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this is a short informative video showing the neck flex neck strength and conditioning system here we’re going to run you through a short outline of their 5 minute workout warm-up routine that they do it consists of 4 different exercises the the neck flex is built really sturdily it’s a made of this nylon here it’s really strong it’s got these d-rings pretty sturdy and these carabiners built on to these nice resistance bands now what you do with this neck flex put it on your head here got to take off my glasses put on your head you got to tighten up the chin strap here just like so get it on nice and snug it’s fully adjustable so you can adjust the tower but you want it get it like that and the four movements for a there’s two different types of workouts there’s the anchored workout and there’s the unanchored workout and the anchored workout we’re not going to show we’re going to show the manual resistance using no anchors at all if you want to see an anchored workout there’s various videos on YouTube showing the anchored workout as well you can also look at it on the neck flexkom they have some stuff on there about it but basically there’s four movements you do and you do them for 30 seconds each the first movement I’m going to do we’re going to start by hitting the right side of the neck this is how we’re going to start and it’s going to be 30 seconds to this and what you do is you grab the neck flex with your left arm you grab the resistance bands you start like this you can feel it pulling you just go like that you simple easy and you can adjust the resistance which is what I like because you can make it quick if it gets too hard you can let loose on the cables it becomes easier if you want it harder and grab and tighter and you can really feel it like that and then to switch over after you do that for 30 seconds after you’ve really gotten that warmed up switch it on over it’s a quick transition like that to the other side now when you want to switch over go and hit the front because we’ve had the sides that was just sit hit right side boom at the left side 30 seconds boom now it’s time to hit the front and back we’re trying to do all the sides of the neck so for the front and back you just replace the carabiners like so like this because when you’re pulling to do the bag it’s pulling from this side so just watch this thing alright so third exercise we’re going to go down to a modified push-up position you’re going to hold resistance bands and just like I said earlier you can modify to how you want it you can make it easier by going in closer you see how it goes loose just like that or you can make it harder by going wider and it really pulls hard so I’m gonna go about the middle and show you just like that you get in the perfect position so you’re using you know all your stabilizer muscles you core all that stuff and then you just you know from the start position which is can be down all the way up like that and like if I want to make it harder just like that and you can feel it pulling your head down and it’s boom you’re going to be doing that for another 30 seconds and there’s many variations there’s a ton of exercises that you can do with this neck flex these are just the four basics you know you might find some that are more effective so after you do that for a good 30 seconds that seemed like 30 to me how about you I’m going to flip it over I’m going to want to hit the front of my neck because I hit this side I’ve hit this side I’ve hit the back just now let’s hit in the back now I’m going to hit the front what I’m going to do is a crab lock position this exercise is pretty tremendous I urge everybody to try this one out so if you guys don’t know what the crab walk it’s a crab walks the position or you’re on your feet and on your hands like so so for this exercise all we’re going to do is we’re going to place the resistance bands underneath your hand what it’s going to do it’s going to be pulling back so the front of your neck is working really good working really hard I like this exercise too I mean you’re going to feel it burning in your triceps as well but you start back like so come forward and just like I said you know with all the other exercises you can adjust it to how you like it I mean if you want it harder you just you know cinch up on that resistance span a little bit more you do that for a good 30 seconds just like that hold your position and if you do all four of those you know non-stop 30 seconds with the quick transitions you’re going to be pretty burnout what they want you to do at Netflix is you do all four of those for 30 seconds you take a quick breather and then you do them all again so it’s two rotations of those four exercises which equals out to about five minutes total and if you do that before every workout or every other workout or every third workout you’re next going to get pretty dang strong so if you have any questions or you want to look at it more which I urge you to do if you’re into any like contact sports or anything like that or just want a bigger neck you know go to the neck flex calm and they’ll they’ll hook you up with some info Thanks you

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  1. I've used these types of resistance band head harnesses for years. Good stuff. It's a necessity. Nothing is funnier looking than a big muscular guy with a skinny neck.

  2. It is the same as seeing the guy that never works out his legs.
    The reverse of that is a guy with a giant neck but a thin body…he still looks hardcore.

  3. would you recommend this also for a sprain neck recovery. reason I'm asking is I sprained my neck training jiu jitsu 8 weeks ago and re-sprained it again 2 weeks ago. Just my luck.
    right now I'm doing W, Z, V & 8 motions. this I will try. thx……

  4. We have had some good feedback from physicians and chiropractors. The bands offer a smooth resistance with as much or as little resistance as you like. I'd say, just take it easy, don't rush recovery and do slow stretching, high reps under your chiro's watch and you should be golden. Good luck, let us know how it goes.

  5. We have hundreds of customers who emphatically disagree. It's the only harness of its kind and it is very, very effective. I'd encourage you to check the videos on the website for a better understanding. Athletes serious about training their neck love this product.

  6. I have used mine for about a year now. Awesome! The best product on the market for neck. This is not a normal harness. Notice there are 4 metal d-rings not 2. And the rings are not hanging down – they are flipped vertical. This allows the neck to be worked with the resistance bands from all angles. Not just the back of the neck like a normal head harness. This way, you can increase the strength of the neck from all sides exponentially faster. No other harness does this.

  7. We have many customers who purchase the Neck Flex to get rid of a double chin. I am not sure about hotdog neck. Can't hurt.

  8. Good question. The answer is a Hell Yeah! Shrugs are good for traps, the muscles beside and behind the neck. But we've all seen a big guy with big traps and a skinny little neck sticking out. Looks silly – and that's beside the fact it sucks for sports by making you susceptible to injury and concussion. Every athlete has got to work their neck. Google "why does a thick neck make you look good?' and check out the pics.

  9. Thanks for the reply!
    also one more question..
    traps have been known to be a particularly stubborn muscle that can take a lot of punishment. How many reps/sets would you recommend

  10. Ok, not trying to be a smartass here but I have a big head. Is it one size fits all or are there different harness sizes?

  11. Hey, can you give me a few tips of how to simulate that headset with a resistabce band. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  12. Hate to be the guy that ask this, but does that harness f your hairline up? Feels like all the pressures right on it when I put it on. Thought maybe I’m putting it on wrong so I looked up videos on how to, didn’t help that almost all the dudes using it were bald.

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