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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– What’s happening, guys. Hope you enjoy this next video. I love it. This is all the stuff I
love, it’s on nutrition. I tend to follow the
guys that are the elite, the cutting-edge stuff with
all the most knowledge, and the studies and
everything they’re getting, and trying to implement it into my life. I’m never saying you
have to be on ketogenic. I’m never saying you
have to eat high carbs. I’m never saying you
have to eat low carbs. This is just what works for me, and this really does work for me. I’ve tried all diets and the thing that works for me the best is low-carb, high-fat. My mind feels constantly
sharp during the day. I’m able to train quite a lot, I recover well. I’m able to get great sleep. I’m able to get great
training sessions in. ‘Cause the calories in, calories out, I find it very complicated, ’cause these guys usually just focus on less calories for calorie deficit, where they’re eating less to
what they’re actually burning. But these guys tend to
eat anything they want just as long as their
calories is less than what they’re bringing in. But for me, I like to look at food choices. The quality of the food. So where I’m getting the food from. Where was the food made? All this stuff. How it’s getting made. Certain foods, for me, I get bloated. We all get bloated with
certain foods we get. Wonder why you’re getting bloated? Look into it, you’ll see. Dairy, when I eat dairy
I come out in a rash. So there’s all these different things that I prefer to look into it this way rather than just being like, yep I’m in a calorie deficit,
man, I’m losing weight. You might be in a calorie deficit, you might be losing weight, but you might not be healthy. You might be irritable, because you might be eating dairy and you’re allergic to dairy. So this is the in-depth
that I like to look at it. And this is what I’ve found amazing, and this, yep, it’s why I love it. Hope you enjoy the next video. (upbeat music) I did change my lifestyle and adapt a bit. I pulled away from the six meals a day, I went to a low-carb. I’ve tried all different diets. It’s good to keep trying different things, so the body reacts differently. To see what you like, to see what happens to your
mood when you try things, with your fitness levels, your recovery. It’s definitely good to change it up. And I have found that best
for me was low-carb, high-fat. I found phenomenal results. The instant thing I found about this was the cognitive function of my brain. Now, I’m eating six meals a day, my thoughts were always cloudy, I was thick as shit, I just thought I was thick. I didn’t know why I was thick, just thought I was thick. As soon as I pulled away
from all these carbohydrates, this constantly six meals a day, every two hours, oh my God it was instant. I felt like the guy in Limitless. I immediately seen how
quicker I was able to think. Just having a conversation, the reaction time in a conversation, someone talking to me, I was able to react so,
so, so much quicker. And this is just from
my personal experience, and the people around me that’s
done the exact same thing, same diet, have seen
the exact same results. Basically the Navy Seals in America, we all know the Navy Seals, are the cutting edge stuff. You know the best equipment, the best nutrition, the best recovery, ’cause these guys are workin’ hard, and they always need to recover. So Dom D’Agostino, what they found out, when the Navy Seals were diving they would get so low they
would have a fit or a seizure and then using the supplement ketones– so ketones is produced in your liver when you restrict your
carbohydrates and the sugar, the liver will start producing ketones and it goes to your brain,
muscles, stuff like this, so when they were taking
this as a supplement they were able to dive
a lot deeper in the sea. So Navy Seals were able to go a little bit longer in the water, diving deeper and they were
finding this phenomenal, and they keep on, the scientists, they keep coming up with this stuff and I think it’s fascinating, its my passion and I love
hearing all about it. So I love learning what ketones is actually doing for your body
and even when I did try it, I was finding it wods and stuff and workouts I were recovering faster, I was on the spot, I
was able to go better, and go for longer, I was able to endure, and to be able to go for longer, because you don’t hit the
brick wall of needing to then go into then eating more carbohydrates, because when you’re producing ketones, you’re starting to burn the
fat you’ve got in your body, so a lot of the endurance athletes are on a low-carb, high-fat diet. They achieve phenomenal results and recovery and performance. There’s the art and performance
of a low-carbohydrate diet. This is a phenomenal book two, scientists inside of this there’s loads of reference in the back of loads of
athletes that you will know and they are on the same diet and they did see phenomenal results. It’s just something that’s helped me loads and if you can just make
you mind a little bit better you imagine if you’re
spiking your insulin, your blood sugar every single day, up and down, up and down, your mood goes up and down, you get irritated, you’re
tired, you need to sit, you’re at your desk, you’re knackered, you’re needing to pump
coffee into your body to just help with the energy. Do you imagine if all of this went away just when you started to
restrict your carbohydrate, ’cause that’s exactly what happens. You don’t get an insulin spike, you don’t get tired during the day, you actually start to feel amazing, you’re not tired, you don’t need to nap, you don’t need as much coffee, you’re working out 24/7. If you’re at a desk, you
need to write emails, messages, any other writing, the last thing you wanna do is feel tired, so it’s good to be on the ball. So try out different diets to see the one that fits your lifestyle, training, day-to-day,
and see how you get on. See you in the next video, man. (upbeat music)

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