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Hey guys,I’m Harsiddhsinh Gohil and this video
is about Myprotein supplements which i ordered from their official india website
They are offering 25% on their entire products so the protein is selling very cheap.The 5kg
pack is selling at 3860 rupees and the unflavored whey protein is selling only at 3000 rupees
for the 5kg bag so it feels like you’re buying horlicks than whey protein because whey protein
sells at very high rates. They sent me some gift cards which is of no
use because i live in India and not in the uk.i ordered this impact whey protein,this
is the rockyroad flavor.The rockyroad flavor is similar to chocolate flavor.the macros
on this are per 100gram, 77 grams of protein,7.4 grams of fat,5.5 grams of
the macros are nice, 77 grams of protein. I also ordered this chocolate brownie flavor,this
is also the 5kg bag.macros on this are 71 grams of protein,7.5 grams of fat and 7.9
grams of you are getting 3grams more carbs compared to rockyroad and
you are getting 6 gram less protein compared to rockyroad so if you want high protein then
you should opt for rockyroad and not for chocolate brownie but this flavor tastes very so good
so i ordered it. I also ordered this peanut butter,the macros
on this areare 579 calories,46 grams of fat 12 gram carbs,sugar is 6 grams and protein
is 30 gram.there is no salt and the ingredients are peanuts 100% so it’s made from 100% peanuts
and jogging else. I also ordered this flavdrops.this are the
part of their flavoring can add few drops in your favorite food like oat meal
or pancakes etc. Or you can add this to your protein shake
to improve the flavor of can buy unflavored protein and use the flavdrops and they are
calorie free. I also ordered the high protein dr zak bagels
but they were expired unfortunately so that’s not nice myprotein.the best before date on
them was 17th October ans i recieved my parcel on 23rd so i didn’t use them but so i can
not review them. I will make a seperate video about this protein
the quality of the impact whey protein and the taste of rockyroad and chocolate brownie
flavor and their mixability and all that good stuff. If you guys are watching this video after
25th October the India launch offer will be over as far as i know but you can still get
25% off by using my referral code “HARSIDDHSINH-R1” i will put that code in to the description
so you can use it to get 25% off your order and if you like this video make sure to like
it,please comment and subscribe to my channel to see more videos like this.I’m Harsiddhsinh
Gohil and I’ll see you guys in the next video.

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