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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

16 thoughts on “Myth & facts: Creatine Supplements | With lot of studies on CREATINE

  1. This is good information, the prefect one

    You have added the latest studies links also will go on these to get more detailed information

  2. Good day Doc. Kindly advise what other supplements I can use or mix with Creatine in order to have muscles and muscle strength…

  3. Also, How about creatine and other supplements is it safe to use creatine w fish oil, whey, vitamin & minerals, bcaa at the same time?

  4. I'm into CrossFit and Powerlifting…
    I also have nonalcoholic fatty liver
    Can I use Creatine?
    If so, what should be the dosage?

  5. Great info sir…. Can u tell us about leucine… How to take or is it even worth it to take leucine supplement.. 🙏

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