Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

all, thank you, Bobby. The word bodybuilder normally
has certain connotations along with it, such as strength,
power, muscle, masculine, and, particularly,
immense physical strength. But I don’t believe
that strength is measured by how
much muscle you have or the amount of
weight you can lift. I measure strength
by how resilient you are through times of adversity. I believe that strength should
be measured by standing up for what you believe
in even if it makes the path to where you want
to go that much more difficult. And most of all, I believe
that strength should be measured by compassion. Most people seem to confuse
compassion for weakness. But I believe that compassion
is the ultimate measure of a person’s strength. My name is Nimai Delgado. I’m the first vegan male
professional bodybuilder to compete in the IFBB,
which is the world’s most prestigious bodybuilding league. And last year I
had the privilege of gracing the cover
of “Muscle & Fitness” to become the first
ever vegan to promote an alternative lifestyle
that not only promotes health and longevity, but also
promotes compassion. And I’ve never had a piece
of meat in my entire life. Now some of you
may be wondering, how can a person like myself,
a professional bodybuilder, grow up and never have a single
piece of meat in my life? Well, to understand
that, you have to understand a little bit more
about me and how I was raised. So it all starts
back with my parents way down in South
America in Argentina. Whenever my parents were
both in their early 20s, they converted from Catholicism
to a new lifestyle of Hinduism. Now, they actually renounced
all material possessions and decided to live
a faith-based life and devoted themselves
completely to God. And by doing this, they
followed their spiritual master, their guru from temple to temple
from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to Florianopolis, Brazil,
to Miami, to New Orleans, and eventually making a
home and settling in South Mississippi, where I was born. Now, as you can
imagine, growing up in a Hare Krishna farm in South
Mississippi was quite unique. We had a cow sanctuary,
where we accepted rescue cows from other farms that provided
milk for the community. We also had a
self-sustaining garden, which provided vegetables
and fruit for the community. There was also a temple,
where the surrounding members of the community would
practice Bhakti yoga, which is essentially devotional yoga. And I would frequent
these temples, and I would, as you can see,
dress in traditional Hindu garments. We would wear tilak. We would wear neck beads. And growing up this way
was really quite unique because I had quite a strong
connection with animals in particularly. And I’ve learned certain
concepts growing up this lifestyle that
I still follow today. And one of those
concepts in Hinduism is something called ahimsa. Now ahimsa is an
ancient Sanskrit word that roughly translates
into a meaning nonviolence. So Hindus try to embody
this in every way possible and in every
aspect of their life, including the food that
they put on their plate. So, essentially, it
means showing compassion to all living beings,
including animals. Because in order for an animal
to end up on your plate, the animal had to
suffer and the animal had to eventually die
for your convenience. So if you can imagine,
I grew up in this bubble and then had to assimilate
outside of this bubble and go to public school. Now my parents were
very free thinkers. They didn’t really care much
about the outside world, and they sent me to my first
day of kindergarten head to toe dressed in
traditional Hindu garments, wearing neck beards,
wearing tilak on my forehand like I showed you in
the picture earlier. And I quickly
realized how different I was from everybody else. And not only did I quickly
realize, the kids in my class quickly realized as well,
and they let me know. So growing up in
South Mississippi as a Hare Krishna was
very difficult at times because I can remember bringing
my lunch and my lunchbox to the class, and
opening up my lunchbox and immediately filling a room
with aromas of Indian cuisine because that’s what I
was being fed at home, things like curry,
cumin, turmeric, and all of these things
that are very aromatic. And kids would
immediately look at me, and they would look at the
food that I was eating. And they would begin to ask
questions like, what is that? Why are you eating that food? And as a young child,
it’s very difficult to explain a concept
like ahimsa to somebody that’s unfamiliar with it. So what happened was
is that I constantly had to defend myself and explain
my belief system growing up to kids that didn’t
necessarily understand, so much to the point where I got
almost self-conscious about who I was as a person and ended
up becoming somewhat ashamed of my background and how I
