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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

this picture shows how I’m getting lean and the potential of my body actually because I’m going from a big bulky buff dude now more to a lean athletic if you seek and that’s the physique I’m aiming it I don’t want to be crazy buffed or big I want to be like king leonidas you know I want to be big definitely but more athletic and cut nice picture well my putter is not that happy somehow but I am as you can see and what you see from this picture is that you see I’m changing my shirt is too big also my face like as its it’s kind of like my body still needs to get used to this you know to this new meat I kind of believe in that that your body needs to adapt to you as well and the other way around my muscle connection you know I might be crazy for saying this but that’s what I believe but then when you see me from The Beggar’s is the same holiday you see calves you see this arms you see triceps shoulders everything’s looking pretty built actually from the front as well there you go and this is also a fun day to explain because this is the day I subscribed my daughter to a model agency she’s pretty tall she’s blonde she has a cute face she’s really funny she’s really this character she likes acting you know and several people already told me and her mom like we should subscribe her to an agency but somehow we kept postponing it all the time and at this point it was her birthday I said like no we’re gonna subscribe her now so I had to pay some money but I’m happy I did because now she’s getting a lot of assignments already and she’s doing her own work she’s making her own money so that’s really cool but different story after I fix it my daughter now in September I went to Barcelona to visit a friend of mine who was living there and after that I had to go to see chess for a wedding and this is in the pool and as you can see I’m not having the beach buddy yet but you see lines are coming through and the total overall physique is starting to show slowly but surely I have chest I have shoulders I just need to get rid of that fat still but then with my shirt on and with my clothes on I I was suited up for the wedding and people kept complimenting like you look great people I never saw but definitely the people that I haven’t seen in a while but know me from before you know they saw how I lost a lot of kilos so soon I should start working out this is already changing for you you will change to your environment so that’s already a positive feeling and a positive fact that you need to hold on to although you’re not having that big body yet that you want you already start to look great in general so just start just do it okay me back from Spain and now I was really motivated because I said to myself okay next summer I’m gonna be where I want to be and that’s where I’m at now so you know don’t give up keep on going you see here I think I’m seeing some apps but you cannot see him on the picture but I was happy after the gym and posting a little bit this is also an important picture because as you can see it’s the 20th of October I went to the gym at the beginning of the evening because I had to work afterwards because we had a big event going on in Amsterdam the MCM dance event seven days long one week big party all over Amsterdam international DJs come from all over the world we were hosting a couple of big events as well so I had to work a lot that week I made over 80 hours at the end but I said to myself I’m not gonna skip one day gym although it’s short although it’s not gonna be good workouts although I won’t be having a lot of sleep I might drink some alcohol I’m not gonna miss out on workouts but because I’m having these goals now you know and the problem as soon as you get out of it for a while it’s harder to come back so I kept going and you see it from a body that I look a bit bloated that’s probably because of the alcohol that’s probably because of the lack of sleep but I didn’t give up and that’s what you see two days I have to look at that now you really start seeing the waste now you really start seeing the lines you don’t see apps yet but you see what’s happening there something is changing arms are looking big shoulders looking big still so now I’m really changing you know and here I think this is one of my first times I saw baby abs and anybody who’s been through such a progress who been fed for a while and then all of a sudden start seeing your abs you know this is like a historical moment you know this is a crazy moment like when you see them for the first time I don’t think you can really see it on my face that I’m that happy but I am trust me keep on going you see it also my body I’m changing I’m I’m getting more lean I’m getting more athletic you know here as well I think with less picture a little bit bloated more but that’s how your body keeps on changing like don’t focus too much on a day to day sometimes see how he changed in a week because that will keep you motivated as well now that’s me having dinner with a friend of mine for my birthday actually he took me to a real nice restaurant and you can see now I’m getting skinny this is the moment where people started complaining to me like hey you’re getting too skinny in the face are you okay something wrong yeah I’m okay because as you saw all my other pictures I was starting to look really good actually if you saw in this picture and I’m starting to look buff but gripped at the same time but then with my shirt on with my clothes on I look a bit skinny so this is always the difficult part it’s the ongoing progress trust me I’m not sure what this is but you know fake it till you make it king leonidas trying to act like a Roman Emperor but okay you see my body’s changing in the right way that’s good I like this picture 6th of December ending of the year because it shows even when I’m sitting down my belly is starting to become really flat and you saw how much fat was jiggling around there still a couple of months ago so I’m really happy that I achieved this ok next picture this is the 22nd of January actually hitting the gym again and there’s a big gap in between here I think I kind of lost it because at the end of the years of course really busy for the restaurant business definitely and I think I didn’t I didn’t skip the gym I still went to the gym but I lost it a bit on diet and on sleep and probably some more alcohol I still went to the gym but just didn’t take as much picture so here we keep on going but here’s the result because I didn’t give up you can take one step back regarding your diet and stuff but keep on going because you see this is 23rd of January I look well I look good I start the waistline is now really starting to show you know so this is something to be proud of nice picture here because now you’re already actually seeing with my shirt on that I’m starting to look ripped you know you see the