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Hi everyone, we’ve just arrived in Berlin-Lichtenberg. Now we’re going over to Joni, who runs He’s going to show me how to do proper strongman training and give me a good thrashing, so let’s go. Today is Tuesday, that’s my leg day and I am interested to see what it’s like because strongmen train very continuously. A lot of basic exercises are involved and I hope that I really waste my legs during the session. We’ll see, I’m looking forward to it. I hope the session really finishes me off. It’s well hidden… That looks more like Strongman equipment at the back there. That’s what we’re looking for. Joni has now given me a belt and I’m going to try to do squats with more weight. I hope my back problems won’t be too severe. Since that went so well, now I have the courage to squat 140kg again. Let’s see, what I can do. In February, I managed 20 repetitions with 140kg, I definitely won’t be able to do that anymore, but we’ll see what I can do. How many did I do? I haven’t got enough oxygen in my brain. I’ve just done squats with Joni, it was really cool to do squats again properly. The last time I did squats I injured my back and I haven’t done any squats for a while. I didn’t think that it would work again so well with the belt. I was able to squat 140kg again, about 15 times I reckon. After the tire flip, I must say I’m quite disappointed. I gave my all, I tried to flip it. It just wouldn’t go. He said the technique is important, but it simply wasn’t to be. I will definitely try again though some time. The coordination is totally missing there. I really felt it in my knees. It will come with time, of course. It’s a great exercise. Now I have to prove something after messing up with the tire. Now we have added some weight, there is almost 200kg now, he is going to show me again now and I will copy him. The yoke was damned hard I must say. That was the exercise where I really noticed that I need my knees. I never really had pain in my knees before and I really noticed that when you lose coordination, then it really hits the joints. So that is definitely a dangerous exercise, it is tough — but it was cool, I enjoyed it! That is a lot easier than the exercise before. Now it’s going to be crap, I haven’t said anything yet. Now it’s going to get tough. Now we’ll see whether the deadlift has paid off and this time I’m doing it without straps. My girlfriend will be pleased when she sees that. The prowler was by far the toughest exercise I did today. The last few meters were the absolutely sickest shit, you wouldn’t believe it. I was on my knees. But overall that was a great workout, too. You definitely have to try it. I can recommend trying it to any bodybuilder because it takes you to the limits in a different way. It is really nasty. A construction worker just stopped by and flipped the tire. Then the cameraman came along and flipped it. Now I’m freaking out, now I have to flip the tire. I said I have to do it now and then WHAM it worked. I was so pleased what a great feeling.

85 thoughts on “Natural Bodybuilder meets Strongman! (eng sub)

  1. No such thing as a natural bodybuilder who's an elite. No matter how good your genetics is, if those with simliar genetics train just as hard + juice, you have 0 chance of winning. So… natural bodybuilders are those who are just 'noob' bodybuilders

  2. dude has one of the best bodies ever. tall, broad shoulders, small waist, good glutes, big legs AND calves? Perfection. Or damn close to it.

  3. the reson he hurt his back last time squatting is because he arches his back wayyto much , luckily the belt supported him that time but he should work on lower back strength to keep back straight.


  5. I don't know why everyone is complaining. I would say-for a bodybuilder- he is fairly strong. Yeah ok, the tire flip didn't work out quite the way he wanted it to but as the strongman said: it's all technique and as we could see at the end of the video Mischa(or whatever his name is, too lazy to look it up) was finally able to flip it. Overall awesome video.

  6. All these people commenting "he's not natural". He has an obtainable physique naturally. Compare him to roid users such a Jeff seid Simone panda Kai green etc. He is not nearly as shredded as them. Just seems like a bunch of haters on the internet jealous of his hard work. The internet the place to talk Shit behind a keyboard

  7. Mischa Janiec is not a natural bodybuilder. There was a picture of him injecting steroids on his buttocks that went viral once….true story

  8. "natural" bodybuilder meets…. scheiße dieses natural so hervorzuheben ist echt peinlich bei so einem vollgestofften stück scheiße wie dem mischa

  9. He's natural imo. he's lean so you can see the muscle and has a skin tight shirt which make most arms look huge. he's not that big overall

  10. why isn't this guy correcting the bodybuilders squat form. dude is gonna injure himself AGAIN. look at that hyperextension. hurts my back just watching it.

  11. That's how you approach a new session with another sect of lifting! Look forward to the Challenge! Hope you can learn! It's not about beating someone at their own sport, it's about using every tool you can to get better!

  12. Wie hieß die erste Übung? Die, die so perfekt und gut lief? Wenn es Kniebeugen waren…. alle UNGÜLTIG.

  13. Aweѕoмe,, eхercιѕe, мυιтo вoм мeѕмo! тнaт'ѕ ιт тraιnιng legѕ, dυde!! leт'ѕ go тo мaĸe ιмproveмenтѕ!

  14. If he takes just protein powder and creatine does it count as natural? I've seen ppl who take those two and look like that so I believe it's not steroids. I don't even what natty means in the comments haha.

  15. the squat form suck … they'll get red lighted 5:10 … you never look up in a squat unless you want to brake your back …

  16. This is the difference between training for looks vs performance. Just because your muscles are bigger doesn't always mean you are stronger. Technique also plays a huge part in this. That's why strength training and muscle building are two different things.

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