Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What do you think of natural bodybuilding
on a raw vegan diet? Raw vegan is a great way to cut and lose body
fat. However, you aren’t going to build muscle on that diet. Vegan and raw are both healthy. How can combining
them not lead to an ultra-healthy diet? It is hard to get enough calories on a raw
vegan diet. That’s why gorillas eat around 12 hours a day. We can get the nutrients we need as vegans. As a vegan, you have to take B12 supplements
and be very careful to get enough protein. There are a number of raw vegan body building
supplements you can get. It’s rather funny to say you need to eat
naturally raw and vegan, and then need to get super-processed vegan powders and pills
on the other. The ingredients are natural and healthy. So eat shelled peas, walnuts and other nuts
without messing with a shake. It’s cheaper than the high priced vegan body building shakes. That’s time consuming. And I might mess
it up. How? You have the perfect excuse to never
cook anything. There were studies that found that vitamins
were mostly bunk anyway. Not if you aren’t getting adequate nutrition
from your diet, they aren’t. Girls with anemia can eat a steak or take iron supplements,
while people in good health don’t show benefits from the vitamins. So you think body builders benefit from supplements. When they aren’t getting enough nutrition,
absolutely. And on a vegan diet, you aren’t, and with vegan raw, you absolutely can’t. You don’t have faith in the benefits of
living food. That’s like saying people should have faith
in living water, to explain why they aren’t bothering to boil it to kill the cholera. You’ll love how I look when I’m done. You’ll look like a bean pole, which I guess
proves you are what you eat.

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