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Greetings on the channel and today we’ll talk about one wonderful athlete from Canada. And so let’s go! Natasha Aughey is the face of fitness and the sensation of social media from Canada! She started her way still from high school doing jogging and gradually falling in love with the gym. Performing only cardio she was not able to achieve good results and she turned to more experienced athletes who offered her to work with weights in the gym Thanks to an effective training program and a diet, the result did not take long to wait, but because of good genetics she managed to quickly build a quality muscle mass. Big legs muscular shoulders and a narrow waist made her stand out in the fitness industry. Friends encouraged her to create a profile in the instagram that she did. First photo she published in 2012 and almost instantly was recognized for his amazing figure. Over the next 5 years she has accumulated a lot of subscribers. At the moment she has 750 thousand subscribers in Instagram and 64,000 subscribers on YouTube The most popular video with her scored 16 million views! She inspired many people and athletes, showed that it’s like to go to your goal. And to her 23 years she managed Become an icon of fitness not only in Canada! Now Natasha is 25 years old, she was born on March 18, 1993. Her height is 167.5 cm Weight is about 62 kg Natasha trains 6 days a week, highlighting one day to relax and recover. She likes to play 4-5 sets of 25 repetitions to develop your body. Here she is Natasha Aughey If you liked the video and want more learn more about Natasha’s workouts, put your finger up and subscribe to the channel.

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