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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

That´s hard! It´s a silent movie, don´t you see? But you said you’d comment on your training! You talk too much, guys! Why don´t you explain what you´re doing now? I managed to do a ¨small¨snatch Well, I mean 85% out of 180% That´s my near future goal and I count from it The charge is heavy I’ve put on 1,5 kg or so… that could be felt immediately I´ll continue with lifting now 5 rounds or so up to 130 kg…not more to train my back And that´s it! Just take some rest afterwards. I´m done. Bye!

13 thoughts on “My SNATCH workout / 160 kg – 353 lbs / weightlifting

  1. Aleksy if you need any help learning how to snatch like a professional Olympic weightlifter then let me know I offer online coaching 👍

  2. Смотрел Париж 2011 ЧМ, Алексей как жаль, что Вы больше не выступаете, наверное не хватает того адреналина и тех ощущений и как жаль что прошло уже 6 лет.

  3. Hi Aleksey Torokhtiy! I have a question regarding weightlifting shoes and how they should fit. I heard from experienced weightlifters as well as a lot of forums online that your longest toe should have a thumb's width of space from the front of the shoe or that the toes should be at the front of the shoe. What is your take on this?

  4. Алексей, используете ли Вы спортивное питание (белки, гейнеры), и если да, то какое, какой фирмы ?

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