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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s good people? It’s BeastOfMiddleEast. And today I wanna talk about what kind of food eat, what kind of diet I’ve been on. And I used the same diet when I went from fat to fit. If you didn’t see my transformation, click right here to get an idea. Let me jump right into it. Basically, the second I wake
up I have caffeine. Either coffee or preworkout. I hit the gym around 1-2pm. I wake up around
12. I drink a liter of water, I have a multivitamin right before I work out. I get back from working
out, I make a protein shake. I get around 60g of protein, two scoops of protein and
milk (1% milk). And then I would snack on veges and fruits until around 10pm. At 10pm,
I have a huge meal consisting of rice, chicken, beef, or fish. Depending on what I wanna have
– and uhm veges. I drink more water, I have snacks right after that meal. So I have fiber
bars, I have fruits just to hit my macros and that’s pretty much it. I don’t have 5
meals, all I have is one meal. I’ve been doing it for a couple of months, I’ve been making
gains. Getting more fit, more muscular which I’m happy about. So try it out, see how that
goes. I’m basically following the warrior diet. The warrior diet consists of two phases.
I will be making a separate video for that so make sure to subscribe. And guys this video
was done upon a request, so if you guys have any requests or any questions leave your comments
below or message me. Make sure to show your support and like this video. And uh, BeastOfMiddleEast
– Out.

8 thoughts on “Natural Bodybuilding – How I Went From Fat To Fit (Lean Muscle Transformation Diet)

  1. I was the one who requested 🙂 thanks but I was kinda hoping u were in a bulking phase like me, but still it was interesting to hear what you eat anyway 😉

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