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You have to give your all, you have to work from your lower arms. Come on you can do it. PULL! Pull… Conny? Good morning! How are you? So so… Now we want to sweat a bit! Yes, let’s go! Good morning! Good morning! Look, I’m already well prepared. Hi Daniel, pleased to see you. Hi Conny, very pleased to see you… Thank you, me too! Thank you for coming! We’ve already warmed up a little. Here are Lukas and Sven, they’ve also been waiting for you. …and now let’s go for it! Now let’s go for it! Warm-up at the training sports centre, that’s how we start our day. We warm-up thoroughly, usually from 6:25 until just before eight. Half of the training time is therefore made up of a thorough warm-up with various gymnastic exercises. Then we really get down to work and train according to the motto: “If the strength is there, then it will be trained!” We’ll therefore be working on maximum strength and speed strength. As long as you keep steady, you can play around here. Can you feel it? There’s no wizardry involved. Here you’ll need your shoulders. They also need to be warmed up properly this morning. Very nice, you’re doing well. That’s hard guys, very hard! I’ve just climbed the rope twice, which is extremely hard. On the one hand, in terms of gripping force. On the other, in the biceps because I didn’t use my legs. I can recommend one attempt to everyone though. So the same again against Lukas, the hall champion. Let’s see who gets to the top first. Lukas has just told me that we start seated, so let’s go! Yeeess, unfortunately Lukas messed up. That’s what I aimed for. Daniel, Conny come over here for a moment please, I’ll show you something! There are always a lot of athletes who have problems with deadlift exercises due to a lack of gripping strength. There are a few very cool toys to sort that out though. Here we have this bar on which you can train your gripping strength In my eyes better than with fat grips or similar exercises. The second variation is these balls — my personal favourite. And for the final variation we have the training boards. The cool thing about this is that you can work from the simple to the difficult part. For example, we have the large, easy grips here. Then the middle or advanced grips. And in the lower section, we have the small, very difficult grips. If you can hold the small grips for ten seconds, you… … are top? You simply have a gorilla’s grip! Not just here, but also in the weight room. So it really can be applied there too. Lukas is the best example of someone who has made enormous progress in deadlifts for the simple reason that he has improved his gripping strength enormously. And I always say: “Why make things complicated? Simply train with your own body weight” Let’s go! The last row of grips is simply the area that you work towards over years. Although I have to admit that I’m very suited to this exercise. How heavy are you? At the moment I weigh 56 kilograms. What do you weigh at the moment? At the moment I weigh 97 kilograms. How tall are you? I’m 1.76m. I’m 1.71m… you can work out where you are roughly… You can see very well here with Conny, and also Daniel, who slipped off before, a very good basis in terms of gripping strength. In the next session, a two-figure progression would definitely be possible. Very good you two! Excellent! I’m very pleased with you, we’ll continue later on the climbing wall. Hi BodybuildingRev fans. Welcome to the main session in the Dornbirn K1 climbing hall. Sven Albinus and my humble self are here as belayers. It remains for me to say: “Let’s go. Over to the wall! Have fun!” I’m getting huge forearms. In a moment, Jürgen is going to show us a textbook example of how to climb perfectly. It’s unbelievable how he does it. Yes, nobody else can. Truly outstanding, it’s awesome. We’ve just had a really tough climbing session with Jürgen Reis. Now we’ll have a bite to eat and then go straight to the next work-out. If we manage it, my fingers are suffering quite badly. Come on, come on, final sprint! Sunset training, high above Dornbirn, eighth floor. A different kind of training ground. Let’s have a look what the balls and the boards can do or what we can do with them. Have fun! These exercises really depend a lot on your grip, the big balls in particular are very demanding, as you’ll see in a moment. One basic rule for this work-out is: “Keep your thumb over the line!” Anything else is not allowed! You hold them like this. So I’d say, let’s get started. Great! Yes, really! Now comes the worst guy after the two professionals. It would be better if you moved the kettlebells to the side. Yes, that would be better. Otherwise I’ll fall on them. Just holding is enough to begin with. Can I start with the small ones? Yes, definitely. It’s better to hold the small ones from underneath. From underneath? Yes, from underneath. And now really squeeze them. You’ve got to want it! Concentrate above all on the lower arm. It isn’t like chin-ups. It’s a very different group of muscles. Yes, just like that. Can you feel it? And now pull and concentrate on the lower arm. You’ve got to want it! PULL!!! It’s deceptive when you watch. It’s much harder to do than chin-ups. Can you feel it? In chin-ups, the strength comes in concert and here it comes above all from the lower arms. My problem is more that I can’t position my hands. The firmer you squeeze, the better it is. But you really have to give your all. You have to work from your lower arms. Come on, you’re doing it… PULL! PULL! ….yeah pull… So Conny, concentrate on the lower arms! If you squeeze here, that’s the best way to build up power. Then you can hold on better and pull! I’m with you. So, let’s go! Just concentrate on the thumbs and squeezing. It’s hard isn’t it? Yes, very! Then just concentrate on holding first of all. It’s very difficult, isn’t it? Unbelievable, really tough. But I WANT to do it! Come on let’s go! Grip really tightly. Come on, one! No… Then take a break first. Wait 5-6 minutes, it might be better afterwards. That often happens because you know exactly what is coming! What do you use that device for again exactly? I use it as a preventative measure for very small injuries. It emits an infrared laser and magnetic field and increases the circulation. I can recommend it to anyone, who sometimes gets slight pains in their fingers. This exercise is, I believe, a very good and complex exercise from sport climbing that can also help natural