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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Bruh, why are you doing a bodyweight exercise?
You ain’t gonna get gains! Alright so sorry, you need to see my introduction because my introduction is cool, my introduction is awesome. I’m gonna have to force you to watch it. Anyway,
now let’s talk about the topic. Let’s explain every aspect of why bodyweight exercises are
okay to do. Okay so let’s say you really wanna tone your muscle, you really wanna build that
dense and thick muscle. What do you do? If you just started exercising and you know you’re
doing bodyweight exercises to tone your muscle, to build your muscle – uh that’s fine. Okay
so let me just give you an example to understand what i’m trying to get at here. So you’re
gonna start off doing push ups, let’s say you can only do 6 reps. So you know, 6 push
ups. And two weeks after, you could do 11 reps. Now at some point, you’re gonna hit
20, maybe 30, maybe 40 reps. Push ups are gonna become very easy. At some point, your
muscles will get used to your bodyweight. Push ups will become so easy that you won’t
reach a complete hypertrophy. You won’t properly get your muscles to grow, to get stronger.
So what would you do in that case? Well you’d have to switch to bench press or dumbbell
press, or any sort of exercise that’s gonna challenge your pecs, that’s gonna challenge
your babies. The thing about building muscles is that you’re always gonna have to keep challenging
yourself, pushing yourself. You can’t be doing the same weight in a certain exercise for
like 10 weeks. You need to increase your strength, you need to challenge your muscles, you need
to be able to do more weight gradually. Same thing with pull ups, I mean – you probably..when
I started doing pull ups I couldn’t even do 4 reps. Now i’m doing weighted pull ups, I
don’t even do normal pull ups because they just became easy to me. So what’ i’m trying
to say is that you’re always gonna have to force your muscle, you know challenge your
muscle in order for it to grow, in order for you to hit a complete hypertrophy and gain
muscles. What you also need to put in your head is that bodyweight exercises are great
don’t get me wrong. I still do push ups without any weight, but instead of starting off with
just push ups and making that my priority. I would jump to bench press, I would do heavy
weight, I would do all these isolation exercises and compound exercises. And at the end of
my workout, I would do push ups. Why? because I can only do like 8-10 reps after my workout
because my pecs are exhausted. So if you wanna start off toning your muscle, growing your
muscle, building that thick and dense muscle, I would suggest you should just jump right
into compounds, jump right into weight lifting – I’m a fan of that. But if you don’t want
to, if you’re not comfortable with it, if you have no experience whatsoever, you don’t
know how to perform any exercises.. start off doing bodyweight. Let your muscles get
used to the exercises, the motion. Let your nerves get used to it and then once you become
stronger, once it becomes easier for you go to the next step. Challenge your muscles even more.

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