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8 thoughts on “(*New SGA Member) Anthony Vessecchia Level 3 TPI Certified Golf Fitness Instructor – INTERVIEW

  1. Adam, I'm looking forward to the changes you're implementing! With respect to AV's contributions, I'd find it helpful if there is a method to evaluate my current fitness in order to identify what I can work on to improve my golf. Do I need to work on speed or strength or coordination or something else? Also, thinking down the road, is there a way to label the videos so the titles can help identify not just what the video targets but also whether it's part of a series designed to improve specific areas? Also, are there useful ideas to sustain motivation (as my history tells me that I inclined to lower the priority of fitness over time)?

  2. Adam how can I be interested in the comments of your guests when you don’t look at them and talk over them when there talking if your not interested why should I be

  3. Hi Adam really looking forward to content.. Anthony knows his stuff!
    I'm 51 and love my golf but I'm not without injuries myself so I'm hoping to benefit from this.

  4. Best vid yet. 73 y.o. polio destroyed the muscle at the back of my left shoulder, cannot seem to get consistent as muscle memory does not seem to work after C5-6 surgery but still I got down to 47 on local 9 hole but usually in the 50's

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