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Hi everyone, as you can see in front of me are two dumbbells new weights and two new bars for my home gym. Otherwise, I bought the dumbbells about two weeks ago, in my municipality there was a ferry and a salesman appeared who sold some tools and these dumbbells. To my surprise, it’s very rare that someone sells weights, especially these dumbbells. The man appreciated these weights of 5,000 dinars, however, it was a very high price, but, as always on a ferry, you can hit the price and turn out to be 4,300 dinars at the end. I was willing to give him 4,000, however, we were a little bit concerned about the price and sold for 4,300. Weights are in a very good condition, there is sometimes a bit of a rush, this anti-beauty will be nice to clean and can be used to train with them. Now I’ll fix these weights on the attic. Otherwise, I almost forgot, I’ve bought these two dumbbells the most because of these collars because I really needed them. I planned to make these collars, and that can be done, but, when I saw them on a ferry, I simply said I was buying these dumbbells. The panels, bars and collars are now dried, after they are coated with antiros (remover). The plates are not so fake, this is the most, but I cleaned it nicely and now it dries up. Antiros finished it – as soon as you see the red dust on the red surface, it means that the anti-rope has done its own. New weights, collars and bars are ready for use. I just finished, most likely that I will keep the collars and these two bars for myself, and I will most likely send these boards to my brother in Nis. So much for this video clip until the next sports greeting. As you have seen, first of all, I used anti-rust remover, through the brush, through these plates, or over the surface where it had reddish. However, on the side of this tool you have instructions on how to use it and after how long the white powder will appear. At the very end, I cleaned it with a steel brush in the place where the big red rye was made. I keep the bars and collars, I send the boards to my brother in Nis .. To the next video clip sport greeting! Weights are never sold! The one who does it does not know what weights mean … Weights are a tool that bodybuilders use to increase tension in muscle contraction.

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