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my protein is now the biggest sports
nutrition brand in europe and the biggest online sports nutrition brand in
the world people always ask us how do we do it how
do we make the highest quality products at the best possible prices for us it’s
all about investing in quality and keeping our costs low. the key areas to
actually be very cost-effective is automation and obviously on our part
high-speed automation as well we’ve got bespoke machines that have been designed
in-house for our use in order to be able to run as fast as we can and in terms of
the quality side with the testing that we do the blending that we do with the
we have invested in the modern technology to be able to achieve that we
have every 2500 products available which is the largest range offering in the
industry so from sports nutrition products to a high-protein foods range
which includes anything from brownies flapjacks to protein cookies and are
expansive clothing offering we really do have everything that you need nutrition
is my background it’s so important for me to make sure that all the effort I
put in the gym is really maximized by the way I fuel my body both before and
afterwards my protein have massively help me with this it’s a brand i really
trust i’ve used it for years is manufactured in the UK that’s a good
indication of quality for me it’s great value and there’s a huge range not to mention the taste of the product
is really good as well. testing the product is crucial for us at myprotein we’ve got two and i are machines which means we have near-infrared testing every single
product that comes into the warehouse gets tested through that it will give us
an instantaneous chemical profile of the product so once it is that we’ve got
that result if it meets internals back then it gets delivered into the
warehouse if not it gets rejected out on top of that we use electronic technology
so an electronic nose and electronic tongue we use that to validate the
organoleptic properties of the products so flavor color texture and that means that we can ensure you
get consistency we work with lab door who tested right sports nutrition
products so that people can make educated choices when it comes to use a
sports nutrition provider will be all of our products which have been tested by
lab door have been right right at the top and our impact whey isolate for
example has been right number one for both quality and value we have a full
list of approved suppliers so for that we send out one of our technical team to
go in order to the plant or the production facility to make sure they’ve
got all the necessary criterion that we need to meet all of our specifications
we use Europe’s leading way supplies obviously with it being one of our
best-selling products we need to make sure that it meets all our stringent
quality checks are bespoke production plant is now the best and most advanced
in the world with open the second facility in Kentucky and spend 10
million pounds in the last 12 months recently became BRC A-grade accredited
independent endorsement for our technical team and high quality
standards fuel your ambition epitomizes what my protein is all about everyone
has dreams and Myprotein can help you achieve those Dreams

100 thoughts on “Myprotein | Quality Supplements | Behind The Scenes Unseen Production Facility Footage

  1. For the price the quantity they give you is okay. I wouldn’t depend on it though. Get better stuff by checking the ingredients.

  2. Is “Myprotein Impact Whey Isolate” safe? I saw a warning on Labdoor's official site that it contains mercury and other heavy metals which are harmful. 🤨?

  3. Previous year i used 3 5kg of my protein 83% clearness. 55euro the 5kg
    Im very satisfied.
    Greetings from Greece

  4. You need to get some mass gainer back in fucking stock
    So frustrating using a product and then it just dissapears!

    I will not resort to other brands!!!!

  5. MP Whey Isolate > ON Gold Standard > MP Whey impact concentrate.
    Which mean MP Whey isolate cant be beaten by any product of ON.
    The fact is : MP Whey Isolate contain 23g protein each 25g serving. (92%)
    How about ON? Its only contain 24g protein each 32g serving. (75%)

  6. I enjoy this product I use meal replacement best ones I have tried mix well taste great only problem is the amount of sugar so due to health problems I can one use one a day because of the sugar content they do keep you full for a long time some days I have a shake an only one low calorie meal

  7. Been using for about 3 years now, good quality product but it's true that they use alot of sweetener, other than that it's a good basic product at a good price, I would say though that supplements can't replace a wholesome nutrient rich diet and that's where the real results are going to come from

  8. Been using their stuff for years, decent gains in strength and flavour is solid, main thing is the price though, dirt cheap.

