is extremely in a lot of
pain and you can’t do anything for him. It was very hard but he made it through. ISAIAH GRIFFIN: The main reason why I wanted
to get in bodybuilding, at first it started, as I was skinny. I was skinny, I was small
but I loved to lift. HANNIBAL GRIFFIN: I used to go to gym a lot
with a gentleman named Tony Hall. We worked out together for about 6 years. I used to
drag my sons with me all the time, we went to the gym. ISAIAH GRIFFIN: Then I just started lifting
with my dad before school. It, kind of, inspired me to get out of my comfort zone. If I had
a long day, as long as I got to the gym, as long I talk to God and I got to the gym, then
I can make it through whatever I was going through. TONY HALL: I have been training Isaiah; we
probably started roughly about 4 years ago. ISAIAH GRIFFIN: Mind-set has to be locked
in and after one moment it has to stay confident and knowing that I can do it. TONY HALL: His biggest strength is his hunger
to want to and making himself better and wanting to compete and wanting to do good. KARINA MILLER:I have only known Isaiah for
maybe 4 months. I met him at the YMCA because he goes there a lot. I feel like Isaiah is a good
representation of hard work for the entire gym. You are not going to lift heavier than
him. You are not going to work harder than him. ISAIAH GRIFFIN: When I first got in to competing
I did have doubts, not knowing if I should do it. My dad has always been here to push
me. HANNIBAL GRIFFIN: He is a big daddy’s boy. ISAIAH GRIFFIN: His main words that got me
started was he said, ‘you either going to do it or you are not.’ HANNIBAL GRIFFIN: I just encourage all my
boys. Put your all in to it. Do it with all your heart. ISAIAH GRIFFIN: Doing my bodybuilding in my
first show, I don’t think I was nervous. I was ready. I was really just ready to get
on the stage and get it done. ISAIAH GRIFFIN: When I achieved it, it felt,
it was overwhelming. ISAIAH GRIFFIN: This is my first one; basically,
the first thing I have, I have actually ever won. So, it was encouraging to know that I
was able to do something myself and achieve something myself. HANNIBAL GRIFFIN: I was so glad that you got
up there and you didn’t let your, your keloids, you know what I am saying and what you thought
people might say, stop you from fulfilling your goal and your dreams. So, yeah, I most
definitely was proud of you. You know it was very exciting time. ISAIAH GRIFFIN: You know I see my coach. He,
he was a world champion. So, really starting to push for that. That’s what I want to
really accomplish. HANNIBAL GRIFFIN: Not only will Isaiah be
a world competitor but Isaiah will be a person who helps other people. When they see somebody
like Isaiah step out on the stage, talk openly about his battle with keloids, it encourages
them to step out as well. And he turned out looking better than me.

100 thoughts on “My Scars Won’t Kill My Bodybuilding Dreams | UNBREAKABLE ME

  1. I had cystic acne that would make me cry from pain trying to sleep at night and so I can totally feel his pain😩😫 but yeah he’s cute as helllll

  2. Am I the only one who felt like they wanted to get a pair of cissors an cut the chest scar in half ._.

  3. I too have keloid in my chest.Are there any remedy to get cured from this.Pls let mw know.Rajeev from Nepal

  4. hes a soldier but a soldier of life cause he battled life! And he has his scars to prove it, keep going baby you are doing good.

  5. The fact that i have seen alot of people like this i dont give a damn how people look anymore.i don't care bout no shoes or nothing i dont care bout nobody face and how they look like.

  6. This is a great video of a man who inspired me alot. But you need to change the battery of your fire alarm asap my man.

  7. God bless u brothers and i ll always pray to god that he stands always side by u n walk with u n give u more strength

  8. 👍👍👍Be very proud of yourself! You are a good looking boy and you are strong! You have the energie to show yourself in this video! Wow !respect! I wish you the best!

  9. I wish I had his strength. I have a pretty big keloid in the back of my head and it kinda wraps around both sides of my scalp. I always wear a cap to hide it because of the embarrassment.

  10. This is a fantastic eg of why all little boys need their dads. Single mum mentality needs to stop, way to go dad.

  11. Listening to his dad talk about his suffering brought tears to my eyes! God Bless his dad and this handsome young man! My sis dated a guy for along time who had keloid scars on his ears from some piercings . In high school people teased him and called him "bubble ears" – it's ridiculous . If God meant for all of us to look the same we would. He looks amazing !

  12. This made me emotional.. I'm almost 30 yrs old and I've been suffering from keloid scars since 17 as well! I'm of Indian origin with olive skin tone and the keloids are pink to brown in colour on my arms back and recently, 2 started forming on my chest! Being a female, I get comments like how I always dress so conservative, modest. It's not a choice. I hide myself with clothes with long sleeves and closed neck tops. I long to wear tang tops and pretty clothes but I feel so insecure of being judged and people thinking I have some contageous disease, which it isn't. It's genetic, especially for acne prone skin. His story inspired me to workout and take care of by body, and be healthy.

  13. IMHO, Freezing works for the little keloids. Keloid212 has a website on this. It did NOT work for the big ones. Lexington plastic surgeons can radiate and help to remove the big ones if the doctor recommends.

  14. I have a keloid scar on my chest beacuse of a stupid decision to remove a birthmark.
    I can barely deal with the everyday pain of guilt but you give me hope thank you for that!

  15. For anyone suffering from keloids wasting time with idiot doctors. Go to Korea. Research and never look back.

  16. He should do a Ted Talk. Very inspiring and I'm very glad I found this as I'm an acne sufferer. He makes his weaknesses his strength, something I'm learning to this day😊

  17. Can Dr. Pimple popper help him with his scars, if that's something he chooses? If he has future outbreaks?

  18. I come back to watch this video again and again whenever I think myself hideous bcuz of tons of scars on my body. Not because to console myself like " At least there are people who are in worse situations than me" but to see how strong you are. I think I got a lesson from you that the greatness of the person can't be just diluted or distorted by just flaws on appearance.

  19. Me you got the same type a life I had a Keloid in my chest to.Sometimes I’m scared to go on the date because I think The guy Look at me differently.You are a very good looking guy.I am so proud of you because you’re so strong you keep going.

  20. I don't see the scars when I look at him looking at a very handsome young man very positive attitude it seems like a sweet guy thanks for sharing your story. What a sweet daddy

  21. Honey… Those are YOUR Beauty Marks and you wear them well.!! A story for my GRANDSON to look at and understand LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT.. LOVE YOU🥰 THIS AMAZING GUY DID 👍

  22. I have many scars.On my face,legs,arms. Well half all my body I have scars.I also have marks..NEVER FEEL ALONE. WE ARE 1 IN A 100000!

  23. You are a warrior sweety, those are battle scars. You have nothing to be ashamed of. God bless you and your wonderful family.

  24. I have keloid scars myself, and I admire this man so much for refusing to let this condition stop him from pursuing his dreams. 👍🏻❤ He inspires me

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