was raised because I was so different than everybody else. So when I would attend
parties, and birthday parties, and different events at school,
and the parents of the kids would ask me why aren’t I eating
the hamburgers or why am I not eating the pizza, I would
simply just respond by saying, I don’t like it
because that was easier for me to say than
I don’t eat it because I don’t believe in
harming other living beings. So, essentially,
I suppressed who I was as a person
and this mentality followed me all the way up
until college, where I went on to study to get my
mechanical engineering degree in Louisiana. And what happened was after
I graduated from college in Louisiana, I had these
big dreams and aspirations of coming to California and
living the California lifestyle and longboarding along the
beach in front of palm trees. But what happened
was I ended up moving to a place called
Bakersfield, which I don’t know if many of you
are familiar with Bakersfield. It’s not too far from here,
it’s only about 2 and 1/2 hours north. And Bakersfield is very similar
to Louisiana and Mississippi in the sense that it is a
predominantly agriculturally based town with loads of
cattle farms, dairy farms. They also grow lots of
crops in Bakersfield, and I, in particularly, went
to work for an oil company because oil is also heavily
prevalent in Bakersfield. So my job as a mechanical
engineer working for this oil company was to
essentially ensure that the pipelines, the
tanks, and the vessels maintain their mechanical
integrity because whatever happens when you
extract these oils and liquids from
the ground, they’re highly corrosive to
metal in particular. So it was my job to
assess these assets and make sure that they maintain
their mechanical integrity. Now while it was a very
intellectually stimulating job and a very important job
because I was not only keeping the environment safe, I was
keeping the co-workers of mine safe as well, it did not
fulfill me in any sort of way because I was deeply
uninterested in what I was doing and going
to work every day, working for a corporate job. And this actually made
me quite depressed because I had
achieved everything that I had ever wanted. I had made it. I had graduated as an engineer. I had fulfilled
my parents dreams of giving me a
better opportunity to provide for myself and
my family financially. And this made me
very sad inside. And what happened afterwards
is that I found an escape through fitness. So in Bakersfield,
there isn’t much to do. You either become very involved
with partying and drinking or you find other more
productive outlets. And I chose to spend my
time more productively, working on myself and becoming
the healthiest version of myself. Because what I had found
even looking at things as an engineer is that
everything can be broken down into systems and processes. And your body, in particular, is
a very highly adaptive machine. So if you can
understand the processes and how your body works, you
can optimize it the same way you can optimize
what type of fuel you can put in a car to make
it operate better to prevent maintenance from in the future. Now in that discovery what
I started looking into was the type of foods
that I was consuming. And by this time, I was very
heavily focused in the gym. I was spending a lot of energy,
and I was seeing some results. And as a vegetarian
bodybuilder, I tended to follow a more
traditional bro science approach to building muscle,
meaning that approximately 40% of my calories were
coming from protein. Now as a vegetarian, I
tended to really heavily rely on things like whey
protein, cottage cheese, and certain types
of dairy products in order to meet my
protein requirements. Now along the same time, a
video that my mom happened to share on Facebook
surfaced in my News Feed, and I looked into it. And it was showing what was
going on in the dairy industry and at these dairy farms. Now I had always
grown up believing that it wasn’t a real
issue drinking milk and consuming dairy
products because in my mind, I justified it by the cows
weren’t dying to provide milk so there isn’t really
anything wrong with it, right? But what this
video exposed to me is the processes and the
systems that these companies use to extract milk
from their product. And I looked at it with
a different set of eyes than I normally had
before because working in the corporate world taught
me how to look for efficiencies and make the profit
margins for the company that I worked with higher. So in this video, they
show exactly what goes on behind dairy industries. And, yes, of course, there
are many, I would say, unethical practices that
go on in these industries. But what really
caught my attention is the mechanical processes
that goes onto extracting the milk from these cows. And I immediately
related to it because it looked very similar
