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Alright, guys! So, if you don’t know… I promised that if you guys got me a 100,000 followers on Instagram then, I would do a prank that involves ..Instagram. The problem is, is that the scenario I tried to pull of was.. way too complicated… So many things had to go right it did technically work one time But, it was mostly fails. So, I just decided instead of posting a main video I was just gonna show you the one good reaction and then, all the fails. Okay, so let me explain what I was trying to do. Okay, so the goal was to dress up as a nerd get rejected by a girl.. then, somehow, have her look me up on Instagram.. Alright…Have her not believe it’s me. Then, prove that it’s me and then get her number So it’s tough Because I had to act nerdy enough to get rejected But not nerdy enough To where the girls wouldn’t even talk to me So, as you guys will see in a minute There was just a lot of places where this could’ve went wrong So we tried this for about 2 full days of filming and than finally figured out That it really wasn’t gonna work So yeah, basically 12 hours.. ..of getting rejected by girls No I’m not going to give up I am planning on using Instagram for a prank in the future But.. I have to rethink it and make it a lot simpler But for now i wanted to post a video because i didnt want you guys to feel like i forgot about you So i hope you can enjoy the video and lets check out he time where it actually technically worked What are you guys looking for? Nordstrom What was it… um Girl: Oh my god…
Girl 2: Good one! You gotta admit, that was smooth. Connor: That was a good one, right?
Girl: That was great! Girl: I appreciate the effort! Connor: Oh my god…
Girl: I really do! Connor: I’m so bad at this, it never works! Connor: All my friends get all the girls and I’m just like Connor: “I can’t do it!” Girl: You need better pickup lines, I guess Girl 2: Yeah I think so. Or else… Connor: Ok so how about this, I–I really want to look cool in front of my friends, you know… Girl: So..?
Connor: So will you just like, follow me on Instagram at least? Girl: Sure, I’ll follow you. What’s your Instagram? Connor: Ok so, it’s, “Connor Murphy”
Girl: Ok Connor: I don’t know if you can find it, I’m not very popular but… Connor: That’s me, yeah that’s me. Will you follow me please? Girl: No, what? Connor: I’m the first one, yeah Girl: I don’t know if I believe you. Connor: You don’t believe me? Girl: Mmm mmm (no) Connor: What would make you believe me? Connor: Really? If I take my shirt off? I’m embarrassed, I’m so fat, though! Connor: I–I was… I was way leaner back then, but… Girl: Ok I’ll follow you Girl 2: Oh, this is happening. THIS is happening.
Girl: Ok Girl 2: OK, so… Connor: You believe me? Girl: I believe you. Connor: Alright, well if you’ll just add your phone number in right there… Connor: Oh, it’s not? I gotcha. Connor: It’s ’cause of the Instagram thing
Girl: Exactly
Girl 2: Ah, that’s it. Connor: So listen to this: Now here’s an example of when… even as a nerd man, I’m… I’m just too smooth Girl 1: Ha!
Girl 2: WOOOOOOOOOW Connor: Yea, yea, I got all A’s in my math class Girl 1: Yeah!
Girl 2: That’s a good one! Girl 1: Uh, which number do you want? Connor: I want yours, yeah. Girl 1: Oh yeah, totally. (Connor: Is it?) Yeah. That’s awesome Connor: Ok Connor: So this is, it was just a prank.
Girl 2: Oh.
Girl 1: Um… Connor: He’s filming over there but… It– it didn’t work Girl 1: OH!
Connor: Yeah… Girl 1: Heyy! Connor: Is it cool if you guys are like in the extras video? Girl 1: Yeah, you were really friendly! Connor: Alright, awesome. Yeah you guys are awesome, I appreciate it! Connor: You know, if you were a triangle, you’d be acute (a cute) one! As with most of my pranks It’s usually not gonna work if the girl is not single Girl 1: Thank you. Connor: You see, I’m smart because I’m like– I’m like good at math Connor: And I know what, “acute” means. Connor: So it’s funny. I’ve got all A’s in my math class by the way Connor: But yeah, is that worth a number? Or was it mindblowing? Girl 1: (awkward laughter) Connor: Probably not good enough? Connor: Oh no, you have a boy– (Girl 1: I do) Alright hey, I’m just– I’m just messing around Connor: This prank isn’t gonna work then. Connor: Would you please follow me on Instagram? If– if–if a beautiful girl follows me on Instagram Connor: My friends will like, love me. You know what I mean? Girl: Do they KNOW who follows you on Instagram? Connor: Well not many people follow me so, yeah they know Connor: So could you just like, look me up real quick and like follow me? Connor: I would be so– I would appreciate it so much! Girl: Yes.
Connor: My friends are gonna love me! Oh my god. Now this girl was cool. She was wanted to help me out She was gonna follow me no matter what. But.. I kinda ruined the prank Connor: That one’s me right there
Girl: You’re official? Connor: Yeah, I’m official. Girl: Got it. Connor: Huh? So you’ll follow me? Girl: I just did Connor: Ok cool Girl: Well I didn’t look at it. Connor: My friends would be so impressed if I got like, a beautiful girl like yourself to go follow me on Instagram, at least. Girl: Sure! Connor: ‘Cause I don’t have many followers, so would you follow me on Instagram? Girl: Sure, whats your Insta name?
Connor: Thank you, it’s Connor Murphy. And of course, the prank isn’t gonna work If the girl just automatically, completely believes what I’m saying Connor: That is me. That is me.
Girl: Ok. Connor: So you’re cool with following me? Girl: Yeah, sure! Connor: You believe that’s me? Girl: Yeah, sure hahhaha I don’t know Girl: I have no idea. I don’t even live here, to be honest so I would have like no idea Girl: I have no idea Connor: Oh my gosh, okay. please like, comment, and subscribe