  9. India has shoddy and dishonest supplement makers that s why we depend on imported supplement and now seeing ourselves how good company is we are more than contented

  10. Good products but the plastic is a problem the government are soon cracking down on plastic waste and this company produces tones of it. Also the plastic bags are too big for the amount of powder you put in them you could at least half each bag and make it more compact

  11. the unique selling point of my protein is the low price nd best quality . please dont ever waste your money on advertisement , brand ambassador ,etc because it will make products little costly . everybody know about my protein . if your product is good enough people will definitely buy your products for example now days people from india now buy huge amount products just because of your quality product at lowest price .. so please keep it as low as possible

  12. Recently bought a chocolate brownie 1kg impact whey protein and it ended up tasting like bananas and it was absolutely disgusting. also bought a box of micellar casein bars and some protein brownies and it didn't taste nice, the texture was weird too. Most of the myprotein bars taste exactly the same . I then didn't like my protein anymore and switched to musclepharm and I really liked their combat crunch and combat protein that I bought 3 5lb combat protein tubs and 6 boxes of the combat crunch bars. Recently I decided to buy the "Premium" Myprotein "TheWhey" bought 20 individual packets of different flavours. I hope myprotein keeps to its "Good reputation"

  13. Use this product 2 years n myprotein brand is a best protein to me.. have a good quality product n cheap..

  14. But you still use cheap, artificial sweeteners in your products. To me, this clearly shows your primary motivation is profit and not the well-being of your customers.

  15. tender out the production of all your products externall.. so you produce absolutley own a warehouse..thats it..your impact whey is the worst watery shit ive ever tasted and i left a bit of banana whey in a shaker overnight and it stained and pitted the inside of my shaker.. your brand managers face looks like she is trying to carry an egg in her pussy lips without breaking it and "aby" you my protien athelete looks like shit.. bitch is not toned or shapely at all..looks like she doesnt even train ffs … her fuking nose looks like it been ironed upwards because of that bad nose job and she has had far too much botox… somebody tell that bitch to lay off the damn botox… i wouldnt mind but you have the making of a company to be number 1 worldwide but obviously being run by a fashion conscious bunch of kids who eat at nandos and wear fuking gymshark clothing when they go to the gym with their fitted skinny pants on … id sooner suck a bulls cock for protien than drink your impact shite..on the up side your fermented aminos are the bollocks!! Keep up the good work xxx

  16. I am very much interested to be your trade partner from India, Bangalore. Please facilitate me the process to br part of your reputed organization…

  17. Platinium Thermogenic Protein este special creat de Body Line, in Spania, pe baza unor ingrediente naturale ce au rolul de a intensifica metabolismului grăsimilor.
    Beneficii Thermogenic Protein:
    ✔ contribuie la remodelarea corporala
    ✔ reduce apetitul și controleaza senzatia de foame
    ✔ sprijina eliberarea energiei
    ✔ susține sănătatea sistemului cardio – vascular
    ✔ imbunatateste performantele fizice in timpul antrenamentelor
    ✔ intensifica metabolismul pentru arderea grasimilor

  18. I am using on whey for a long time. I want to try your brand too. Is there any difference between online and offline purchasing? Please let me know as soon as possible.

  19. You need to be careful about where you pick up the stuff and then, analyze it in the Laboratory for Authenticity and Purity…After all, you have good price/quality supplements👍

  20. I used to take different types of mass gainers before 2 years and i got good gains not sure if its from mass gainers or from solid foods. but also i develop a digesting problem that i can't digest many foods. now i m thinking about just whey protein or whey isolate. any opinions?

  21. I have used MyProtein for years now and yes i am very pleased and think it is without a doubt the best products as far as price/quality goes ,but PLEASE ,you really need to address the problem with the "resealable" bags ,a lot of times it is impossible to seal the bags once they are opened ,and that is obviously a BIG PROBLEM when you buy a 5 kg bag of protein or even just a 500 gr bag of glutamine

  22. I've always been using Ultimate Nutrition till now. Recently I switched to Myprotein since last month. Trust me it gives amazing results if your overall diet is good enough.
    Check out their Labdoor rankings.You'll get to know

  23. Why are there so many Indians commenting and asking if it is available in India? Don't you have protein companies in your country?

  24. Halo. I bought a 5kg natural vanilla isolate recently from Is there a way that you can confirm and prove that the protein that i bought is original or fake?? Thanks in advance.

  25. Can I use this as a professional athlete(boxing)? Will i have problems with doping testing? I would use impact whey protein…?

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