to a processing plant that I had worked in before. So looking at this image with
a set of engineering lenses, I understood that there
was a guy that was exactly like me that was working
for this company, trying hard and thinking really
hard how to maximize efficiency from their systems and processes
at the expense of these living beings and having no
regard for whether or not they’re suffering, whether
or not they’re comfortable. So at that moment, I
made a conscious decision that I wasn’t
going to contribute my dollar to supporting
these companies because by me supporting these
companies, essentially, I was paying this guy’s salary
to work harder and smarter and create more suffering. And this all goes back
to the word ahimsa, which basically means try to
live a most compassionate life as possible. After this, you could imagine
as a very enthusiastic bodybuilder, I
became very concerned that I was giving up my
primary source of protein. And I Googled what are some of
the concerns or maybe health risks of giving up
dairy in particular? Because I’ve always
heard that dairy was a primary source of calcium. It was also a primary
source of protein or whey protein in particular. And what I found is
quite astounding. So, immediately, one of
the biggest statistics that jumped out
at me was the fact that studies show that 65%
of the world’s population is intolerant to dairy. That doesn’t necessarily
mean they’re allergic, but they show some
type of intolerance. Now this number
drastically increases for people of Asian descent
and particularly people of any kind of color descent. It goes up to the high 90s. Now these intolerances
don’t show the same symptoms as say an allergy in the
way that your body will go into some type
anaphylactic shock and produce antibodies
to fight these allergens. What happens is that these
symptoms are much more subtle. Essentially, you could be
suffering from an intolerance not knowing it and be
experiencing things like chronic fatigue,
chronic inflammation, digestive problems. And I was experiencing every
single one of these things, given the fact that I
was so predominantly dependent on dairy
products for my protein. Not only that, but dairy,
in particular milk, has been shown to
increase estrogen in males by 26% within an
hour of consumption. Now as a bodybuilder,
the last thing you want floating
around in your body is more estrogen because you
can’t produce muscle as good. So you want your
testosterone levels to be as high as possible and
manage your estrogen levels as closely as possible. Not only that,
but what was shown was that increased
estrogen levels also put you more at risk to
certain types of cancers, particularly prostate cancer
and breast cancer in females. And this number was
quite alarming to me because 8 out of 10 men
who reached the age of 80 develop some type of
prostate cancer cells. Doesn’t mean they’re
diagnosed with cancer, but they are at a much higher
risk of developing cancer at the old age. Now I mentioned earlier
about inflammation and how dairy can
cause inflammation. Well, it turns out
there is a sugar molecule that’s called Neu5Gc. And, basically, this
molecule is exclusively found in dairy and
in meat products. So by consuming this
molecule, what happens is that your body
recognizes this as a threat. So your body will start
to produce antibodies, and these antibodies
will cause your body to become in a chronic
state of inflammation. And what happens when your
body is chronically inflamed is that the amount of blood
flow that your body is producing becomes greatly restricted. And, of course, if you are
trying to get pumped in the gym and produce as much blood flow
in your veins to shuttle all the nutrients and oxygen to
your muscles to provide you power to push you
through those workouts, this is the last thing
that you would want. So I was very intrigued. And by this point, I was
already completely convinced that I had made
the right decision. And what I found was
that what would happen if I replaced those dairy
calories that I was normally getting with more
plants, and the results were quite astounding. Basically, what happens
is plant-based diets have been shown to decrease
the risk of prostate cancer by up to 35%. Now I don’t know about you guys,
but whenever I’m 80 years old, I want to be healthy. I want to be happy,
and I definitely don’t want to be dealing with
something like prostate cancer. So this was a huge
benefit for me. Not only that, but plants almost
exclusively contain something called antioxidants. Now antioxidants decrease
the body’s inflammatory state by basically binding
themselves to free radicals that are produced through
oxidative processes in your system. So they bind themselves and
basically detoxify your system, thus, increasing the
amount of blood flow that you can have
during exercises. Also, plants are rich in fiber,