100 thoughts on “Nerd Gets REJECTED, but Then Reveals He’s INSTAGRAM FAMOUS


  2. Conner how are these pranks πŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸ€¦πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

  3. I gave InfluencerLeak a try lastnight and received just a little over 1700 IG followers. only one that worked for me, so far

  4. Tons of people are using * to grow their IG profile with real people following them.

  5. Came into the comments to roast him….found out I didn't need to thanks other commenters πŸ˜‚

  6. I think he looks like a shrimp when u eat a shrimp we cut off its head and throw it.0 and body of shrimp we ate it and he exactly same..

  7. I tried InfluencerLeak last night and so far I received over 2k followers. It really works if anyone else is wondering.

  8. I took your advice on your other video and gave the site * a try and it worked the best. thank you!

  9. Everyone just like listening to him and watching him….

    Me: watching the Marvel poster behind him at the wall 😐

  10. 0:34 translation: it was tough cause girls are smart enough to know that I’m a huge Douchebag who deserves to be alone forever β™Ύ

  11. I’m sorry, he’s speaking douche. I think I can translate: I AM A HUGE DOUCHEBAG AND THE ONLY ONE WHO WILL EVER LOVE ME IS MYSELF, ALSO I ONLY POSTED THIS TO SHOW OFF MY MUSCLES AND TO GET FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM. there I hope that helped u through this video

  12. y was not nerd wear everyday clothes,you just a regular guy with insecures all you wanna do show a body to strangers ?thas creepy

  13. Wow so you are saying that nerd are not hot and jerk are i see so you are a jerk

  14. Not tryna hate, but from what i know, way to many of his videos involve his physical shape. It makes me uncomfortable, especially because it Is almost like he is bragging.

    Just a thought…

  15. When a guy has a body like this girls think that they deserve a girl like this for no reason. Like bitch, u haven't tried earning it

  16. Douchiest person I’ve ever seen. Fuck you you jock . All you want is attention and to show your muscles that by the way arrest attractive it’s just gross . Fucking bitch ass

  17. Jesus I hate you with every bone in my body, your not that famous, drop the ego and then maybe people would actually like you😊

  18. Lol connor was so self-concious back there…and he just gets bad comments/rejections. His pranks are still the same, he just presents them with self-confidence and everybody loves it. Thats key. Case closed.

  19. man I feel that the last group had that 1 girl who was just kinda mean to Connor and that just kinda killed it

  20. Isn't this video a bit selfish?

    Is it better to look attractive or have a very lovable attitude, which could be considered attractive also?

    If you had to choose one from the two options above… isn't it obvious? How could you think you are worth more than other people (like nerds)?

  21. follow me I’m almost at 10k on Instagram @achavoya24 I’ll follow back everyone who follows me!

  22. Hey wanna see my muscles
    Girls . Oh no
    Him . Wanna see my muscles 😠
    Girls ok .so weird
    LOL this dude is crazy

  23. Girl: You need better pickup lines

    Connor: Here's my instagram

    Girl: Take's your shirt of, I don't believe you

    Connor: Ok



    This is what our world is coming to.. LOOK AT ME!! I"M "FAMOUS" ON SOCIAL MEDIA!!!!!!

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