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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

everyone wants aesthetics
and that’s what I’m going for i’m not trying to get as big as possible I’m
just trying to build a proportional physique what’s going on guys, my name is
Christian Fleenor, I’m 22 and I am from Orange County California, honestly a
lot of people don’t want to look like bodybuilders I mean I respect
bodybuilders I respect bodybuilders work ethic, but for me and to attract
people to you you’re not going to want to look like a 270-pound bodybuilder
you’re gonna want to look aesthetic have muscle and kind of have something
achievable that someone can be inspired to achieve I chose the route to go natural because
of my genetics my work ethic and I know a lot of science nutrition and I’ve
also I’ve been working out for six years straight so I’m coming to the point
where I can see myself progressed more and more and more by the hour and the
consistency that I put in you can get a great body naturally you know but you
just have to put in the work in the years to get there, this is my lifestyle
I’ve done this for the last six years this is not a short period of time this
is going to take you a while but anything that takes a long time is going
to be extremely worth it because you grow through the process everything’s knowledge, knowledge is
power so don’t go for the easier route of you know oh yeah I’m just gonna take
these drugs because they’re gonna get me results, no because when you do drugs it’s not oh
I’m gonna get the best physique ever a lot of people that I talk to you they
think just taking steroids is gonna get them an amazing physique because they think that you can’t get
good results as a natural fitness model as a natural bodybuilder
or as a natural athlete and that’s not true so you’re gonna have to work a
little harder but it’s definitely gonna be worth it and they’re gonna be a lot
healthier because obviously you know steroids aren’t really too healthy for
your body especially for your hormones and over time there’s a lot of side
effect. I respect anyone’s decision, it’s their body but for my body I’m gonna
look at the best health standpoint and I know about the science behind steroids
and I just don’t want to commit to that it’s not the look that I want to go to, I
don’t feel the need and I don’t really need to go to that because I’m already
big enough, I’m already shredded enough if you’re consistent in your diet your
cardio and your eating the right foods and you’re burning the right
calories you can get results don’t let anyone ever tell you that you know you
can’t achieve great results or aesthetic results if you’re not natural, you can I’m the type of person that once I hit a goal, I have another goal lined up going more of like the golden aesthetics
era you know very proportional fitness model look and really lean and just
building out my muscle to its best natural potential. if I didn’t have
Fitness I wouldn’t be the person I am today and I wouldn’t be constantly
progressing as a person


  1. I really feel sorry for the people claiming this Guy is On steroids. ‘Every aesthetic physique is built On steroids’ Thats what you tell yourself to feel good about yourself when not working hard and chasing your dreams. Yall wont achieve shit with this mindset.

  2. Being a Natural Athlete by looking at his Muscles bellies ,he is 100 percent Natural,How I am telling you all This , Because I Had Won Mens Physique India Show Title Naturally,I am still in Better Condition .

  3. Yes bro your right…..for me the aesthetics is better because it can be look more sexy than bodybuilding,because body builder looks like a giant and its not sexy anymore…i dont want to be very big like that

  4. "Everything is knowledge, knowledge is power"

    Doesn't Even know how to do a bench press correctly, like the 95% of the rest.

  5. I don't think he's on roid, same way I don't think he's not using roid. Only him knows for sure but I like his physique and I believe it's achievable naturally

  6. i believe his natural claim watching how little he was lifting on those upward cable fly's

    super impressive the physique he's built

  7. All you lazy fat hating ass miserable mfers in this comment hit the gym daily bulk up by putting on some weight and muscle and then get on a strict clean diet and burn your fat while still putting on muscle then tell me what y’all will look like hating on something when half of y’all probably not in the gym one day a week sitting around hating miserable

  8. Hard work pays off. One of the gifts God gave to humans is workout and sculpt your body. Gym is like a temple to these guys and others doing workout all around the globe. Just workshop your gym with the workout.

  9. Actually everybody wants to be a bodybuilder (build the body) but the ones who overtook the field took its name And they lookin like 3 year old dianosaures. Now when some say bodybuilding it probably means to someone like those fat punks.

  10. Dont play a NATUrAL game on this one. Because it will break many peoples confidence. I respect his hard work but even though guide peoples in healthy way the right way.

  11. Man as a beginner I was excited to move away from 62 kg and become closer to the 80 kg zone but everyone’s telling me that’s impossible without steroid use. Dreams = shattered.

  12. If he’s truly natural then his genetics are why he’s so shredded and aesthetic. Not everyone can get that type of physique naturally. People don’t realize that genetics play a huge role in how physiques develop. There’re many ppl out there that don’t have genetics to look like this guy unless they took something. It’s not hating, just keepin it real.

  13. You literally can't progress after 6 years if you are natural there is a limit of mass and bf, LYING STEROID DOUD EXPOSED

  14. I believe He is 100 percent natural .. Anyone can achieve that with hardwork & discipline .. Look at the statues of greek mythology they are all big and lean .. There's no steroid in that time it means , it is possible to achive that physique ..

  15. For people that don’t workout please stfu this dude is not on steroid. This body is achievable respect my guy 💪

  16. Well it's possible for those who have golden genetics. I on the other hand have the shitty genetics. My shoulder are non existent and I tend accumulate fat on lower belly.

  17. Everyone doesnt have good genetic to build thr physique like that soo they use anabolic. Anyway congratz for such amazing genetic …

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