which decrease blood pressure and increase
insulin sensitivity. And insulin is another
hormone that is essentially– its purpose is to shuttle
nutrients into the cells. So when it comes to
recovery, you definitely want this hormone
to be fully active and shuttling as much
nutrients for recovery and rebuilding as possible. Also, plants contain
something called nitrates. Nitrates basically act
as vessel dilators, which dilate your blood vessels
to allow for more blood flow to reach your muscles. And they increase the
amount of oxygen utilization during exercise. So one study even
showed that simply by drinking beetroot
juice before exercise, maybe an hour or two before,
can increase your performance by up to 20%. So after I made this decision
to completely give up dairy products, I had
also made a commitment to compete in my very
first bodybuilding show. I made it very difficult for
myself because, first of all, this was the first ever show
that I had ever competed in, and I was a brand new vegan. And I had no idea
how to structure a diet for a bodybuilding show. So I had to adapt what I was
reading, what I was learning, and make it work for my body. And what happened was
really quite amazing is I only had about
eight weeks to prepare. And, lo and behold,
I step on stage, and I win the entire contest. I sweep every single
division, and I took home a stupid amount of hardware. Now what’s interesting about
winning a bodybuilding show is that immediately
after you step off stage, people want to know what you
did to get into that shape. So the question that
had been avoiding my entire life, the question
of what do I eat, now became the most frequently
asked question to me. And I was put in
a position where I had to talk about
what I ate and how I was able to achieve these
results without following any type of traditional
bodybuilding diet that contained eggs, whey protein,
chicken, beef, or steak. And people became immediately
really intrigued in what I was saying, so I thought
to myself, why don’t I share this journey online? And that’s when I
made the decision to start trying
to educate people about an alternative approach to
reaching these kind of results, but not only that, an
alternative approach that also promoted health and longevity
from the inside out. And not long after,
I did another show, and I ended up winning
the entire thing again. And then shortly after that I
earned my professional status. And kind of my bodybuilding
career and my fitness career were paralleling
in the same way. But my passion for
bodybuilding was greatly exceeding my passion
for engineering. And more opportunities
began to present themselves like this one in the
form of public speaking. And I can remember I gave
this speech in London. And after giving this speech,
a gentleman came up to me, and he was in tears. And he embraced me, and he
goes, thank you so much. And I go, for what? And he goes, you
saved my mom’s life. And I was really
blown away by that. And I go, how? And he goes, I found veganism
and the plant-based lifestyle through you. And you made me believe that
it was possible to be healthy. And through that process,
I helped my mom transition to a vegan diet, and she
was suffering from type 2 diabetes so much so that she
was unable to get out of bed. And after adopting
a plant-based diet, she was able to almost
reverse and manage her type 2 diabetes symptoms completely. And he fully believes that
that helped save her life. So whenever I came
back to work on Monday, I knew I had a decision to make. And I knew that I wasn’t
spending my energy properly. And I knew that by
sharing this information it can not only help
people, but it can also help somebody save their life. So I walked into
my boss’s office, and I put in my two weeks
resignation at that moment. And it was really quite
a very fulfilling moment in my life, but also
a very comical one because he asked
me, he said, Nimai, what are you going to do? And I tried to explain to him
what I was doing, and he goes, so you’re quitting
engineering to become a vegan. And I’ll never forget
it, but I believe that there is so much importance
in sharing this message and, particularly, to the
bodybuilding and fitness community because
bodybuilders in general consume two to three times more
protein than what they actually need. So this means that
bodybuilders are at a much higher risk of
developing these diseases later on in life. So just to give you an
idea of how much protein an average
bodybuilder consumes– normally, if you go to any
kind of bodybuilding website or read any kind of
fitness magazine, they recommend to eat at
least 1 to 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight. So let’s give a hypothetical
example of this guy named Bob. So Bob the bodybuilder like
me weighs about 180 pounds. That would mean by following
that type of logic, you would have to get at least
