Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

[Music] and here we are boys and girls we’re back hopefully my dad say about a special deal very nice lil Pro 8020 what is it no protein isolate fantastic 100% milk protein isolate no flavors no foolish nothing just pure protein from Idaho no here’s the thing right we have a version that comes with five grams of creatine per serving so you get no pro I slit plus five grams of creatine absolutely fantastic how can you go wrong now I use milk Pro throughout the whole day and especially before I go to bed at night now I make my yogurt at home homemade yogurt fantastic if you don’t how to do it you can’t find the formula just look on YouTube and you’ll be able to find it but what do I do I get my yogurt I mix it in with my milk TRO blender put a little bit of flavor if you want to and BAM 40 50 60 grams of protein before going to bed fantastic for recovery absolutely great stuff now here on this video you can find the link straight directly to the website and once you get there there’s a 10% discount waiting for you as soon as you nail that sucker that’s right you meet at shipping don’t you be without it it’s great stuff very anabolic pure stuff grass-fed straight from Idaho made in USA of course don’t miss this deal two kilos almost 5 pounds fantastic product ready to go ready to be shipped to you immediately as soon as you get yours go get it right now the link is right here on this video be good I’ll be back and until then stay safe peace


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