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hey sleevers I am so excited today we
are doing chocolate no baked protein balls these are huge hit in my household
our kids love them they have them for an after school treat they’re perfect for
me in the evenings if I feel a little bit snacky I’ll go and have one or two
with a glass of tea and I am full and satisfied before I go to bed so I’m
going to show you how to do this today it couldn’t be easier we’ve got four
simple ingredients we’re just going to mix it all together and I’ll show you
how it’s done okay we’re going to start with our dry
ingredients that makes it nice and easy to mix so we’re putting in our coconut
and then go right ahead and dump in your oats and oats and coconut are so great
they have lots of fiber in it and there’s lots of research that shows it
keeps you really full for a long long time and then we’re going to dump in our
chocolate protein powder and if you know me you know I like to see at least 20
grams of protein and around a hundred and so calories for a scoop of protein
but we’ve got measured out one actual cup of protein here and then we just mix
it up so it looks great you don’t have to mix like crazy it just has to be nice
and consistent and mixed through and then we’re going to throw in our Greek
yogurt you’re going to toss in your Greek yogurt here and you’re going to
mix it up a little bit so all the ingredients are nice and moist and the
big trick here is consistency you have to remember you want to form these into
little no-bake balls so if you find your ingredients are a little bit dry at the
end you can add a little bit more Greek yogurt or if you find that it’s too wet
you can go ahead and add some extra protein powder in here we go it’s mixing
up beautifully it looks so good now I’ve got it all nice and mixed
we’re going to put it in the fridge for about half an hour so it’s easier to
form into balls and it’s a little messy but you just form a little ball roll it
between your hands like this and there you go you have perfect little protein
balls couldn’t be easier than this and if you really want to get a little help
you can get your kids into it and when they get home after school they can help
form the balls they love it because well what kid doesn’t love getting dirty so I
finished rolling out our balls look how yummy those look those cute they are
adorable and let’s try one and see how it tastes mmm this is so good they’re so
filling one or two of these at night you’re going to be good to go
no more snack attack if you liked this recipe make sure you comment below you
can like it subscribe you can put your own comments and recipe ideas and
variations bye guys

39 thoughts on “No Bake Chocolate Protein Balls – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

  1. Just found your youtube channel today and glad i did. I had bariatric weight loss surgery and cant wait 2 try some of your recipies.I dont like greek yogurt could you use fat free cream cheese instead?

  2. Just subscribe , awesome channel ! I got into baking & cooking cpl months ago now, especially protein involve stuff (:

  3. Hi what can I use instead of the protein powder ? I don't really like using that stuff anything else I can use ? Or will it hurt if I leave it out and put in coco powder instead ? I'm from Aussie so we say 'coco'

  4. Just found the channel….the thing that pops up each time you use an ingredient with the sound is really distracting. Maybe just have the list show up on the side without sound/image effects?

  5. Hi! I was wondering if I could use vanilla powder and add some cocoa?
    Thank you for your great videos!
    Pre-op for gastric bypass,
    Tracy in 🇨🇦

  6. They protein balls look good but I don’t like coconut is there a substitute I can use instead?

  7. gluten-free/sugar-free…. you think this turns it more healthier? You should think about to not using any animal products. THAT'S healthy!

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