180 to 360 grams of protein in order to build
and sustain muscle. So I started thinking,
what kind of impact does this have on the
world, and how many animals need to die in order to provide
Bob this amount of protein? So I reverse
calculated this figure, and let’s just say
for simplicity’s sake that Bob only consumed
chicken as his primary source of protein. So he wanted to get 180 grams
of protein from chicken. Now 1 ounce of chicken has
about 6 grams of protein. So that means he would need
at least on the low end to get at least 30 ounces
of chicken per day. Well, I looked up
how much usable meat is in a full grown chicken. And, normally,
full grown chickens weigh about 4 pounds
after you remove the feathers and everything
else that you don’t eat. You’re left with about
2 pounds of meat. So that means that Bob here
requires one chicken per day in order to build his muscles. If you think about
that for a second, what does that many
chickens look like? If you would imagine 365
chickens in this room, how loud would it be? What would it sound like? What would it smell like? There’s so much life
with 365 living beings, and that’s on the low
end of the spectrum. Think about it– if he
goes with the high end of the spectrum, that’s
almost 1,000 animals per year. Not only that, when I looked
into the deeper information in regards to how much
energy and resources it takes to feed these
chickens to get to that state, it takes roughly six times
the amount of grains and plant protein in order to produce
1 gram of animal protein. You don’t have to be
an engineer to realize that’s really inefficient. Next, approximately 83%
of agricultural land is used for livestock. And of that 83%, it
only provides about 18% of the world’s calories. Again, very inefficient. And just to give you an
idea of how much resources it takes to raise these animals
and raise the crops that feed these animals– one hamburger in order
for it to reach your plate has about 660 gallons of
embedded water to get there. Approximately 27% of the
world’s Freshwater consumption is used to produce crops
to feed the animals. In fact, along with
these amazing statistics is that animal agriculture
is approximately responsible for 18% of
greenhouse gas emissions according to the United
Nations Food of Agriculture. That is approximately equivalent
to all of the greenhouse gas emissions combined, such
as all the automobiles, all the planes, all the trains,
and all the ships combined. Let that sink in. On the other hand, let’s say
you have a vegan bodybuilder. He requires zero
animals per year. And he still achieves
the exact same results. Not only that, but he
cuts out the middleman and goes straight to the
source and increases efficiency by up to six times. On top of that, he helped
save over 400,000 gallons of water per year simply by
choosing to eliminate his meat and dairy consumption. And he reduces approximately
11,000 square feet of deforestation per year. Now if you can imagine
everybody in this room reducing their meat consumption, just
the amount of profound effects it would have on the
environmental impact around us– in fact, if everybody in
the United States, which happens to consume
approximately three times more than the global average
of meat consumption– if the United States shifted
away from meat consumption to a plant-based diet, it would
reduce agricultural emissions by 73%. Now this all sounds nice in
theory, and it sounds great. But the question that
mostly everyone in this room must be wondering is, OK,
if I cut all this meat out and all those dairy, what
the heck do I eat, right? This is one of the
biggest challenges that I have as a
vegan influencer is to convince
people that vegans don’t just only eat lettuce. And I could tell you
this a million times, but I would rather
just show you. So foods that I typically like
to eat consist of sushi, tacos, stir fry, sandwiches,
sometimes all at the same time, also burritos. You’ve got pizza. I mean, the possibilities
are absolutely endless when it comes to plant-based foods
that are not only delicious, but also very
nutritionally rich as well. So even different
types of cuisine, like Thai food or
Mediterranean– everything you see here is
completely plant-based and free of any kind of dairy
or animal products. As you can see, it
looks quite delicious, and I’ll vouch for you
that it definitely was. So you might been
looking at those meals and been wondering
since you cut out all of the dairy and
the animal proteins, how much protein
are in these meals and is it enough to fully
sustain a healthy lifestyle, let alone build muscle? And this is another
question that I get asked every single day
at least 100 times a day. And if I had $1 for
every time that somebody asked me this question,
I would own my own island in the Caribbean
with an avocado farm. What’s ironic