definition in my arms a bit you see a vein coming out my forearms look like shit by the way I have to train them but that’s a different story elevator picture like the other one I’m starting to show like I’m really working on my body I’m really working out a lot this is 22 February I’m really happy with the state I met definitely if you compare it with a year ago you know now this is one of the pictures where you really start seeing apps of course it’s the light is the shadows that it really pops out but hey I’ve been working out really hard and you see it now and then the next picture proves that this is the end of the picture of the show real I made and this is yeah me being a bit being lean you really start to sing through that all the hard work I’ve been putting on and starts to pay off so that was my transformation so far you know losing 30 kilos and going from a 110 kilos overweighted guy until like 80 kilos rip dude with abs with my shoulders popping out I mean that’s transformation already but I must say I know at the end I got too skinny so this is the difficult part I mean I was at the at the point of like should I keep on cutting should I broke a little bit I don’t know but luckily I plan it this way because the 18th of March I was going to USA visit a friend of mine who’s living in Chicago we went together to Vegas and stuff I will show you in a bit but that’s how I planned it so I had a really strict diet and stuff until then and then I would see like ok I’ll see where it takes me after you know I first want to show this picture because I made it with my uncle and he said soon as you reach your goals let’s make some pictures together and you can see from how my body is ripped and you see the faint scene you see definition in their arms and stuff it looks really cool but you can see from my face that I’m skinny and I’m it’s like kind of like harshness in my face you know I look a bit angry tired and stuff and everybody who’s been dieting really strict knows this is how this is feeling so I think it symbolizes like the progress you’re going through ok this is the stage I think I made this picture in the States because this was two days after my last picture you saw from 70 March and I think I made it because I had a crazy jet and I already ate some junk food and some drinks I was thinking like or my ABS gone yet luckily they were still there and as you can see this is me in Vegas then again you saw the last picture with my shirt off I look great with my shirt on I think I look too skinny my beard is also pretty big so therefore I look skinny in total but you know I’m too skinny I know that I need to start gaining some muscle gaining some weight but I’m gonna do that next winter so next summer I’m gonna look really good but those are future goals once again with my shirt off this is also a Vegas in the basement of the hotel there was a gym I was working out during my holiday hell yeah and you can see I look crazy well and this is actually a beautiful picture of like you see the potential of my body you see where I can get like if I really put work into it if I gain more muscle and the next summer I become ripped I’m gonna have a real impressive physique you even see the legs are good the shoulders and stuff and I must say of course this is the bump from after the workout these are the lights from above and I also ate some junk food probably so you know that’s a lot of salt and a lot of carbs that will make your muscles look bigger but in general there’s potential here and especially for the body that I try to achieve the king of unites body I’m gonna reach it for sure and this is also from the clip you saw this is this is thing I think one of the best physiques I had so far because this is all so people will tell you like you’re not too skinny but you look buffed you look ripped at the same time you look good you know this is what a lot of people like I just need to gain a little bit of more muscle but that’s for the future plans treated myself with some chick-fil-a I never had chick-fil-a before I needed to try it it’s disgusting but tasty at the same time you know you know what junk food is like so I had to try it and I deserved it and then even on my way back this was at the International Airport of Chicago I said okay I’m gonna have my last cheat meal and soon as I get back I’m going in full throttle all the way in again I must say as soon as I got back it was difficult because I had a jet lag it was difficult to get in my routine but I managed because as you can see for stuff April back on my progress pics and it’s really funny because as you compare this with a 17th of March I mean the last bishop where you really saw the ABS you see this is two weeks later been to the States ate some junk food ate some bad stuff lost some sleep with jetlag and stuff AC they’re gone but I was determined to get them back you know going to the gym having a good pump from all the carp still in my body so determined to get them back and you see it this is one week later that’s already lines coming through so that’s what happens when you start to understand your body and how it works you know the tricks you know how your body reacts to certain diets to workouts to cardio you know so it wasn’t a big problem getting them back you see two weeks later back on track and this is the 28th of April and this is a nice picture to show because this really shows how ripped I am but at the same time I’m getting too skinny this doesn’t look really healthy I know that but it was just me pushing me to my limits and as I showed you already before this is actually after I took the video I will show you you and it isn’t as bad as it looks I know I look really skinny in the face but it’s just from probably from just waking up and being a bit tired or something you know I I was feeling pretty okay in general but I know I was too skinny and this was two days before my daughter came and where I said to myself okay soon as my daughter comes here I’m allowed to eat some some other stuff I’m going along with her routine you know always when my daughter’s with me I just tried to plan quality time so I had a week off and I must say because I was so ripped as soon as my daughter came I kind of lost it I start eating a lot of bad stuff and it was feeling like my body was craving for it like I needed to compensate for all the strict dieting but I will tell you more about that in my second transformation because yeah this was my transformation in overall but since I lost it after my daughter came I decided to make a second transformation so for now thanks for watching King Leonidas Fitness it was real fun to show you my transformation hopefully it can motivate some people it did motivate me again to go hard I’m gonna get a workout after this actually so for now thanks and please stay tuned for my second transformation video King Leonidas Fitness stay tuned


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