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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, everyone! We’re in Canada, Oakville In this video you’ll see I have no idea who should I adress my compassion to: Sergey or bike… During the flight from Brasil to Mexico American Airlines have lost my luggage somewhere that’s why from all that stuff I had only shorts, one pair of socks, and 2 t-shirts left Weightlifting shoes, all training stuff…everything was in my luggage that’s why I look like a shagrag because I’ve got this clothes from everyone who was at least close to my size Sergey, show how I look like please Fisher?) Beautiful, no? Summer trainers…What’s the temperature now? Now we are in Canada now and it’s about – 5°C…- 10°C and I’m in summer trainers That’s why now we’ll do the promo for Reebok. Not because they have good weightlifting shoes But because there are no other weightlifting shoes here. Since I need to work out and lift I’ll have to buy something So…let’s buy. …rogue… “Cock of the walk” Have a seat, Aleksey You know it’ll be good to take out this thing Wow, spirit… and press from the full foot “Don’t sag…” …but you’d better sag …it’s better to force in. I do understand you probably you won’t like this color BUT there’s a really good heel and they are so soft and fluffy I think you should see it. A new model… it hasn’t been presented at the World platform yet I think this pair would be ideal for squats, for snatch okay, we’ll take black&white And this one will go to our friend JON это для тебя я считаю, что это в самый раз для PIMP для американского PIMP Don’t think that it’s about promo it’s just to have something to wear for the training Поехали? Даниэль, скажите “здравствуйте”! Здравствуйте Daniel is the owner of the gym here in Canada, throughout Canada where we came up to hold the seminar this weekend. That’s why… that’s why…that’s why… Well, that happend…not my fault that… in early November I travelled from Kyiv (Ukraine) it was not so cold there and today is already February, 9 or 10 February, 10 and all this time I was in quite warm countries with warm climate and I was hoping winter will pass by somewhere close, but won’t touch me But here’s it I feel it with my arms my nose feels it, my legs feel it especially in summer “slippers” You can run nowhere from winter though. Guys from Ukraine who has – 20°and snow by knee level I salute you! I know how it feels;) In order to support the winter season we’ll run a song to support our friends from Ukraine especially from Kyiv “Snow whirls…falls…melts…” by Vitaliy Klychko our Kyiv mayor We’ve arrived to the gym I’ll show you the signboard Radix Performance Center Okay, let’s see where we’ll hold these two wonderful days Here’s the reception desk and we’re going to the gym And here’s the gym. Okay, let’s have a small review of the gym. As usually. the right form of the gym 2 floors the 2nd floor is used for I suppose for the functional training The height of the ceiling is about 6-6.5 m Equipment: there’s a special zone for the Olympic weightlifting they have Olympic weightlifting classes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Other days – Crossfit classes Jiu Jitsu, box, and something else Multi-functional gym…and, of course, Crossfit. Equipment… we’ll see what they have but I’ve already seen ELEIKO and not only one Female, Male ROGUE probably too 3 long platforms I think about 9 barbells can be at the same time here so, 10-15 people can work easily Well…let’s go. Horeography is in the agenda today. We’ll squat a little bit and go back home. I’m pleased to say there are children plates i.e. plates for working out the technique. We really have a lack of those at our schools, unfortunately. And our gyms. I hope one day it’ll change. So, we’ve “activated” the leg a bit. As you see we have the flight to another location every Monday. Saturday and Sunday – workshop and it’s really hard to plan high volume workouts high volume program work out on “rollbacks” On “activated’ leg…LOL On “activated” leg”;-D Now we’ll have a look at Sergey because he has asked about that, I think Sergey will show us something extremely interesting. Because because he asked to record it. Today is a memorable day for me because I’ve never had a ride on assault air bike in Canada and it happened at last. Thank you thank you, Aleksey for giving me this wonderful opportunity I don’t even know who should I address my compassion to… Sergey or bike because Алексей, я тебя знаю! Happy Birthday! СПАСИБО! Спасибо огромное! С Днем Рождения! Могу я сделать фото с тобой? Нет Пожалуйста… Now we’ll go upstairs We’ll take a look how it looks and what is there on the second floor. Till the very end I believed that It’s a zone for more personal training but it turns out it’s really a “personal training” zone especially taking into account this couch this couch So, all the personal training sessions take place here. Of course, with plates. That are also here. Okay, so…recovery… RIght after the workout right calories help a lot recover and adapt to the load which will be tomorrow or was yesterday it’s everything…left there was a big box… of different tasty stuff And now we’ll have a small stretching. Cool down. We’ll go to have a dinner and prepare for tomorrow. See you!

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  1. You worked technique with light weight, great example of how this helps because continual heavy lifting is taxing. -10 c is warm. It is -20 today in Alberta. The advantage of cold is you can go outside if you overheat during training. "cold body. warm mind".

  2. Леха привет! Сколько ети штангетки стоят в Канаде? И когда ты уже в Сиетл приедиш?)

  3. How do you rate Reebok Legacy Lifter comparing to Adipowers? I have opportunity to buy Reebok quite cheap. I`ll use them only for squats, are they good WL shoes? Thanks

  4. Алексей Павлович, как штангетки? Стоило покупать?

  5. Алексей, очень крутой выпуск!! С любовью и стилем смонтирован – шикардос!! Спасибо!!

  6. Алексей, колись, на что снимал? ) Очень классное качество картинки, размытый фон и стабилизация!

  7. Алексей, когда домой? когда семинар на родине состоится? намечается ли вообще?

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