about this question is that most people who ask
this question don’t even know how much they need. So the USDA actually
recommends 46 to 56 grams of protein per day for your
average sedentary person. To give you some perspective,
three cups of cooked lentils gives you 54 grams of protein. That’s approximately 100%
of your daily recommended intake for protein. On top of that,
another study showed that vegans, in particular,
consume 70% more protein than they actually need. So there is no
shortage of protein when it comes to a vegan diet. However, athletes are different,
especially bodybuilders. They require a high
amount of protein because you are putting
your body under an insane amount of metabolic stress. You are breaking your
body down, and you need to regenerate and repair. So this requires protein. One of the largest
meta analyst that studied how much is optimal
protein for trained individuals determined that 1.8
grams per kilogram or 0.82 grams per pound
is the upper limit for protein consumption for
building and sustaining muscle. That means that anything
above 1.8 grams per kilogram did not show any more
meaningful results as far as building muscle
or building strength. Just to give you an example of
what that looks like– again, somebody like my size
that’s 180 pounds– you would multiply 0.82
times your body weight, and you would get
148 grams per day. That would be your my
necessary requirements for building and
maintaining muscle. So you might be thinking,
how easy is it to get 148, approximately 150
grams of protein per day? These are some of the
meals that I typically eat. I actually created a separate
Instagram account specifically where I could show
people what I ate because I got so many
questions and DMs about protein concerns and everything else. So I said, why don’t
I just show you? So as you can see
the meal on the left, it’s a very simple meal. It just contains lentils,
tofu, and greens. This meal on the left
has 41 grams of protein. That’s approximately 30% of
my daily protein requirements and approximately 100% of a
regular person’s requirements. The meal on the
right also contains tofu, oyster mushrooms,
sweet potatoes, and kale– again, 33 grams of
protein, almost 100% of the regular person’s
needs for protein. Now, if you want to go for
more of a low carb option because plants do
contain a lot of carbs and there’s a lot of
phobias around consuming too many carbs, there
are things like pasta that are made of zucchinis. This meal also has approximately
30 grams of protein. And I also wanted
to show how easy it is to structure a diet based off
whatever fitness goal you have, so whether you want
to bulk or shred how simple it is
to adapt your plate to meet your fitness goals. For example, the
meal on the left– it has mixed vegetables, white
rice, and cooked lentils. The meal on the right simply
replaces the white rice with more green
vegetables, which you can eat in high
amounts of volume and not really increase
the amount of calories that you have because they are
not very calorically dense, but they are very
nutritionally dense. So you can see both
meals provide over 20 grams of protein. Now, you might be looking
at some of these meals or some of the
other meals that I posted and notice that
they have things like tofu, which is made from soy. Now soy has quite a lot
of conflicting information about it, and there’s
a lot of phobia around consuming soy as well. One of the biggest
misconceptions is that soy contains
estrogen. Now I just want to set the record clear. Soy contains zero
estrogen. What soy contains is something called
phytoestrogens. Now these
phytoestrogens may have a similar molecular structure
to estrogen. So what happens is they can actually bind to
your estrogen receptor sites in your body and inhibit
real estrogen from attaching to those receptor sites. And in turn, what happens
is you lower your estrogen concentration in your body. And the way this happens is
that, as we mentioned earlier about drinking milk and
increasing estrogen levels, it actually decreases the risk
of certain types of cancers like prostate and breast cancer. Other studies show that it
does not affect testosterone or fertility at all. There has not been a single
study produced and published that conclude that it affects
testosterone in a negative way. Another big misconception
is that all soy is GMO. Now there is a wide variety
of USDA organic soy products that are available at
every single supermarket, and it’s also
important to consider that a large percent of
the soy crops that are GMO are actually fed in animal feed. So these animals are consuming
high amounts of GMO soy, and then, again, you get it
secondhand through the animal whenever you consume that. So if you’re trying
to avoid soy, you’re still getting
it secondhand. So the next biggest
question is can a vegan diet provide me with all
