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I’m a clinical nutritionist in private practice for over 25 years,
and I’m always looking for high quality, science based products that I can recommend to my patients, but
also that support my active, healthy lifestyle. I was introduced to EnergyFirst Natural Whey Protein Powder recently, and I just decided to try it right there on the spot. I took a scoop of Natural Whey Protein Powder and put
it into some water, shook it up, and drank it. I was delighted with how good it tasted. But I thought the true test is
to actually have it pass my son’s criteria, who is 16 years old. I brought it home and had him give it a try the next
morning, and he also found it was great. He really liked it. But the true test was how did it help
make me feel over a period of time. So I thought I’d try it for two weeks and, if
it’s really great, I’ll pass it on to my patients. I’ve been using the Natural Whey Protein Powder in an interesting way. I take the EnergyFirst Natural Whey Protein Powder in a packet, along
with their Greenergy which is equivalent to five servings of vegetables. Let’s face it, as a nutritionist I hardly see
anybody get enough vegetables in their diet. I take one of its little travel packs, and I mix it up with their oils, which
is a high quality omega-3 rich oil, and I put it all into the shaker bottle. They provide you this little shaker bottle that comes with the product. This EnergyFirst shaker bottle has this little nifty
device that shakes everything up really nicely. I mix it all together, and I’m good to go. What I’ve discovered in these last two weeks is just
how great I feel. I have tremendous energy, not only for a couple of hours, for four or
five hours so I don’t need to eat. I can stay focused on the work I want to do with my patients. The other thing I found out that was really great, which totally surprised me, was that I have no desire for coffee anymore. None. It really helps not only build my energy levels up, but I don’t need
the energy from something like caffeine. I’m getting it from the product. As a nutritionist, it’s a really great combination of products. You’ve
got your healthy fats that really support your brain. They’ve got the terrific EnergyFirst Natural Whey Protein Powder that I just love for that sustained energy without having those blood sugar dips. And finally, I love the Greenergy because you’re getting this great antioxidant support along with some probiotics and some things that will help to build up the gut. I truly feel that there’s no better product line out there than EnergyFirst.

One thought on “Natural Whey Protein Powder – Jeanne Peters – EnergyFirst

  1. How does energy first compare to the other protein powders
    its only 20grams per scoop protein
    I would need like 3 scoops
    thats pricey isn't it

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