Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

If you just started training, your body is going to be very responsive to training. It’s not going to adapt that quickly, you know what I’m saying. So if someone is new to training, I always tell them there’s no need to take supplements, just keep it food-based. Again like I mentionned earlier, progression is key. If you start taking supplements and things like that. Yeah you may get where you need to be faster, but like I said again, I’m not for the fast results. We want to get as big as possible as bodybuilders but if you’ve never trained before, You need to take it step by steps. If you started training and you do five, seven days a week, you gonna kill yourself. Then you’ll never come back. So supplement for me is.. stages. When you
start training, I believe you shouldn’t take any sort of supplements. You should just keep it food-based. Everyone is different though.

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