the essential nutrients and vitamins that I need to
be healthy and to thrive? One of the most commonly talked
about vitamins that a vegan diet supposedly lacks is B12. Now it’s important to
understand what is B12. Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that’s
essential for optimal health. And the way it’s produced
is it’s commonly found– it’s produced in bacteria
and commonly found in soil and in natural water sources. Having low amounts of
vitamin B12 in your system can produce symptoms like
fatigue, digestive issues, nerve issues, and
even vision loss. So it’s really an
important vitamin. But this isn’t a vegan problem. It’s actually a general
population problem because approximately 40%
of the general population is low in B12. And there’s a reason for this
is that we as humans used to get B12 through eating
trace amounts of soil that was on dirty or
unwashed vegetables. And we would consume that,
and that would be enough B12, or we would drink from
natural water sources. But over time through sanitary
and agricultural farming techniques, the pesticides,
and everything that is used, they inhibit any
kind of bacteria from forming or producing
these B12 for the bacteria. So, in fact, some
factory farm animals never even graze on soil. They never even see
daylight, so they have to supplement
these animals with B12. And a big misconception
is that B12 is only found through animals. But the reality is that
these animals are getting supplemented would
be 12, and then you get it secondhand by
consuming the animal. So a much more efficient
way to get your B12 is to simply
supplement it yourself. And although this may not
seem like a natural thing to supplement a pill, well,
it’s important to realize that we don’t live in such
natural conditions anymore. And we’ve kind of
created this problem, and it’s important that we have
to address it because everybody should take a look are what
their B12 levels are and decide whether or not to supplement. Next thing to consider
is omega-3 fatty acids. Now, fatty acids are
optimal for brain health, for managing blood
triglycerides, and also reducing inflammation. The most well-known source
of omega-3 fatty acids come from fish. So you’ve heard fish
are healthy for you, take your fish oil supplements. And the problem with that is
that fish and factory farming conditions, even
for fish farms, they have high levels of heavy
metals because the world’s ocean supply and water supply
is so heavily contaminated with these heavy metals. And what happens is these
fish eat other fish, and these heavy metals
kind of concentrate. And they become more
bio-accumulated and stored in the fat cells of fish. And they store other
things too like PCBs and other heavy metals. And what happens is these
heavy metals, such as mercury– they can attack your system
in many different ways, particularly your
thyroid, which can have a great effect
on how efficiently your metabolism operates. Now an alternative source
of omega-3 fatty acids come from a wide variety of
plants, such as algae, chia seeds, hemp seeds, flax seeds,
walnuts, avocados, and Brussels sprouts. The difference is that
the form of omega-3s found in these sources
are what you call ALA. So there’s three
different active types of omega-3 fatty acids. And our body has to convert
ALA omega-3 fatty acids into a more active component,
such as DHA and EPA, which are both very critical
for optimal health. Now this conversion process
can be very inefficient if your ratio of omega-6,
which is a very highly inflammatory fatty
acid, is too great to your omega-3 concentration. So, basically, you
want to optimize your omega-6 to omega-3 ratio
so you can convert as much ALA to DHA and EPA. Now foods that
contain omega-6 are things that are highly
processed– things that contain canola oil, palm oil. All of these things
have really high amounts of omega-6, which not only
affect your ability to convert ALA to DHA, but also produce
a highly inflammatory state in your body, which can
again reduce blood flow. The next thing to
consider is vitamin D. Now vitamin D is essential
for calcium absorption and immune system support. Now, sunlight is needed
for the body’s ability to produce vitamin
D. The problem is that not everybody goes
out into the sunlight, or there may not be enough
sunlight available, depending on which part of the
world you live in, to get enough sunlight
to produce vitamin D. And, again, this is
not a vegan issue. This is a worldwide
issue, and studies show that a large
population of the world is low or deficient
in vitamin D. So, again, it is just
best to supplement. And what’s ironic
is that there’s so many concerns
about a vegan diet not being able to provide
all the essential vitamins, minerals, and macronutrients. But according to the latest
US Dietary Guidelines, there are seven
critical nutrients that most Americans aren’t