bodybuilders a lot. I don’t think that anyone who is strong here will falter at the bar. Let’s go, come on! All from the thumbs! Press! Wow, it does really hit the hands. Really amazing! Everything OK? Yes… holding firmly really is the be-all and end-all here. Conny, gripping with the thumbs is really very important! If you have the strength there, then you will do it! You really have to make sure that you do not grip them too far down or not far enough on the outside. Firm grip from the fingers and then you can start. Come on! PUUUULLLL! YEEESSS! STRIKE!!!!!! Firm grip! And one more! Great, awesome! Brutal! You see Conny, you have the strength! Just through the fingers. But you do have to grip in a completely different way to chin-ups. When you do chin-ups, you concentrate on the latissimus, there you can draw the strength from below. But here it is just the opposite. Here you need to work from above. You need to concentrate so much. Great Conny, you managed to go from none to several in succession within a few minutes. You have to concentrate and simply blank out the pain, then it works. Because if you are honest, it does hurt a lot! You have to really claw at it and then the strength comes. Yes, that’s exactly right Daniel. Here you can raise your level again from top to bottom. If you can do chin-ups on the lower grips here, you deserve congratulations. Super Conny, hold your fingers firmly. Today we had a very nice, but also very demanding day… Yes, definitely. …what can you recommend for anybody who gets a taste for climbing after watching the video? All climbing halls have instructors and also taster courses, just like at gyms, so you can make initial contacts and look into the subject a bit. Another tip from me would be to visit the website There you’ll find regular columns about climbing and also weight training with climbing aids written by me and my editorial team. Great stuff, thank you! We’re going back to the sports centre where we are also staying and there we’ll enjoy a well-earned evening off. Thank you Jürgen, see you tomorrow. You’re both very welcome, see you tomorrow! I’m looking forward to it. Daniel? No. We don’t want to miss each other, here in the big building. There’s the light. I hoped you might have given it a miss. I thought we might do a lap in the stadium beforehand, but it’s just too cold despite the wonderful morning air. We’ll continue with antagonistic muscle training, but specifically for sport climbing. There’ll be a lot of new things for you, especially in the rests between sets. Nothing special as such, except for the details. So remember the rests between sets! Good morning! Good morning, how are you? Did you sleep well? I’m still a bit tired, but that’s bound to go soon. Yes, it’s a bit early… But now we have to get on with it. We’re here in the weight room at the sports centre. First we’re going to do some stretching. Then we’ll mainly work with basic exercises from weight training, for example, bench press. Then exercises with the kettlebells, for example, overhead press. As I’ve said, we climbers have definitely not re-invented weight training, but what we practice with zeal here are exercises for the rotator cuffs. Every millimetre counts there. I like very much how Daniel and Conny put in an effort and motivate themselves and devote themselves to each exercise. Very good “spirit” here. Concentrated atmosphere, which I like very much. Watch Conny. She’s very motivated with her kettlebell swings. She gives her all! The first step is always the hardest, as you have just seen. It does take a while from the point where you can’t do it to the point where you can balance to some degree. We were just in the weight room, now we’re on our fitness course in the woods. This is where things started for me. From the age of fourteen to seventeen, I came here to do chin-ups with a friend. And, we came every day and, at the weekend, we even came twice a day. Well, let’s see if I can still do it. I should think so. Let’s go, simply move from rung to rung. Do not swing though, we’ll do it all with strength. This is known as laddering and it’s a very effective strength exercise from sport climbing which athletes from other strength sports use to enhance their training. So it’s also very suited to bodybuilders. Quiet, I don’t want to hear a thing. Like a cat. Jürgen Reis has just introduced us to a new variation where you do not work with extended arms, but with shortened bent arms. That makes things considerably more demanding. The exercise should be done slowly and quietly. For anyone who wants to make things heavier, I’ve brought along a few ankle weights. You don’t need much weight here as the centre of gravity is at the bottom, i.e. at the end of the load chain. Do you want to have a go Daniel? Conny, how about you? No, I’d better go without! Daniel, do you notice how it pulls to the side? Yes, they really do pull downwards extremely. We’ll continue with straight leg raises. I see Sven is adding weight, as mentioned at the most unfavourable, i.e. difficult point in terms of his centre of gravity. Let’s see if it works well. He has been busy training so it should work. When he visited me for the first time a few years ago, he found this exercise very difficult. But now on his ninth visit to Peak County, it all looks very different. Super Daniel, really good! It’s more or less like deadlifts using your own body weight. Have you done this before? No… All this shows us very clearly that you can train very effectively even with the simplest means. When I was fourteen, I didn’t do these exercises though. I have to admit that. Back then I started with two chin-ups, after two weeks I did five and by the end of the winter I was doing fifteen chin-ups. We’ve arrived at one of Dornbirn’s natural monuments, where I always like to bring my friends to round off the visit. I hope you enjoyed it and in the same breathe I’d like to voice my great respect for you. You really worked hard. I have got to know two athletes who are ready to go far beyond the comfort zone. Thank you Daniel! I thank you too Jürgen! And thank you Conny! Thank you very much too Jürgen! You too Sven, for support! You’re welcome anytime Jürgen! You’re going in the wrong direction mate… AAAAHHHHHHHHHH…… JÜRGEN get me down!!!!! Our queen… excellent! Jürgen…had…invited…us. Then… we’ll go… in a moment… on to the next work-out. I hope you enjoy it. Help, I can’t see anything!

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