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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey, everybody. I’m Scott from One thing I enjoy doing is that I really like to share the secrets that I use to not waste energy before performing an exercise One of my biggest secrets that I have is the rollover that I do to get my dumbbells up when I do my chest exercises for flat bench and for Incline bench So what I’m going to do right now to show you at first I’m going to do it with lighter dumbbells Which if you’re first trying this out Try it with lighter dumbbells so you don’t drop the dumbbells on your face. It hurts. I haven’t done it I’ve caught a couple and I’ve heard it’s happened before, but you’ll be fine alright So what you’re going to do is grab some lighter dumbbells, okay? You’re going to put the dumbbells on the edge of your knees, so the center of the dumbbell is pretty much on your knee cap, okay? A little before your quad Now what you’re going to do is you’re going to lean forward like this. Take a deep breath You’re going to roll back as you get to here you’re going to straighten your arms out and you’re going to push your toes Bring the dumbbells up turn your feet down and now you do a dumbbell Bench press if you want to bring it down the same way you go like this so again what you’re going to do Lean Forward cuz you want momentum Come back Arms Straight push with your toes come up turn, and now you’re ready for the dumbbell bench press Now to show you how to do it with any kind of weight. I’m going to go up to 80 Okay, same thing pick the dumbbells up put them on your knees Like this, what you’re going to do is lean forward Bring them up now you’re in the bench press. Just like this okay now Sure, to make sure you don’t think I’m messing around when I say you can do it with any weight We’ll try the heaviest dumbbells we have at the gym try the 125s Okay, same thing line them up in front of the bench, okay? Pick them up! Now get yourself in position Bring them up now your in the bench Come back down That’s how you do it if you want to more fitness tricks watch out for more videos subscribe to my channel Have a great day guys. I’ll talk to you soon

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