getting, such as calcium, potassium, fiber, magnesium,
vitamin A, C, and E. And what’s interesting is that
these vitamins and minerals are found in abundance in
a plant-based diet. Now you might be thinking to
yourself, OK, I’m convinced. I want to give this thing a try. How do I start? So these are a few
tips that I suggest to how to successfully
transition into a plant based lifestyle. Now, I’ve had many conversations
and many interactions with people about how to make
the most efficient transition into a plant-based diet
that is sustainable, meaning it lasts you a lifetime. It’s not a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. Because what happens
is when most people try to go vegan and give up
all these other products, they become
overwhelmed, and they go back to what they
were originally doing. So what I suggest is
to slowly phase out animal products
at your own pace. You can swap out dairy products
for plant-based alternatives. There are a million different
plant-based alternatives, such as milk, butter, cheeses. You name it, they have it. The next thing
would be to swap out one for one, like for
like meat products with plant-based alternatives. You can still eat
the exact same way that you eat now,
just replace real meat with a plant-based
version of it. The next thing
would be to just try to replace one meal with
a vegan meal per day. And as you become more
accustomed to the variety of different foods
that you can eat, maybe try one
vegan day per week, and then eventually one
vegan week per month, and then one vegan
month per year, and then eventually
a fully transition plant-based lifestyle. There are also tons of resources
out there available to you if you have any concern about
anything regarding a vegan lifestyle or nutrition– things such as, which is a website that I started
along with my business partners just so we can help
educate athletes in particular about their
concerns and showing them that it’s possible to
reach their athletic goals and not sacrifice any
performance at all. There are also things
like, which is run by somebody
named Dr. Michael Gregor, who takes a look at almost
every single medical journal and every single medical
study that is published in regards to nutrition. There’s also
another organization called Switch4Good, which is
an athlete-founded coalition of people who are educating
people about the dairy industry and some of the benefits
of giving that up. And there’s also something
called the Physicians Committee for Responsible
Medicine, which is a coalition of
medical professionals that are trying
to bring awareness to the benefits of a
plant-based lifestyle. Now, before I end
this presentation, I would like to leave
it with a question. By a show of hands,
how many people have lost a loved one due
to a premature death that was somewhat lifestyle related? Almost everyone. Now, if you had the
opportunity to go back in time and share with
them some information that could potentially
save their life or add additional happy
healthy years to their life, would you share that
information with them? Of course, you would. So that brings me to
my next question– why wouldn’t you implement
this information for yourself that way you can live a
longer, healthier, happier life and spend it with
your loved ones? Because in reality,
we have two homes. We have our body, and
we have our planet. And it’s imperative that we
take care of both of them. My name is Nimai Delgado. Thank you very much. [APPLAUSE]

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  23. Wow great presentation, I’ve been eating a whole food plant based diet for a week now, the more I learn about it the better I feel about my decision to switch. Thanks you so much!

  24. Wow great presentation, I’ve been eating a whole food plant based diet for a week now, the more I learn about it the better I feel about my decision to switch. Thank you so much!

  25. Wow great presentation, I’ve been eating a whole food plant based diet for a week now, the more I learn about it the better I feel about my decision to switch. Thanks you so much!

  26. Wow great presentation, I’ve been eating a whole food plant based diet for a week now, the more I learn about it the better I feel about my decision to switch. Thanks you so much!

  27. Wow great presentation, I’ve been eating a whole food plant based diet for a week now, the more I learn about it the better I feel about my decision to switch. Thanks you so much!

  28. Wow great presentation, I’ve been eating a whole food plant based diet for a week now, the more I learn about it the better I feel about my decision to switch. Thanks you so much!

  29. Wow great presentation, I’ve been eating a whole food plant based diet for a week now, the more I learn about it the better I feel about my decision to switch. Thanks you so much!

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